So what's up with VirDiKO PRO?
First & most important, Thank YOU for your continued support of  Our vision has never changed and we are proud to safely & effectively service new music to The World's Best DJ's.   
Your access to the main VirDiKO Music Library will continue to be complimentary as it has been since 2007.
VirDiKO PRO Account subscription is $10 per month. Take a moment to log in to your VirDiKO DJ Account to upgrade/subscribe now to continue enjoying the abundance of benefits and new access which are as follows:
1.) VirDiKO Hover Jam: In the main VirDiKO Music Library simple hover your cursor over the song artwork to quickly preview the song. 
*Safari Users Should Allow Autoplay: Preferences > Websites > > Allow Autoplay* 
2.) Weekly Exclusive DJ Crates & Releases!  New & Important: Once an exclusive release is downloaded it will be removed from your list for easier and effective organization.  All music is for Promotion Use Only.
3.) Rate & Express Download: Logged in VirDiKO PRO DJ's simply need to click the song rating button (1-5) to download. Eliminates a need to input info such as DJ Name, City, State and Comments. Just Rate & Go!
4.) DJ Listing in the VirDiKO DJ Directory  (Update your profile today by logging in and clicking "MY PROFILE")
5.) VirDiKO PRO DJ's can now upload up to [3] three custom remixes or personal music projects to their profile to be showcased on The VirDiKO DJ Booth. (Songs can be interchanged at anytime to keep it fresh)
6.) The VirDiKO PRO DJ Booth: VirDiKO PRO DJ's with custom remixes & exclusive songs uploaded to their DJ Profile will be added to the main VirDiKO Music Library located at the bottom of page [1] of the Music Library (See image below)
7.) DJ/Radio Station Drop Notfication. Those artist agreeing to provide drops will notify DJ's with a note just above Track 1 on the music profile. (See image below)
8.) VirDiKO PRO DJ Mixes & Remixes Added to Rotation on VirDiKO Global Radio
9.) VirDiKO DJ's will be provided a custom QRT Code which links to your VirDiKO DJ Profile.
10.) Choose Email Notification Frequency: Daily, Weekly or Never
11.) Enjoy a new Search Function on the VirDiKO Home Page
12.) A new 120-Day Download Archive for Exclusive Releases
13.) Discounted or complimentary admission to official VirDiKO Events.
14.) Stay tuned for additional updates. #WeWORK @ VirDiKO
DJ's Log In - Click My Profile to Upgrade to VirDiKO PRO
DJ/Radio Station Drop Notficiation
The VirDiKO PRO DJ Booth (Lower Section on Page 1 of The Main Library)
(DJs Log In With Email Address & Password)
Please be advised that download speeds may vary depending on internet speeds. 
Virtual Distribution KOmpany (VirDiKO)  •  1700 Commerce Street  •  Dallas  •  TX  •  75202
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