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Let the Sunshine In:  Vitamin D is Good!
Vitamin D obtained from sun exposure, foods, and supplements is biologically inert and must undergo two hydroxylations in the body for activation. The first hydroxylation, which occurs in the liver, converts vitamin D to 25-hydroxyvitamin D [25(OH)D], also known as “calcidiol.” The second hydroxylation occurs primarily in the kidney and forms the physiologically active 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D [1,25(OH)2D], also known as “calcitriol” [1].
 Citizens Against Harmful Technology Newsletter
November 1, 2020
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November 1, 2020 
Sunday at 8:30 P.M. E. Coast
(605) 475-4779, Access Code: 607080#
Moderator: Neal, Call ID:  Electricrose222
Let the sunshine in, let the sunshine in...

Study finds over 80 percent of COVID-19 patients have vitamin D deficiency

October 27, 2020
Over 80 percent of 200 COVID-19 patients in a hospital in Spain have vitamin D deficiency. The researchers found 80 percent of 216 COVID-19 patients had vitamin D deficiency, and men had lower vitamin D levels than women. COVID-19 patients with lower vitamin D levels also had raised serum levels of inflammatory markers such as ferritin and D-dimer.

Vitamin D is a hormone the kidneys produce that controls blood calcium concentration and impacts the immune system. Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to a variety of health concerns, although research is still underway into why the hormone impacts other systems of the body. Many studies point to the beneficial effect of vitamin D on the immune system, especially regarding protection against infections.

“One approach is to identify and treat vitamin D deficiency, especially in high-risk individuals such as the elderly, patients with comorbidities, and nursing home residents, who are the main target population for the COVID-19,” said study co-author José L. Hernández, Ph.D., of the Univ. of Cantabria, Santander, Spain.
“Vitamin D treatment should be recommended in COVID-19 patients with low levels of vitamin D circulating in the blood since this approach might have beneficial effects in both the musculoskeletal and the immune system.”

The manuscript, “Vitamin D Status in Hospitalized Patients With SARS-Cov-2 Infection,” was published online, ahead of print.
Beware of the Covid 1984 PCR Test - Your Life Depends On It!
Download a PDF of the below 20-10-30 PCR.pdf (389.2 KB)
The Chinese Communist anti-God government (CCP) wants to map the genome of every human+being on this planet. They, in conjunction with Dr. Anthony Fauci, purposefully released a fake virus, on flu-vaccinated and 5G irradiated Wuhan and Milan populations, to kill enough people, so that fear and panic would envelop the faithless world. Fear of death would force every faithless person to want to be tested and vaccinated. Media hype of wildly exaggerated death-rates and virus-surges, forced lockdowns and all sorts of restrictions, including health-harming face-nappies and anti-social distancing. The Chinese CCP-controlled W.H.O. with the assistance of eugenicists Kill and Melinda Gates, falsely named it a pandemic, in order to shut down the world’s economy and education systems, until T.H.E.Y. (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) have a vaccine ready, to change your DNA, and microchip you.
The Chinese CCP, in conjunction with the companies in the USA that are controlled by them, created a $12 device that can read the genome of a person who has taken a Covid test. Later on, after they have injected their experimental vaccine, they will test people again to see how their DNA has changed, and keep injecting their vaccines and retesting, until they reach their desired goal of complete life and death control over every person on Earth, and have reduced the world’s population to less than 500 million, as T.H.E.Y. have planned and written in stone, on the Georgia Guide-Stones 10.
The reason for this, is, once all the people’s data has been collected and analyzed, the Chinese CCP can determine specific DNA sequences for individuals, families, ethnic groups, racial subgroups, etc., to devise methods of killing via illnesses, ELF, 5G, poisons, and other methods to target and remove anyone who resists, wherever they are. They can locate you through contact-tracing, via your smart-phone, or micro-chip and destroy specific families, certain individuals within a family or group, or prevent procreation to reduce the population, as outlined on the Georgia Guide-Stones.
The modern day Dr. Frankensteins, or Josef “doctor death” Mengeles; take your pick of name, in the pharmaceutical and medical industry, falsely and deceptively called the health-industry; are ignoring the Nuremberg Code and using everyone as lab-rats to experiment on, and should be executed like the Nazis were for experimenting on their prisoners. That’s why the Nuremberg Code came into being, to prevent future experimenting on people, and God’s Law condemns to death people who participate in pharmacy.
Please watch Vaxxed 47

Whenever you take a Covid test, you are contributing to this major Satanic CCP project for global control, domination and population-reduction. You are giving away your freedom, your health, personal DNA and other info, civil and God-given rights, and helping evil Satanists to be your master, or executioner!
The Chinese CCP is using a technology called—PCR. This is what they use to scan the genomes after infecting people with the virus.
Atheist anti-God China itself is the instrument of a group, or control system, for which they are a pawn. Satan and his satanic Deep State/ Illuminati 8 are the people behind this evil plan.
Finally, this information MUST be spread globally, by any means possible, because the MSM will either ignore it or lie about and contradict it; try to prevent anyone from promoting it, by calling truth-tellers conspiracy-theorists and censoring it; shadow-banning; deplatforming; etc. Everyone on Earth has the right to know the REAL reason that this satanic virus hoax has been perpetrated on mankind, and why governments are so hell-bent on testing everyone for it, and are trying to mandate testing and vaccination, and wearing a health-harming face-nappy in the meantime.
I ask those who read this message to think extremely carefully about what they should be doing to stop this insanity, what the Satanic China-loving government of Gibraltar should be forced to do, and what the global response should be, according to God’s Law and the Nuremberg Code.
If nothing is done to stop this, every human on Earth is in grave danger.
Peace be upon you, 11
How to Lawfully Decline a Vaccine & other Pharmaceutical Frauds (e.g. Masks, Tests)
Important to TI's Being Radiated 24 hr day!

Could Vitamin D Save Us From Radiation?
November 8, 2008

Vitamin D, and in particular its biologically active form, could be the key ingredient in radiological protection. iIs most active molecular form, 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D3, may offer protection against a variety of radiation- and otherwise-induced damages."
Hayes has reviewed the various biochemical mechanisms by which vitamin D protects users from the low levels of natural radiation released by the rocks on which we stand and the skies above us. He points out that calcitriol is involved in cell cycle regulation and control of proliferation, cellular differentiation and communication between cells, as well as programmed cell death (apoptosis and autophagy) and antiangiogenesis.
Calcitriol is the form of vitamin D that activates the body's Vitamin D Receptor (VDR), which allows gene transcription to take place and the activation of the innate immune response.
It is possible that several of the transcribed by the VDR will help transcribe proteins that protect the body against radiation.
"Vitamin D by its preventive/ameliorating actions should be given serious consideration as a protective agent against sublethal radiation injury, and in particular that induced by low-level radiation," concludes Hayes.

Vitamin D, Fact Sheet for Health Professionals
Plan on visiting "The Land of Smiles?"

Tourists Visiting Thailand Will Need To Wear A “Smart Band” Device For Contact Tracing

October 31, 2020
By John Vibes
Tourists visiting Thailand will soon be tracked with a new “Smart Band” for COVID contact tracing, according to a recent report from The Pattaya News, a trusted news source in South East Asia.
The device is still in development, but once it is complete, select tourists will be asked to participate in a trial run to test out the technology. The tourists will be traveling under a Special Tourists Visa (STV), and the program is expected to start sometime this month. The announcement about the device did not specify if there would be any costs to the tourists, or how long they would need to wear it.
This month, foreign tourists were authorized to enter Thailand for the first time since the pandemic began under the Special Tourist Visa program. The incoming tourists will face intense contact tracing, which includes the smart device.
The Smart Band device will track the locations of tourists and measure the body’s temperature, blood pressure, and heart rate. If the tourist has a body temperature above 37.5 degrees Celsius, nearby medial officials will be alerted about the tourist’s conditions and whereabouts.
VIDEO:  Trying to Get People to Wake Up

Trudeau's Timetable Re: Property Confiscation, UBI, Vaccines; Melbourne "Everyone Knows Your Name"

Stalking, Radiation Used in America? No!

FBI, DOJ announce indictment against 8 Chinese operatives

FBI Director Christopher Wray and Assistant Attorney General for National Security John C. Demers announced an indictment of eight Chinese operatives accused of taking part in a widespread campaign to intimidate and coerce dissidents around the world that have reached U.S. soil.
During a Wednesday news conference, Demers stated that the alleged acts were part of China's Operation Fox Hunt, which the Chinese government claims is an international anti-corruption campaign, but the U.S. believes to be a plot to target political opponents and critics.
“With today’s charges, we have turned the PRC’s Operation Fox Hunt on its head. The hunters became the hunted, the pursuers, the pursued," Demers said.
Demers said that while Operation Fox Hunt may target legitimate criminal suspects in some cases, in others it is used simply to hunt down and intimidate political rivals and critics.
Eastern District of New York U.S. Attorney Seth DuCharme added that the arrests came following a long-term investigation and that the defendants' alleged actions took place over a period of three years.
DuCharme said that during that time, the Chinese government directed the defendants to engage in illegal activities to coerce a New Jersey resident identified as John Doe-1 to return to China to face charges.
“Rather than go through appropriate channels with the U.S. government," DuCharme said, they acted outside the law, engaging in "shockingly overt acts" that allegedly included harassing and conducting surveillance of John Doe-1's daughter.
At one point, one of the defendants and an unidentified co-conspirator allegedly placed a note on the door of Doe's home that said, "If you are willing to go back to the mainland and spend 10 years in prison, your wife and children will be all right. That’s the end of this matter!"
"The sad fact was that this is hardly an isolated incident," Wray said.
All eight defendants were indicted on a charge of conspiracy to act as an agent of the PRC, with six facing an additional charge of conspiracy to commit interstate and international stalking. Each charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in prison.
U.S. officials arrested five of the suspects -- Zhu Yong, Hongru Jin, Michael McMahon, Rong Jing, and Zheng Congying -- in operations carried out in New York, New Jersey, and California. The other three defendants, Zhu Feng, Hu Ji, and Li Minjun are believed to currently be in China.
"The Chinese government’s brazen attempts to surveil, threaten, and harass our own citizens and lawful permanent residents, while on American soil [Comment:  BLAME SOMEONE ELSE RIGHT,? THAT'S LAW ENFORCEMENT's, FBI's, FISA COURT, CIA, HOMELAND SECURITY, FUSION CENTER's, STALKER'S, INFRAGARD's JOB!], are part of China’s diverse campaign of theft and malign influence in our country and around the world,” Wray said. “The FBI will use all of its tools to investigate and defeat these outrageous actions by the Chinese government, which are an affront to America's ideals of freedom, human rights, and the rule of law.”
Australia Suspect Targeting Management Plan

Australian police confesses that the gang stalking program actually exists

Radiation Parody - Flasher in a Dr.'s Coat

No Amount of Evidence (will ever persuade an idiot) - Conspiracy Music Guru

Are you going to like the world in 2030?

World Economic Forum Admits - You Will Own Nothing

CDC Allows Spread COVID on purpose

CDC had contentious plan for flight filled with COVID-exposed cruise passengers

Possible Information-No real way to check on accuracy or pic origins
For weeks, stories have been coming out about large numbers of Chinese troops in Canada, near Vancouver, BC.  Now, more information indicates additional uniformed Chinese troops are mustering elsewhere near the US border in Canada; this time, along the Quebec and New Brunswick Province borders with Maine, USA.  The United States is now moving trainloads of heavy armor to that exact area.  Looks like a fight is coming, right here in the USA.
On Wednesday, a train carrying dozens of self-propelled Howitzers (artillery) was seen moving north from Hermon, Maine.   Local CBS-TV affiliate WABI Channel 5 reported "The artillery was being moved to Presque Isle, where it will be moved out of Maine to an unknown location."  Trouble is, once in Presque Isle, there are no more FUNCTIONING railroad tracks to go anywhere else.   Presque Isle is not a port; no ships to take the armor anywhere- so there's no where for this armor to go.
Turns out, these Howitzers are going elsewhere all right: closer to the Canadian Border near Quebec because, according to intelligence sources, "significantly large numbers of uniformed Chinese military troops are now confirmed to be in Quebec, near the US border."
Just a reminder of reality.
This may be the situation we face very soon.  Reports began coming our last week, that departments of the US federal government had begun warning large corporations to "prepare immediately" for a possible "Grid Down" situation, with emphasis on the Communications grid.  (Story Here)  If an invasion begins, cutting-off electric and communications would be a primary goal of the invader, to prevent Americans from spreading news of the invasion, and thus delaying a defensive response by America's heavily armed citizenry.
In the meantime, readers are advised to "prep" for whatever "Emergency" may crop-up. 
Have Emergency Food, store-up emergency water, 1 gallon, per person in your home, per day - one week minimum supply.  Have emergency medicine, a first aid kit, fire extinguisher(s).  Gas-up your vehicles and keep them topped-off in case you have to "bug-out."   Have a "go-bag" for each family member with a change of clothing, underwear, flashlight, walkie-talkie in case you have to get up and run to survive.  Have emergency communications gear like a CB radio in your house and one in each vehicle, so you can keep in touch with nearby neighbors.  Keep cash money on-hand in case COMMS go down which would take credit cards and ATM's offline.   In such a situation, cash is king and without it, you won't be able to get . . .  anything.  People won't take checks in a situation like this.
Less Radiation - Less Lethal

Ferguson police testing new, less lethal gun technology

Chaska Police add new non-lethal weapon

Less lethal gun being used in Arizona

Trump wants to make the Patriot Act Permanent - Shred the Constitution!
“It is the responsibility of the patriot to protect his country from its government.” — Thomas Paine
While Congress subjects the nation to its impeachment-flavored brand of bread-and-circus politics, our civil liberties continue to die a slow, painful death by a thousand cuts.   Case in point: while Americans have been fixated on the carefully orchestrated impeachment drama that continues to monopolize headlines, Congress passed and President Trump signed into law legislation extending three key provisions of the USA Patriot Act, which had been set to expire on December 15, 2019.   Once again, to no one’s surprise, the bureaucrats on both sides of the aisle — Democrats and Republicans alike — prioritized political grandstanding over principle and their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution.
As Congressman Thomas Massie (R-KY) predicted:
Today, while everyone is distracted by the impeachment drama, Congress will vote to extend warrantless data-collection provisions of the #PatriotAct, by hiding this language on page 25 of the Continuing Resolution (CR) that temporarily funds the government. To sneak this through, Congress will first vote to suspend the rule which otherwise gives us (and the people) 72 hours to consider a bill. The scam here is that Democrats are alleging abuse of Presidential power, while simultaneously reauthorizing warrantless power to spy on citizens that no President should have... in a bill that continues to fund EVERYTHING the President does... and waiving their own rules to do it. I predict Democrats will vote on a party line to suspend the 72 hour rule. But after the rule is suspended, I suspect many Republicans will join most Democrats to pass the CR with the Patriot Act extension embedded in it.
Massie was right: Republicans and Democrats have no problem joining forces in order to maintain their joint stranglehold on power. The legislation passed the Senate with a bipartisan 74-to-20 vote. It squeaked through the House of Representatives with a 231-192 margin. And it was signed by President Trump — who earlier this year floated the idea of making the government’s surveillance powers permanent — with nary a protest from anyone about its impact on the rights of the American people.   Spending bill or not, it didn’t have to shake down this way, even with the threat of yet another government shutdown looming.   Congress could have voted to separate the Patriot Act extension from the funding bill, as suggested by Rep Justin Amash, but that didn’t fly. Instead as journalist Norman Solomon writes for Salon, “The cave-in was another bow to normalizing the US government’s mass surveillance powers.”   That, right there, is the key to all of this: Normalizing the US government’s mass surveillance powers John Whitehead
Video:  Game of Drones
 A Clever Radio Trick Can Tell If a Drone Is Watching You
01.12.2018 07:00 AM
As flying, camera-wielding machines get ever cheaper and more ubiquitous, inventors of anti-drone technologies are marketing every possible idea for protection from hovering eyes in the sky: Drone-spotting radar. Drone-snagging shotgun shells. Anti-drone lasers, falcons, even drone-downing drones. Now one group of Israeli researchers has developed a new technique for that drone-control arsenal—one that can not only detect that a drone is nearby, but determine with surprising precision if it's spying on you, your home, or your high-security facility.
Researchers at Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva, Israel have built a proof-of-concept system for counter-surveillance against spy drones that demonstrates a clever, if not exactly simple, way to determine whether a certain person or object is under aerial surveillance. They first generate a recognizable pattern on whatever subject—a window, say—someone might want to guard from potential surveillance. Then they remotely intercept a drone's radio signals to look for that pattern in the streaming video the drone sends back to its operator. If they spot it, they can determine that the drone is looking at their subject.
In other words, they can see what the drone sees, pulling out their recognizable pattern from the radio signal, even without breaking the drone's encrypted video.
Why are those low-in-the sky spinning red/green things in the sky at night? Drones only fly for a while, so they must be satellites.

Spacecraft spin stabilization system

An angular momentum flywheel is mounted aboard a satellite or similar spacecraft to permit spin stabilization of the satellite without imposing undue limitations on the spin rate of the outer or main satellite body. The flywheel generates an angular momentum which can be utilized on slowly spinning satellites to increase the net angular momentum of the system and thus insure spin stabilization of the satellite or can be utilized on rapidly spinning satellites to decrease the net angular momentum and thus facilitate adjustments in the attitude of the satellite spin axis. 

Attitude control system for a three-axis stabilized satellite especially a remote sensing satellite

An attitude control device for a three-axis stabilized satellite in terrestrial orbit embodies an attitude sensing system adapted to deliver roll, yaw and pitch attitude signals, a set of at least three non-parallel axis momentum wheels and a set of at least two magnetic coils oriented at least approximately in two non-parallel directions in the roll/yaw plane. A primary control loop embodies a processor and controller connected between the attitude sensing system and the set of at least three momentum wheels. It is adapted to determine from attitude signals and attitude set point signals attitude correction signals for the momentum wheels so as to apply to the satellite primary attitude correction torques. A secondary control loop embodies a coil controller connected between the processor and controller, the set of at least three momentum wheels and the set of at least two magnetic coils. It is adapted to determine from attitude correction signals addressed to the momentum wheels and from signals representative of the behavior of the wheels compensation signals to be applied to the magnetic coils so that by interaction with the terrestrial magnetic field secondary attitude correction torques are applied to the satellite. A circuit for desaturation in pitch of the set of at least three momentum wheels is connected between the set of at least three momentum wheels and a pitch actuator.
Dense Small Satellite Networks for ModernTerrestrial Communication Systems: Benefits,Infrastructure, and Technologies
Books for TI's

When I hear New Zealanders say, “We are so lucky to be living in a free country”, my tongue cleaves to the roof of my mouth and my stomach knots in protest. We have been indoctrinated to believe that we are free. However, Spirit who sees through the charade,told me of our civilization, “Freedom: they all knew what it was but none of them had ever experienced it”. What a sad and mournful judgment about the imprisonment of humankind.Over millennia, the enemy has convinced the people of a false narrative of our world. They have made their officers our heroes and their script our comfort blanket, all the while using witchcraft and lies to shroud their activities in secrecy. They have also weaved the latter into the fabric of society to create something resembling a straitjacket for humanity, which restrains ts movements as it is led towards annihilation. Nonetheless, humanity is militant in the enemy’s defence; Spirit calling it the anchor reserve because it provides the enemy a safe mooring in our world.

On September 26, 2019, 5G wireless was turned on in Wuhan, China (and officially launched November 1) with a grid of about ten thousand antennas--more antennas than exist in the whole United States, all concentrated in one city. A spike in cases occurred on February 13, the same week that Wuhan turned on its 5G network for monitoring traffic. Illness has subsequently followed 5G installation in all the major cities in America.
As the restriction of our freedoms continues, more and more people are wondering whether this is true. Could a packet of RNA fragments, which cannot even be defined as a living organism, cause such havoc? Perhaps something else is involved--something that has upset the balance of nature and made us more susceptible to disease? Perhaps there is no "coronavirus" at all; perhaps, as Pasteur said, "the germ is nothing, the terrain is everything."
Somethink Intelligent
Justin Bariso, Photo from Getty Images
  1. They think about feelings.
They do so by quietly observing both themselves and others, reflecting on those observations, and (at times) sharing their conclusions. 
  1. They pause.
Emotionally intelligent people realize that emotions are fleeting, and that often making impulsive decisions leads to regrets.
  1. They control their thinking.
Most emotions are experienced instinctively, meaning you can't control how you feel in any given moment, however you can control how you react to those feelings.
  1. They learn from "emotional hijacks."
Those with true emotional intelligence endeavor to learn from mistakes. They study their behavior, identify their triggers, and cultivate the habits they need to successfully keep their emotions in balance.
  1. They demonstrate humility.
But those with emotional intelligence value humility. They are quick to accept criticism, using it to grow. They realize being humble doesn't mean that they lack self-confidence or that they never stand up for their opinions or principles. 
  1. They practice honesty.
Emotionally intelligent people do more than say what they sincerely believe; they also avoid half-truths and strive to present information in a way that won't be misinterpreted.
  1. They're authentic.
Those with high emotional intelligence realize authenticity doesn't mean sharing everything about yourself, to everyone, all of the time.
  1. They show empathy.
They listen, not to form judgments. Rather, they listen to understand—which leads to deeper, more connected relationships.
  1. They commend others.
Emotionally intelligent people look for the good in others. Then, they share specific praise. They also focus on nurturing others' potential. 
  1. They deliver necessary feedback effectively.
Realizing this, emotionally intelligent people reframe criticism as constructive feedback, so the recipient sees it as helpful instead of harmful.
  1. They apologize.
But emotionally intelligent people realize the power of saying "I'm sorry" doesn't  mean you're wrong—just that you value your relationship more than your ego.
  1. They forgive and forget.
Forgiving and forgetting, emotionally intelligent persons move on—and prevent others from holding their emotions hostage.
  1. They keep their commitments.
But emotionally intelligent people realize that keeping their word—in things big and small—establishes a strong reputation for reliability and trustworthiness.
  1. They tell good stories.
Realizing this, emotionally intelligent people use anecdotes and narratives to bring numbers, facts, and key ideas to life. 
  1. They help others.
By extending a supportive hand, emotionally intelligent people help others to become the best version of themselves.
  1. They know when to relax.
Those with high emotional intelligence realize they needn't understand every feeling as they experience it, or dissect every event as it happens. They search for deeper understanding and simply enjoy the moment when not.
  1. They safeguard themselves from emotional manipulation.
Emotionally intelligent people realize that there's a dark side to EQ–like when individuals use deception to manipulate, or pursue selfish goals at the expense of others.
  1. They embrace diversity.
Emotionally intelligent people recognize that EQ comes in all different packages, shapes, and sizes. Man or woman. Quiet or loud. Brash or meek. Leader or follower. Learn from those who are different.
  1. They recognize the power of emotions.
Emotions can also provide light at the end of the tunnel, making the most dire of circumstances more bearable.
Where does the Patriot Act authorize Selection for Medical Testing, Medical Implantation and torturing people remotely with microwave?

The USA PATRIOT Act: Bill that Eviscerated America's Civil Liberties
The USA PATRIOT Act provides a textbook example of how the United States federal government expands its power. An emergency happens, legitimate or otherwise. The media, playing its dutiful role as goad for greater government oversight, demands "something must be done." Government power is massively expanded, with little regard for whether or not what is being done is efficacious, to say nothing of the overall impact on our nation's civil liberties.
No goals are posted, because if targets are hit, this would necessitate the ending or scaling back of the program. Instead, the program becomes normalized. There are no questions asked about whether the program is accomplishing what it set out to do. It is now simply a part of American life and there is no going back.
The American public largely accepts the USA PATRIOT Act as a part of civic life as immutable, perhaps even more so than the Bill of Rights. However, this act – passed in the dead of night, with little to no oversight, in a panic after the biggest attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor – is not only novel, it is also fundamentally opposed to virtually every principle on which the United States of America was founded. It might not be going anywhere anytime soon, but patriots, liberty lovers and defenders of Constitutional government should nonetheless familiarize themselves with the onerous provisions of this law, which is nothing short of a full-throttle attack on the American republic. 

What’s Even in the USA PATRIOT Act?

What is in the USA PATRIOT Act? In the Michael Moore film Fahrenheit 9/11, then Rep. John Conyers cracked wise about how no one had actually read the Act and how this was in fact par for the course with America's laws. Thus, before delving into the deeper issues surrounding the PATRIOT Act, it is worth discussing what the Act actually says. Here’s a brief look at the 10 Titles in the PATRIOT Act:
  • Title I: Enhancing Domestic Security Against Terrorism: This provision dramatically expands the powers of the President, the military and the intelligence community whenever the specter of "terrorism" is invoked. Bizarrely, it contains a provision condemining discrimination against Arabs, Muslims and South Asians, which seems to have very little to do with protecting Americans from terrorism.
  • Title II: Enhanced Surveillance Procedures: Title II contains the meat of the Act with regard to massive, industrial-scale surveillance on the American public. Beyond the simple spying on Americans and their communications, Title II increases the ability of federal intelligence agencies to share your private communications with one another.
  • Title III: International Money Laundering Abatement and Financial Anti-Terrorism Act: Not simply a section of the USA PATRIOT Act, Title III is an Act of Congress in its own right. You might have noticed how much more difficult it is to open a bank account or send a wire transfer after 9/11. You can blame this provision, which shredded banking privacy rights in the United States.
  • Title IV: Protecting the Border: Other than expanding the number of federal employees (of course), the provision of the USA PATRIOT Act charged with protecting America's borders does little other than point toward paths for future action and study. It is worth noting that the weakest provision of the Act is the only one explicitly authorized by the Constitution -- protecting the border.
  • Title V: Removing Obstacles to Investigating Terrorism: Title V authorizes bounties for the apprehension of alleged terrorists, broadens government power to conduct DNA analysis, allows for greater data sharing between law enforcement agencies and, perhaps most disturbingly, requires private telecommunication carriers to comply with government requests for electronic communication records whenever requested by the FBI. It also expands the power of the Secret Service to investigate computer fraud.
  • Title VI: Providing for Victims of Terrorism, Public Safety Officers and Their Families: Perhaps the most innocuous portion of the USA PATRIOT Act, Title VI provides for a victims' fund for victims of terrorism and their families.
  • Title VII: Increased Information Sharing for Critical Infrastructure Protection: The subtitle of this section of the Act is a rather wordy way of saying that the United States federal government is allowing for law enforcement agencies to share information across jurisdictional boundaries in an easier fashion than was previously legal. To that end, the Bureau of Justice Assistance was given a $50,000,000 budget for 2002 and a whopping $100,000,000 budget for fiscal year 2003.
  • Title VIII: Strengthening the Criminal Laws Against Terrorism: Title VIII is where the rubber meets the road: What exactly is terrorism, according to the federal government? Unfortunately, this Title does little to clarify what terrorism is, instead focusing on declaring a number of actions (such as attacks on transit) as “terrorism,” regardless of intent.
  • Title IX: Improved Intelligence: The section subtitled “improved intelligence” largely expands the powers and responsibilities of the Director of Central Intelligence.
  • Title X: Miscellaneous: When the federal government titles a segment of a law “miscellaneous,” you know it’s going to include everything and the kitchen sink. And so it does: The definition of electronic surveillance, additional funds for the DEA in South and Central Asia, research on biometric scanning systems, a limitation on hazmat licensure and infrastructure protections are all addressed in Title X, which is a catchall for everything the federal government forgot to address in the first nine sections of the law.
Most of the provisions of the USA PATRIOT Act were set to sunset four years after the bill was passed into law. However, the law was extended first by President George W. Bush and then by President Barack H. Obama. The latter is particularly scandalous given that, at least in part, a rejection of the surveillance culture that permeated the Bush Administration was responsible for the election of Obama in 2008.

Passing the USA PATRIOT Act

Next, it’s important to remember the environment in which the USA PATRIOT Act was passed: Post-9/11. It is not the slightest bit of exaggeration to label the environment in which the PATRIOT Act was passed as “hysterical,” nor is “compliant” a misnomer for the Congress of the time. Opposition to the Act was slim and intensive review of one of the most sweeping Acts of Congress in American history was nonexistent.
All told, Congress took a whopping six weeks drafting, revising, reviewing and passing the PATRIOT Act. That’s less time than Congress typically spends on totally uncontroversial and routine bills that don’t gut the Fourth Amendment. The final vote found only 66 opponents in the House and one (Wisconsin Democrat Russ Feingold) in the Senate. The entire passage of the PATRIOT Act, from start to finish, took place behind closed doors. There were no committee reports or hearings for opponents to testify, nor did anyone bother to read the bill.
“Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism” is the bloated and overwrought full name of the bill, crafted by a 23-year-old Congressional staffer named Chris Cylke. This ridiculous name puts the focus not on the surveillance aspects or the erosion of basic civil liberties enshrined in Western society since the Magna Carta, but on patriotism. At the time of its creation, the messaging was very clear: Real patriots support massive intrusions on civil rights. As President George W. Bush said at the time, “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” This sentiment very much seemed to apply to American citizens.
While the argument that if you have nothing to hide you shouldn’t fear investigation is anathema in a Constitutional republic with regard to citizens, it should be standard operating procedure when it comes to our organs of government. If we cannot expect transparency from the United States Congress – elected officials charged with representing the will of the people and protecting the Constitution – then we certainly can’t expect it anywhere else.
[Wiki "Background of the terms "Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists":  
The statement generally is a descriptive statement identifying the beliefs of the speaker(s), and thus state a basic assumption, not a logical conclusion. It may also be interpreted as a speech act. Sometimes (but not always) it is interpreted as a splitting or a false dilemma, which is an informal fallacy.[2]
Some see the statement as a way of persuading others to choose sides in a conflict which does not allow the position of neutrality.[3] Only when there are no alternatives like a middle ground does the phrase hold validity as a logical conclusion. The phrases are a form of argumentation.[4]
We are a non profit EU-COALITION AGAINST CYBERTORTURE and Task Force established to create awareness and more of Cybernetic Technology and electronic abuse, such as the illegal data collection and manipulation of humans via brain – machine – interfaces. Coined “Cybertorture” by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture.
How do we protect people that by utilitarian grounds, without informed consent, are used for brain studies with brain-computer-interfaces in Cyber Psychological Systems, illegal stealing of brain data?


  • Awareness-raising campaigns to disseminate information and mobilize public opinion on the issue of covert CYBER technologies and techniques that enable the manipulation of human beings.
  • Providing expert consultancy to key decision-makers on the creation of appropriate EU legislation to protect civil citizens from cyber covert crimes.
  • Organizing networking events (workshops, seminars, conferences) involving all actors concerned to exchange experiences and best practices for the establishment of clear ethical boundaries to strictly regulate the use of cybersystems enabling the manipulation and control of human beings.
News from The Legal Coop
VIDEO:  Nils Melzer's Report to the Human Rights Council in March 2020-Vulcan Wolverine on Nils Melzer
VIDEO:  TheLegalCoop Pre Launch
ACTION:  Support July 31st World Day Against Electronic Torture aka CyberTorture aka Psycho Porn
BREAKTHROUGH - Misused Technology, Psychology, and Harassment meld into No Touch Torture aka Cyber Torture. Featuring a Groundbreaking Report by Nils Melzer, United Nations Expert on Torture
Action: Support Ongoing Investigation on Torture, Harassment, and Ill Treatment Networks
Action: UN Requesting Input on Causes and Potential Solutions to Harassment & Ill Treatment
Brain Heterodyning
Dr. Robert Duncan Brain Hacking, Synthetic Telepathy, and Mind Control of Targeted Individuals
International Coalition Against Electronic Torture and Robotization of Living Beings (ICATOR)
It is a coalition of international TI groups who have come together to address the issues of the TI community by joining the United Nations as a non-governmental organization.  
We hope to also assist Magnus Olsson in his capacity as a liaison with the United Nations Rapporteur on Torture as well as work with the European Parliament to pass legislation that would help the TI community in Europe.  Organizing a class-action lawsuit is also a goal.   
Melanie Vritschan is the President and I serve as Vice-President. 
Petition to end Multi-Person Stalking

Acknowledgement of victims of UN cybertorture and multi person stalking

Help the petition reach its goal, share with others:
Petition to End RNM

Ban Remote Neural Monitoring(RNM) Torture In Delhi-NCR

Victims in india are gathering TIs and taking incremental steps to ban Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM). I would be grateful to you if you kindly sign their petition. 
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
Leak to us
The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists ​encourages​ ​whistleblowers​ ​to securely​ ​submit​ ​all​ ​forms​ ​of​ ​content​ ​that​ ​might​ ​be​ ​of​ ​public​ ​concern​ ​-​ ​documents,​ ​photos, video​ ​clips​ ​as​ ​well​ ​as​ ​story​ ​tips. We​ ​accept​ ​all​ ​information​ ​that​ ​relates​ ​to​ ​potential​ ​wrongdoing​ ​by​ ​corporate,​ ​government​ ​or public​ ​service​ ​entities​ ​in​ ​any​ ​country,​ ​anywhere​ ​in​ ​the​ ​world.​ ​We​ ​do​ ​our​ ​utmost​ ​to​ ​guarantee the​ ​confidentiality​ ​of​ ​our​ ​sources.

OSINFORMERS Organized Gang Stalking - Technological Harassment
VIDEO:  Karen Stewart Interview

KAREN STEWART : NSA WHISTLEBLOWER SPEAKS  Karen Stewart Exposes Biggest False Flag Operation In History

Veritas Radio - Karen Stewart
Treasonous policies have been put in place by the DOJ, FBI, law enforcement, Fusion Centers to legally permit covert use of radiation weapons and neuroweapons in Vendetta, Surveillance, non-consensual experimentation, electronic warfare field weapons testing on citizens. Are we in the middle of a cold civil war? Do we still have a Fourth Amendment and is the United States being run by an unconstitutional secret government?
Katherine Horton

VIDEO: The Plan for 2019 (Stop 007) 

Court Hearing Report! (Stop007)

Going Viral - Global Crime Fighters 9

Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe on the Targeted Individual Survey - Special Investigators

Phoenix Targeted Individual Rally
Phoenix Targeted Individual Rally
Every Saturday
10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Central and Washington, across from Urban Outfitters
We have flyers, microphone, gazebo tent with table.
Please come join us to promote public awareness.
TI News and Information
NEW BOOKLET:  "How Are You Being Targeted?" (on hand 200)
Comes with free copy of WBAN press release

Booklet is $8.00 + $2.00 shipping.
Overseas is $7.00 for shipping total $15.00. You will also receive a copy of the Press Release on the Body Area Network. You can support our organization's activities by ordering by email. We will send you an invoice. Pay by Paypal or debit/credit card at
New Call:  Targeted and Trafficked
Saturdays 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Phone:  425-436-6200
Access Code:  128788
How to Fight Back

Established in December 2018 in the State of Arizona.  Targeted Justice is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.Our Goal.

To stop the global use of Directed Energy Weapons against civilians, illegal surveillance, and organized stalking.
Greetings to the Illegally Targeted Community!
We focus on education/raising public awareness about the RICO crimes of organized stalking, directed energy torture and other violations of physical/mental sovereignty and actions you can take to help win this war.
Hope Franklin, Research and Communications Director
Jack Christiana, Legal Director
Karen Stewart, Adviser
Targeting Awareness of Central Oregon
TICO (Targeted Individuals of Central Oregon)
Tobin Blake
Ella Free Channel
"Please join us every Tuesday & Thursday on Free Conference Call
 515-606-5187, ID 400014#
Online Meeting ID: Tiangel2016
Freedom Fighters for America
Freedom Fighters For America Newsletter
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VIDEO on 2019 Rally: 
Second Annual Targeted Individual Day, a Global Event (Full-Length Documentary)
Stop Gangstalking Crimes Newsletter
Sign up for Stop Gangstalking Newsletter
ACTIVIST:  Dr. Millicent Black

If you would like to be added to list, please email
For more information, please contact Armin Aryan
​Phone:  602-563-4750

​For more information, please contact Constance Rose.
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 3:00 PM
Denny's Restaurant
23515 El Toro Road
Lake Forest, CA
The Organizer is Tricia!
(Note:  Denny's restaurant discount coupons are available online)
When: First Saturday of the month.
Saturdays, 11:00 am till 1:00 pm in the group study room
Lakewood Public Library
15425 Detroit AVE
Lakewood, Ohio 44107
Phone:  (216)527-8346
Details, Contact The Organizer:  Jim
When: Every Thursday at 6:00pm EST
Call-in number: 1-515-739-6265 (FreeConferenceCall)
Access code: 272676#
For questions or topic suggestions, contact Vickie at (346) 410-7047.
When: Wednesdays at 6:30pm Central Time
Call-in number:
1-724-444-7444 (Talkshoe)

Access code: 136067#
Location:  TICO's Launch Meeting:  Wednesday, April 17, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pmHollywood
Downtown Bend Library, Hutchinson Room
601 NW Wall Street, Bend, Oregon 97703
The West Coast Society For All Victims Of Organized Stalking And Electronic Harassment, PO Box 534, Heriot Bay, British Columbia V0P 1H0, Canada
Support Society
Mary Lamont, Registered Mental Health Crisis Counsellor
Book: No Ordinary Stalking: a look at organized stalking and electronic harassment by June Ti
Targeted NJ Activism Network
There is a NY/NJ group on Check for the following site at
Saturday, March 14th, 2020
11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Carnegie Mellon Library
Oakland District, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
For details, please contact the organizer:
Location: Hollywood District Public Library,
4040 NE Tillamook Street, Portland, OR 97212
When: Saturdays from 3:30pm - 5:30pm
NEXT MEETING: Saturday November 21, 2020
Free  Conference Call:  (978) 990-5000, Access code:  336876
amydale22 (chat room), Amy Dale, 971-207-3401
Location: Montlake Library Meeting Room, 2401 24th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112
When: Sundays from 1:00pm - 3:00 pm
For more information, please contact Curtis at 1-817-901-8720.

Connect with this group by joining the Targeted Individuals Sacramento Meetup.
For information, please contact Justin at

Connect with this group by contacting Julie at
Vancouver Public Library
1428 Cedar Cottage Mews, V5N 5Z1
350 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 6B1
contact:  Genet -
Conference Calls for TI's
If you would like to be added to list, please email
NOTE:  These are for your reference only. We do not advocate for any theories, stories, persons, entities or organizations. If involved in seances, spiritism or criminal activities, they will be removed from this list.
Sunday at 8:30 P.M. E. Coast, 7:30 Central, 6:30 Mountain, 5:30 W. Coast

The new call in # is (605) 475-4779, Access Code: 607080#
Moderator: Neal, Call ID:  Electricrose222
Moderator:  James
Call:  425-436-6376, 540614#
Time:  7:00 Mountain
New Call for New TI's
Moderator:  Patricia
Monday Nights 8:pm EST
Friday Nights 7pm EST
(605) 562-0400
ID# 7660364 (site not ready for publishing yet)
Moderator:  Julia
Engage in Prayer
Time:  9 pm Eastern/ 8 pm Central/
7 pm Mountain/ 6 pm Pacific
Call-in number: (515) 739-1405

Call ID: 141476
Access Code: 381878
Moderator:  ______________

Time: 10:00 p.m. Colorado time
Call in number:  05 313 514 7 pin 198 158
Moderator Denise
Time 7:30 PM Every Monday night
Call In 1-867-292-3030 Access # 522 5726
Moderator Frank
Targeted Massachusetts North East Conference
9:00 PM Eastern
8:00 PM Central
7:00 PM Mountain
6:00 PM Pacific
Call-in Number; (515) 604-9715
Access Code: 708922
Join By Computer;
Moderator:  Kate Ryan
New England Support Group
Time: 7:00 p.m. EST
Call-In Number:(605) 562-0444
Access Code:  133472#, Pin:  #1
Moderator: Ella
Freedom For Targeted Individuals
Time: 9 pm Eastern/ 8 pm Central/
7 pm Mountain/ 6 pm Pacific
 Call-in number: 515-606-5187
Access Code:  400014#
Moderator:  Janey
Time:  Tuesday night at 8:30 PM EST
Dial-in number (US): (605) 313-5569
Access code: 516586#
International dial-in numbers:
Online meeting ID: janeyw
Breath of Life Bible Study
Tuesdays and Thursdays
9 p.m. EDT
Access Code 5724269
Hosted by: Ordained Minister Barbara Hyseni
Pastor Chief Daymond Jones
Time:  9:00 PM Eastern
Call-in number: 605-313-5111
Access code: 712679#
Moderator:   Chief Daymond Jones
Moderator:  Frank
Targeted Massachusetts - STARS, International
Time: 9:00 pm Eastern
Call-in Number: 515-604-9715
Access Code: 708922
FFTI & Targeted Justice Open Support Call
Time:  Begins at 9pm EST / 6pm PST every Thursday
Call In #:  1- 515-606-5187
Call ID:   400014#
Breath of Life Bible Study
Hosted by: Ordained Minister Barbara Hyseni

Tuesdays and Thursdays
9 p.m. EDT
Access Code 5724269

Moderator:  Mike
Friday Nights 7pm EST
(605) 562-0400
ID# 7660364 (site not ready for publishing yet)
Moderator:  Frank
Targeted Massachusetts - STARS, International
Time: 9:00 pm Eastern
Call-in Number: 515-604-9715
Access Code: 708922
Church Conference Call
Moderator: Dr. Millicent Black
Time: 6 pm Eastern/ 5 pm Central/
4 pm Mountain/ 3 pm Pacific
Call-in number: 605-562-0444
Call ID: 140567
Pin number: 1#
Moderator: Amy

Time 12:30 PM Pacific
Call-in number: 515-739-6045
Access code number 874647
On Free Conference Call.
Amy 971-207-3401
Moderator:  Lorraine
October 10, 2020
9 PM eastern
Dial-in using your phone:
United States: +1 717-275-8940
United States: +1 712-832-8330
Access code: 240 0170
Moderator:  FFTI
Tonight: 10/10: Mr. Frank Allen Time:  9:00 pm EST/ 6 pm PST
The first call will be 10/10/2020
Dial-in 602-580-9502
ID 5314877#
Saturdays 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Phone:  425-436-6200
Access Code:  128788
Moderators: Rev. Dr. Ralph and Catherine Sept
Sunday Service with Rev. Dr. Ralph and Catherine Sept
Time: 4 PM Eastern/ 3 PM Central/ 2 PM Mountain/ 1 PM Pacific
Call-in number: (605) 313-5111
Access code: 403529#
Citizens Against Harmful Technology

DONATIONS:  Please make donations on our Website.
We have no P.O. Box right now.

Make checks payable to CAHT, ask for a physical address by writing an email to

Membership is $30.00, comes with 60 page free booklet “How Are you BeingTargeted?”, directed energy brochure, psychiatric living will, Press Release on BAN, membership card.
Booklet: $10 includes $2 shipping. We have a supply of the newly edited 60 page booklet. Order one and receive a free copy of the Press Release on the Body Area Network.

It will be provided free to any who ask, however, if you wish to contribute for its printing, paper, ink, etc. please go to the store on our website to donate. thank you 
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