Jim Gustin & Truth Jones :: LESSONS LEARNED
Fresh off their appearance at the 2020 international Blues Challenge semifinals, where they proudly represented their hometown of Santa Clarita, California, Jim Gustin and Truth Jones (Jeri Goldenhar) released their third album, “Lessons Learned.” The eleven new tracks reflect the group’s diversity, talent and experience growing up in the melting pot of Southern California. The new album is a collection of driving blues, funky soul, sultry jazz and American rock ‘n’ roll that speaks to the tales of wild nights in bar rooms, Sunday mornings in church, times of heartbreak, and years of struggle and the wisdom received that fill the songs delivered by two powerful and emotive vocalists. Gustin and Jones are backed by the muscular rhythm section of bassist Scott Duncan and drummer Chuck Strong, along with versatile keyboardist Steve Alterman, and the dynamic saxophonist Lawrence Tamez.
Produced by Gustin, the band once again called on the legendary California music man, Terry Wilson, to co-engineer, mix and master the project, and invited several special guests to join in the sessions, including Tower of Power trumpeter Lee Thornburg, and Harp Attack man Chris LeRoi Hansen, guitar man Tommy Marsh (Crooked Eye Tommy), sax guru Jim Scimonetti, and Jones’ daughter Jill Hormon, who sang on a few tracks. The whole family gathered at Mystic Mountain Sound Studios and followed the directive inscribed on the band’s logo “Verum Quaero” - to seek truth.
The set opens with a swinging duet that recounts an all too familiar tale in the blues about the aftereffects of having a few too many, ’I’ve Been Drinking.’ Jones takes the reins on the horn driven ‘I Heard About You’ and gives a would-be-suitor fair warning that she is wise to his wily ways. Gustin then frames some topical social commentary over a gritty boogie for his pointed sermon ‘The Truth.’
Jones shows off her dynamic range on the sultry piano-driven jazz ballad ‘When This Ship Sails,’ with Tamez echoing her heartache on mournful tenor sax. Gustin leads the bump and grind of ‘I Hate To See You Go’ with the smoky bravado baritone and wailing guitar of a seasoned bluesman. The duo then offers Shakespearean advice on the rumba ‘Never Forget,’ spelling out counsel on how a gentleman should treat a lady. Jones digs into the driving Memphis soul of ‘All You Ever Bring Me Is The Blues,’ featuring hot solos from Gustin, Alterman and Tamez.
Everyone then gathers on the back porch for an acoustic session, trading stories of those “lessons learned” in youth on ‘Never Too Big For The Blues,’ with LeRoi and Crooked Eye Tommy offering sweet affirmations. Gustin then offers up some Bobby “Blue” Bland styled testimony of his affections on the burning track ‘Rockslide.’ Dulcet piano and saxophone open the passionate ballad ‘My Love Is True’ that builds to an emotional climax exploiting the power of Gustin and Jones’ vocal and theatrical skills. The gospel rocker ‘Three Things’ brings the album to a finale, with its straightforward message that all it takes is a little faith, hope and love to make the world a better place.
On their third album “Lessons Learned,” Jim Gustin and Truth Jones firmly establish themselves in the southern California blues scene and share some of the wisdom they have gained on the journey.

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