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Glass Alliance New Mexico
 Handmade in New Mexico
A Monthly Sale of Studio Glass Art
Each month the Glass Alliance - New Mexico (GANM) will present two artists who create and live in New Mexico.
You are invited to bid on these beautiful glass art items!
Bidding instructions are in the How To Bid section, below.

Morgan Dougherty
Morgan Dougherty has managed Bullseye Resource Center Santa Fe since 2011. As an instructor, she revels in her students’ choice of color combinations while also advising them on how to expand their personal palettes. Her teaching methods allow for students to explore processes while having a plethora of examples and plenty of guidance. She applies her vast appreciation of the outdoors into her work which is reflected in her balance of shape and color. Morgan changes her favorite color daily, depending on her mood!

14.25 x 14.25
Kilnformed and Slumped Art Glass 
$200.00 per piece
Fred Roensch
I am a native New Mexican and grew up around glass. My father was a scientific glass blower who worked at the Los Alamos Lab. Over the years I've tried many glass working forms including blown glass, lamp-work and finally found kiln casting, a process I plan to pursue and continue to learn all that it offers. The piece I have for sale begins as a wax sculpture. Plaster is poured over the wax, hardened and a mold is created. After the plaster has hardened the wax is steamed out. Glass billets are then placed into the plaster mold and the entire piece is heated in the kiln to 1450 degrees. After cooling, the plaster is broken away and the resulting glass piece emerges. 
The glass piece measures 10" x 7" x 1.25"
The base of the stand measures 13" x 5"
Overall height with stand is 11.5"
The price listed is the minimum and starting bid. Buyers can enter a bid for the starting point or any amount over it.
- Enter your best offer during the bidding week listed below.
- Bidders will be notified where bidding stands prior to the sale closing. This gives you a chance to up your bid!
- The highest bid at close of sale will get the item.
- In the case of equal bids, the first bid received will be the winner.
To bid, email your name, the item number, and bid amount to
* Winners will be notified Friday, October 9th
* After the winner is notified, payment is accepted by PayPal or credit card though the GANM website (
* If you live in Santa Fe-Taos-Albuquerque corridor, the piece will be delivered to you. If you are outside of that area, you are responsible to pay for shipping.
* Call Ellen Premack (GANM Fundraising Committee) at 303-513-4401 with questions
The next sale will begin Monday, November 9th.
We will let everyone know winning bids for the October sale pieces then!

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Glass Alliance New Mexico  •  PO Box 23823  •  Santa Fe, NM 87502

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