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Largo Veterinary Hospital
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Adopt-a-Shelter Dog,
National Animal Safety & Protection
& National Pet Wellness MONTH
OCT 1: A day that honors canine firefighters.
OCT 1-6: National Walk Your Dog Week.
OCT 1-6: Animal Welfare Week.
OCT 4: World Animal Day– An international celebration of all animals.
OCT 9: Pet Obesity Awareness Day
OCT 11-17: National Veterinary Technician Week. 
OCT 27: National Pitbull Awareness Day

 There is no candy safe for our pets. We all know that chocolate is hazardous to their tummies but did you know sweeteners like xylitol can be toxic!
Other dangerous holiday treats include: lollipops with sticks, alcohol, apple seeds, grapes, raisins walnuts and macadamia nuts. Keep Halloween food away from pets and be sure to tell children not to feed anything to animals.
 TIP 1: Keep your candy for trick-or-treaters in candy dishes that are not accessible to your climbing cats or counter surfing dogs. The colorful foil can cut your pet's mouth and pose a choking hazard.
TIP 2:Be ware of "Low sugar" candies, gum & baked goods. They may contain the sweetener xylitol which can cause an insulin surge, lowering blood sugar enough to cause weakness, vomiting, and loss of coordination in pets. It could even lead to liver failure. Any exposure can cause problems, but the more your pet consumes, the more severe the issues will be.
TIP 3: Make sure Halloween decorations are safe for your pet. Keep wires, cords, and lit jack-o-lanterns out of reach. It is not toxic if your pet eats decorative corn or pumpkins but they can cause a very upset tummy.
Hi, my name is Widget and I am a 12-year-old long haired feline, aren't I magnificent? I happily live with my human mom and dad who adopted me from a friend of theirs. My favorite thing to play with are my catnip bags and I love to play string and sleep in box lids. I am very skilled in conning mom and dad into giving me more treats when they don't know the other has already spoiled me. Even though I have my very own room I love to sleep in the window or on mom's side of the bed, like her entire side of the bed! My humans say I snore loudly but I think that's nonsense. I will admit that when I am not sleeping I have plenty to say and chat often. I am embarrassed to admit that I sometimes poop out of the litter box. I am so spoiled that I snuggle mom overnight for brushing. Life is good!
With nearly 18,000 pit bull and pit mixes sitting in shelters waiting for their forever homes, the least we can do is give you 5 reasons why they are a great breed to choose. 
 #1 - They're easy to train.
This breed is easier to train than many other breeds. Pit bulls are more likely to obey their owners and require fewer command repetitions. 
#2 - They suffer from few dental problems.
You won’t have to worry about this breed’s high dental bills. Pit bulls have great dental health and very few, if any, dental problems during their lifetime. 
#3 -They can be great with kids.
When trained properly, the American pit bull terrier is considered playful and great with children. The pit bull was given the nickname "Nanny Dog" in the 50’s because they were so good with kids. You can find many images from that era showing kids and pit bulls together. 
#4 - Protective of Their Owners.
Their loyal nature can lead the breed to protect its owner in times of crisis. Most rarely bark and can be too trusting of humans unless they need to protect their family.
# 5- Eager to please
Despite the bad rep the breed has received, the pit bull was actually bred to be loving of his family and to be eager to please – he will do anything his owners asks of him—making him perfect for any performance sport. A well-socialized pit bull has a very “lab-like” personality.
Know what your pet gets:
All pet foods are required to have the calories per cup listed on the package. Make sure you are using an accurate measuring cup or scoop!
Adjust when needed:
When measuring food, consider activity levels and treats for that specific day. If you worked a double shift and missed the usual afternoon walk/play session, cut back a bit. If you went out for a weekend warrior walk or played flashlight tag for 30 minutes that gave your pet three extra hours of exercise than usual, increase the dinner portion. If you and your pet are working on a new trick and using treats for rewards, be sure and deduct those extra calories from a meal.
Keep treats healthy:
Dog biscuits are similar to human cookies; despite claims of containing healthy-sounding flavors like chicken or beef, the main ingredients are usually flour and corn and are generally around 50 or more calories of mainly excess carbohydrate. 
If you are still struggling to help your pet reach a healthy weight or want a more detailed health plan please make an appointment to see Dr. Daniels.
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