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The Journal of Mother Studies Turns 5 Years Old: 2020 Online
How is everyone? Are you hanging in there? I hope so! This has been an unusual year, on so many levels.
The MOM Art Annex is in quiet hibernation as well, as we lower our heads, hunker down, and try to survive. At the same time, many of us are raising our voices to call out systemic racism, social problems, and inequities as we identify them.
Through it all, submissions to the journal came rolling in as we prepared for our fifth year of digital humanities publications with research papers, book reviews, and some artworks. Thematically, the submissions were on diverse topics.
I thought about putting the journal aside this year. But, Patricia English Schneider’s piece on “Mourning Mother” was deeply moving and Olatunbosun Samuel Adekogbe’s submission about “The Cultural Value of Motherhood” in Jimi Solanke’s Music (in Africa), compelled. I thought, perhaps curious scholars need to see this information?
Finally, at the last moment, I was contacted by Samantha Kolber whose poetry book titled Birth of a Daughter was recently published by Kelsay Books. A review was quickly organized. There are multiple papers worth exploring here, including Kimberly Hillier and Christopher Greig's later submission titled Mothering During Covid. So, we organized editors, blind reviewers, and connected them to the distinguished authors represented here.
According to the way I see it, we need to support each other, celebrate each other, and keep writing. While this year’s journal is unconventional, it is certainly a powerful read. I’m deeply honored to have been able to contribute to the dissemination of these pieces. It is my sincerest wish that you and your family stay strong and healthy in light and love. [Read JourMS online here].
 Martha Joy Rose
We opened a store! As always, MOM supports women made products. See Nancyware handmade masks (on right) and a new book by Joshua Ginsberg which features a chapter on the Museum!
Museum Internships & MOM Art Annex Residencies
USF WGS EXHIBIT: Special thanks to the University of Southern Florida, Women and Gender Studies Department in Tampa for facilitating the Women in Herstory exhibit on campus March-September 2020. The exhibit is now online, viewable here. Special thanks to all those who have made this exhibit possible. LINK.
ONGOING ONLINE EXHIBITS: MOM features online exhibits in collaboration with Procreate Project and the Mom Egg Review on a rotating basis. September exhibit is currently online: LINK.
INTERNSHIPS: MOM acknowledges our many wonderful and helpful interns. Current active internships with international students Srilagna Majumdarare and special thanks to Aster Woods (whose art is pictured at the top), as well as USF student Alexandra Valdes (Library Resources & Admin) who continues to punt as needed and who did a fantastic job photographing our exhibit at USF Women's and Gender Studies Center. Write us if you are interested in participating. LINK.
JourMS - The Journal of Mother Studies: JourMS is a digital humanities journal devoted to exploring Mother Studies, a field of interdisciplinary study about the issues, experiences, topics, history, and culture of mothers, mothering, and motherhood. Our traditional source of academic papers, featuring presentations from participants at the annual academic MOM Conference, was slated to be part of SEWSA at USF in March. The event was canceled due to COVID but will hopefully resume in the spring of 2021. The journal, which celebrates five years in 2020 is online here. [Read JourMS online here].
CLASSES: Foundations of Mother Studies will be available online for ongoing classes on a rotating basis next month. Launching November 1st, students of all ages will be able to access materials through the museum website and partake in coursework at their own pace: Look for more info coming here.
RESIDENCIES: MOM Art Annex Residencies are evolving. We have received an abundance of applications for artists, scholars, researchers, and students in the 2020 -21 season. Thanks to all those who have already applied online. Due to the ongoing nature of COVID, residencies are temporarily on hold. We anticipate resuming hosting activities in 2021: APPLICATION: LINK
DONATIONS: The Motherhood Foundation Inc. is a certified New York 501c3 Non-Profit. The MOM Art Annex is newly certified Florida non-profit. We accept material as well as monetary donations. Please consider celebrating a mother you love on our "Tribute" wall [HERE] or by making a general support direct donation through our website, or through your ongoing Amazon purchases using this link. Every little bit helps. Along with other non-profits during this time our needs are ongoing. DONATION Link.Thanks!

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