A Farewell Note from Barbara
Dear Blues Friends,
When I shared with The Blues Foundation’s board leadership last winter that I had made the very hard decision to step down from my role as its President and CEO to begin my retirement at the end of September, I could not begin to fathom how quickly these 7 ½ months would fly by. Yet here we are, and at the close of today, I’ll be passing the baton to your new Blues Foundation leader, Patty Aden, as I begin to shift into my own new normal of slower days, more time with family, travel on the horizon, and baskets of fond memories of my years at the helm of this wonderful and important organization.

I reflect upon my time with The Blues Foundation and feel the bittersweet tug of looking ahead to my future while recognizing that I am stepping away from a role I have loved. My passion for the blues inspired me to give my all to the organization and will stay with me long after I clean out my desk and turn in my keys. This job has been more fulfilling than anything I have ever taken on before and has been way more fun than I ever thought work could be. I recognize that I have stood on the shoulders of all who came before me – musicians, industry, fans, and prior Blues Foundation leadership. I am filled with great pride for all we have accomplished together in these past five years: from digitizing and expanding the Blues Music Awards submission process, nominations, and awards show to growing and developing the programming of the International Blues Challenge; from forming new and powerful industry alliances to broadening the worldwide reach and awareness of The Blues Foundation and with it this genre. Each of us who has been on this journey of elevating this musical form should feel a sense of accomplishment in working to fulfill the mission of The Blues Foundation – to preserve, celebrate, expand awareness, and ensure the future of the blues.

So many of you have stood by me, educated me, challenged me to do my best for the blues, and cheered me on, that I cannot possibly recognize you all in a farewell letter. I have been blessed with wonderful board leadership, partners who have supported our mission, a staff that never stops working until the job is done to its highest level, and a family who has gifted me with the freedom to give 110% of myself to this beautiful journey with the blues. From the day I began, you welcomed me, encouraged me, and stood by me as I worked to execute my vision in tandem with the strategic guidance of our Board of Directors. I thank each and every one of you! Thank you for your support, thank you for your generosity, and thank you for your kindness.

I recognize that we are living in especially challenging times. And yet, I remain optimistic and trusting. I have every confidence that this most important American musical genre, formed from persecution and oppression yet hopeful in its own right, will continue to inspire, entertain, and bring joy to all who listen. Even as I step down as President and CEO of The Blues Foundation, I will remain an advocate, a supporter, and your friend. I have every intention of attending Blues Foundation events well into the future, and I look forward to remaining connected and seeing each of you along the blues highway.
Best Regards,


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