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October 1-9: Trailblazing Aries Full Moon, Mars Retrograde, and Pluto Station
We say “trailblazing" when referring to a breakthrough, a revolutionary time or person who's first at changing existing rules, hopefully bringing healing and balance to the world.  Ruth Bader Ginsburg was a trailblazer for gender equality,  a true beacon of our times, shining the light in the darkness enveloping women's condition. This word is composed of “trail” coming from vulgar Latin “to drag,” and from the Old English word “blaese,” which refers to a "torch, firebrand, bright glowing flame." This trailblazer quality, this glowing flame that shines and moves forward, creates a path where there was none, is partly the flavor of this fiery Aries Full Moon on October 1st. It's the first Full Moon of this Fall season of a historical year of revolutions and unraveling that is shaking our consciousness to the core.
Aries is known for leadership, for initiating activities with the grit and energy that comes with this sign's connection with springtime, and for its willingness to fight courageously for a cause. Aries can also lean too often and quickly into aggression and abrasiveness, impatiently jumping forward without a strategy.  At this Full Moon, the planetary configuration suggests that the time is right for a newly emerging type of trailblazer's leaders. These strategists use acumen, courage, and patience, and just the correct dose of fire. While new figures that we can be inspired by emerging into consciousness, the crumbling dictators and tyrants slip into the cracks and ruins of the patriarchal world we are leaving behind.
It's an unusual configuration, the one forming. The Moon in Aries is ruled by Mars retrograde in Aries, the sign of rulership of this planet where it was last retrograde in 1988. At the end of September, Mars has just passed the square to Saturn stationary direct. These days might have been felt with great intensity, and possibly eye-opening on to situations we might have jumped into quickly during the Mars journey forward in the Summer. Mars is approaching a dynamic square to Pluto, indicating conflicts that have profound ramifications and roots. The Full Moon will be conjunct Chiron transiting in Aries, shining a light on the myth of the wounded healer. In Greek mythology, Chiron was a wise centaur, half men and half horse, injured by his friend Heracles's arrow accidentally. While seeking a cure for himself, he healed many illnesses, but never fully healed himself. This myth speaks of the potential in ourselves to be in touch with our suffering. Finding ways to recover allow us to use our experiences and talents in service to our fellow humans and more than humans. Like Chiron, that medicine that we seek will heal us and deepen us as people. And in helping others, in relating from an equal and compassionate place (Libra Sun) that comes from the lived experience, one can truly offer an authentic and open heart.
That the Full Moon is blooming between the station of Saturn (29) and Pluto (10/4), while Mars will be in exact square Pluto on October 9th, reinforce a cosmic message. The time is ripe for unearthing deep-seated treasures, longings, secrets, habits, and memories. As Rumi wrote, the gold treasure is often hidden in desolated and unnoticed places, "just as joy is often hidden beneath sorrow." All through the month, especially with Mercury retrograde and the Libra New Moon on 10/16, the time is right to dislodge the past residue, which will come knocking with renewed strengths. We might ask ourselves, where are we stuck? Where do we need to find our inner trailblazer? Can we find the courage to notice inside our bodies parts of ourselves that needs to be brought into the warm light of the torch? Are letting the usual ones, the tyrannical voices inside of us taking the lead?  This unfolding planetary placement allows us to tend to buried hurts that need great strength to be felt and acknowledge. It might be wise to recognize what is triggering us so to respond correctly. And suppose we pay attention, deeply, with all our inner ears. In that case, we might also continue unearthing our hearths longing, that we can hear in-between pauses.  The shifting paradigms move us from narratives such as "I`ll deal with it by burying myself into work, etc..." to "I will deal with this challenge by feeling and sensing into my own body."
As I mentioned, new leaders might be emerging at this full Moon conjunct Chiron,  showing us how this ancient myth is still one of the most relevant today. We might ask ourselves, how have our experiences shape who we are, and how can we share our medicine with our community?
Mars encounter with Pluto: Excavations
Quite a few bodies in the sky will be in fire signs, including the  Moon, Mars, Chiron, as well as Venus in Leo disposing of the Sun in Libra,  symbolizes heat, passion, fervor,  and a desire for self-expression and creativity. The constructive aspects of fire are the capacity to offer warmth, transform substances such as metal and glass, turn ice into water, and purify by burning. On the other end of the spectrum, too much fire gives us a "hot-headed person,"  or destructive blazing fires fueled by our species blindness.  Recognizing these polarities helps us check our responses, particularly when particular situations will get heated up. In those crucial moments, the earth's element, with its stability and resistance to fire, reminds us to keep grounded. We can then shift our usual patterns of response so to dismantle the old habits related to the impulsive and harsh Mars and Aries.
The past comes knocking at our doors,  whether recent or long forgotten, especially for those with planets and points between 20 and 29 of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The encounter of Mars retrograde with Pluto, emphasized by Pluto's station on the 4th and the exact square on the 9th, suggests a time of deep excavations.  This time is right for a deep dive into our own inner landscapes, into our own bodies. This battle between titans allows transforming pressure and heat into focused action. Pluto encounters with Mars speaks of herculean efforts. As I wrote last month, we are asked to evolve to feel and sense into our bodies the turmoil, the passion, the grief, and anger of these heavy times. How can we outgrow our ways of responding to the current crisis? How about pausing, sense into our rage for the injustices we witness,  and slowly plot a course of action, for what is most dear to our hearts?
We will say a titanic battle to describe these days, we might see in world events and in our lives. When that which is stirred is a survival instinct, it's crucial to recognize our capacity to reflect,  mobilize, and move slowly, inch after inch. Mars usually moves half a degree every day, but while in the last part of this retrograde motion, Mars will move from  17 degrees to 15 degrees of Aries over 3 weeks, until November 15th.  Equally, we might learn to plan our actions thoughtfully and carefully while cultivating patience, and self-reflection. What are we suppose to learn from this time? What actions we took in the Summer are now returning to our mind for reconsideration?  The slow journey is likely to unearth treasures we did not expect, nor envision, particularly after November 15th, when Mars will turn direct.
October 14th – November 3rd: Mercury Retrograde
This time of deep excavations deepens, as Mars retrograde is followed by Mercury turning retrograde on the 14th at 11 degrees of Scorpio, the sign connected with death and rebirth. How can we honor the grief (Scorpio) for all that is lost this year, and yet find the courage to take the initiative, embodying a new way to connect with one another? This Mercury retrograde cycle is likely to manifest itself vividly, as it entered a bumpy path on September 22nd, where it will return in retrograde motion.  The trickster and messenger of the Gods symbolize communication, such as messages, emails, contacts, appointments, writing, news, short travels, and all that relate to the transmission of information. On a very mundane level, issues in our phones, email, computers are likely, so it's wise to make sure all it's backed up, emails are double-checked, messages are sent. Extra cautiousness is advisable so that we can make sure to be understood and understand properly. Mercury retrograde path is partly concurrent to Mars retrograde, while they both encounter  Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter. This suggests that opportunities to retrace our steps, and review our decisions, clarify the unspoken, can have profound ramifications.
October 16th: Libra New Moon
The Libra New Moon at 23 degrees will also plant a seed in the “hot zone”  inhabited by Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter conjunction where the dynamic and rich encounters between Mars and Mercury have just unfolded. Every new Moon offers the opportunity to start anew: we can reflect on the past, rest, and release all that is superfluous so as to focus on planting new intentions. This New Moon carries a serious and transformative signature, continuing the process of excavation. The time will be ripe for a revolution of Libra's themes, such as relationships, diplomacy, harmony, and beauty, as they might be reconsidered through the transformative lenses of the Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter conjunction. What are the relationships that we truly value and cherish in the face of this pandemic, global warming, and collective challenge? How do we keep open communication in times of profound tension and disagreement? How do we relate to the more than the human world that does not speak our language but has rights as our species? The square suggests a time of deep questioning, limitations, and evolution, both personally and collectively.
As we move along yet another intense month, one that will hopefully feel more conducive to growth than this past September, thanks to Saturn and Pluto and Jupiter's direct motion, I share two inspiring quotes by Rumi that feels so appropriate for these times.
“The spiritual path wrecks the body and afterward restores it to health. It destroys the house to unearth the treasure, And with that treasure builds it better than before.”
“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it” (Rumi)
Thank you for reading this astro-report. Please note that this is a general description of the upcoming and unfolding planetary weather.  To know more about yourself and the  ‘seasons’ you are experiencing and what is up for renewal in your own life, you are welcome to reach me at for a personal and more accurate astrological reading based on your natal chart, calculated with your time, place and date of birth. Couples readings are also available. 
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