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Good Dog Coaching & Pet Care
We Love Pets, Just Like You..
Happy December!
Happy December!

Wow, it's been a crazy year hasn't it?! Hope you are all hanging in there as we weather the COVID19 storm. It's certainly been an adjustment for us. As you might have guessed our vacation pet sitting visits came to a screeching halt towards the end of April, all of May and most of June. Things are beginning to pick back up although I'm not sure what the future holds as we keep hearing the current news regarding COVID19.

We continue to provide service to those in need. Daily midday dog walks for elderly, folks working from home and anyone else who's dog needs an exercise/potty break or for the person that needs a break from their dog! We are providing vacation pet visits as well.
Many people are using this time off to adopt new pets. That is a silver lining for sure! Many Shelters are empty! If you've adopted a new puppy or dog, remember we have an expert dog trainer on staff to help you learn how to raise a well behaved furry family member. From basic obedience, potty training, jumping and barking, to reactivity, pulling on the leash and even behavioral issues, we are here to help you live a happier, calmer, more balanced life together. Especially with holiday guests coming. A jumping, barking dog just won't do!
Working from home sounded pretty good to many at first. However, the fact that many can't or don't want to leave their home for anything but absolute necessities or doctor visits leaves people and their dogs with cabin fever. 
Our Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care family of pet care givers is here to help however we can. We are taking extra steps to keep our clients, their pets and our sitters safe. Hand washing before, during and after each visit. Hand sanitizing frequently and mask wearing where needed. 
Now more than ever, small businesses need the help of our community to get through this because no one ever expected it would go on this long. Many businesses have closed. We are one of the lucky ones. So far we have been able to hang in there. To learn more watch this video... So if you are in need of pet care or dog training, please choose a local small business as opposed to a big box online company. Small businesses are the heart of the community. 
2020 has been rough on so many families health wise and our family has been no Marshall Laexception. As many of you know, we lost our son Marshall to cancer this past October. He had been battling it for four long, hard years. He fought bravely and with a positive attitude. He never gave up, only his body did. 
Marshall was one of the sweetest, kindest, most loving people. Of course as his mom I am a little biased, but truly, I had no idea how many lives my son had touched in a such a positive way.
I soon found out at his memorial when droves of people attended to honor him. He was, from a very young age, the kind of young man who wanted everyone to get along, to be included, and he went out of his way to make it so. So many stories were told to me from people who knew him of his kindness. He was also funny, crazy smart and he could talk to anyone about anything.
Marshall worked at Slow Pour Brewing Company in Lawrenceville for just a short couple months earlier this year before his illness became worse and he couldn't work any longer (previously at Taco Mac in Suwanee for over 3 years). He was a bartender and he was awesome at it. He was excited about working at Slow Pour because he was very interested in the brewing process and he loved beer! He knew a lot about beer which made him a perfect choice for Slow Pour. Incidentally, Slow Pour hosted a celebration of life event and created a Sour (fruity sour beer) named Marshall La (Marshall's rapper name, pronounced Marshall Law) in Marshall's honor! It is available at Slow Pour now! The event was a huge success, Marshall La was on tap, friends, family, co workers and more came out to celebrate him. Proceeds benefitted cancer research. This was so amazing to me because they had only known Marshall for a few short months.
So go visit Slow Pour Brewing Company, 407 N Clayton St, Lawrenceville, Ga 30046 add order a glass, growler or crowler today! Please support this wonderful company that supports its community in such beautiful, generous ways. 
Marshall was passionate about making the world a better place. He also loved video gaming, miniatures (making & painting them) and making music. He was a very talented rapper! Now, Rap might not be your thing (I felt the same at one point) but in listening to his music (which is available on most streaming platforms like spotify, apple music, and youtube, as Marshall La and also GameTeam a collaboration with one of his best friends) I learned more about my son and was turned on to a new genre of music. 
Marshall was engaged to be married to the love of his life, Angela. They have been Marshall Latogether since the beginning of his illness. She has been a positive force for him through the entire ordeal. She is family. To see them together was beautiful. Their love for each other was so obvious.
As you can imagine we are devastated by this loss. But in the spirit of Marshall we will go on, stay positive and do good things.
Lastly, I want to share something with you that Marshall posted on his social media…
"We’re all stuck on this rock together regardless of what we look like, what we believe or who we pray to.
LOVE is powerful, So is hate.
Choose LOVE & I promise you, we can do anything if we just support each other". -James Marshall Hansen.
So this holiday season and every season, Choose LOVE!
Wishing you all a wonderful holiday season. Stay healthy and take this time to reconnect with family and friends and tell them that you love them. Don't wait, time is precious.
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Terie Hansen and Cole
Hugs and Happy Tails,
Terie Hansen & Cole
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Dog Training Video Series
Dog Training Tips

How To Train Your Dog To Respect Thresholds.

Is your dog a door dasher? Does he/she bound through open doors with disregard for your personal space? Does your dog look for any opportunity to escape the house and run free? If you LOVE your dog, then teach them threshold boundaries.
This is an important and possibly life saving skill. It teaches your dog that just because a door is open, doesn’t mean they are allowed to pass through it. 
View Video Here
 You can view more "How to" Training videos here... Dog Training Videos
If you have a dog training question, visit our facebook page and post it or email us at
Jana did a great job with my 2 babies. Even Ziva (she is a real mama’s girl) warmed up by day 2 and played fetch with her. I was not expecting the detailed report card left by my sitter so, when I read it, that was an awesome thing to be given. Loved all the pictures. This service was just what I was looking for! – Rhonda F.


Dog Training:

It’s like I got a new dog! 
Alexis’s dog Penny (the smaller one) had previously gotten off leash and attacked another dog while out on a walk.

Alexis’s Goal: To be able to walk her two dogs without being pulled down or having them be a liability to her and those around her. WATCH VIDEO TESTIMONIAL HERE
To view more testimonials click HERE
Good Dog! Spotlight: Pet of the Month

Penguin has been a part of the Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care family for pit bull puppy pet sittingquite some time. 
We first met his family for training when he was just weeks old. He was a star student. Then he became one of our regular Private Boarding clients. 
We love Penguin because he is so sweet and full of life. At just 2 years old he has plenty of energy and loves to play. 
He's also awesome to have here when we are training dogs because he is very well behaved, sweet and submissive and he is a calm influence for other dogs.
Our dog Cole and Penguin are Bffs. They love pit bulls pet sitterto snuggle, tug and just hang out together. 

If you have a pup who needs training or if you work long hours or you are planning a trip and need loving pet care, give us a call! We would LOVE to help!
Having one of our caring pet sitters visit them is a bright spot in their day for both dog and owner! Learn more about our services HERE


With our BOARD & TRAIN HYBRID Programs, the dog you have today, doesn’t have to be the dog you have tomorrow.

Happier owners and happier dogs!
You AND your dog will be better educated and HAPPIER!goldendoodle puppy


Board & Train is a dog training program where your dog comes to us for training. They stay with us from 3-6 weeks, while we teach them basic obedience, correct any behavioral issues and get them into a better, happier more balanced state of mind.
Most Board & Train programs give little follow up care to the owner. It’s all about the time spent with the dog while it’s boarding. While this is great for the dog, what is the owner learning? This philosophy makes it very difficult for the dog and their owners to succeed in the long run.
board and train viszla
 You see, dog trainers can train dogs. That’s a given. But, in the long run the dog lives with the owner so, the owner needs to learn how to maintain what was taught to the dog in the first place. The owner needs training as much as the dog does! An hour or two at the training facility when they pick up their dog isn’t going to cut it. Not remotely. When the dog goes home, the owners are ill equipped for the flashback that the dog will most assuredly experience. At Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care we give you more, much more. HYBRID IS A COMBINATION OF BOARD & TRAIN AND ONE ON ONE TRAINING WITH THE OWNERS.
If you LOVE your dog but don’t like their behavior very much, training can be a game changer.

Do you own a Door Dasher?

 Thresholds as it pertains to dogs is an important area of training but oftentimes overlooked area of training with many owners and dog trainers.
 Teaching a dog NOT to move through a threshold unless invited to do so can be lifesaving. A threshold is a door to the house, car door, crate door etc. 
Many times I’ve heard of dogs escaping through a door only to get lost, or worse, hit by a car or engage in a dog fight or even harm a person.
Teaching your dog to respect thresholds is a simple process. You’ll LOVE the difference in your dog.
Start by having your dog sit or down a short distance from the door (giving space) when you take them out or in. In the early stages of training, having a leash on your dog gives you better control.  READ MORE
Terie Hansen, Professional Dog Trainer, Pet Sitter & Owner at Good Dog! Coaching & Pet Care-may be reached at 404-422-9832
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Recipe of the Month
by Delish
 Peppermint Bark fans meet your match!
If you like peppermint and chocolate, you will love this drink! I've made them for parties and they were and absolute hit.  
Get the recipe HERE
Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter vs a Neighbor or Friend?
Spring Break is approaching! You've made plans to travel but who will care for your loved ones? I mean, the furry loved ones???

You want your pets to be more than just "taken care of" right? You want them to be happy! Professional pet sitters like us connect and bond with your pets. We LOVE what we do and your pets pick up on that. Your pets feel relaxed and loved.
Isn't that what you want when you can't be there?
Mention our newsletter and Get two FREE Pet Visits Now! CLICK HERE
or call us now to get all your questions answered happily.
It would be our pleasure to serve you!
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