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• Life Seasons #3 July, #1 Aug., #11 Sept. on ZMR Top 100
• Winter Solstice Concert at Light Center Sun. 2:30  
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Filmmaker Richard Daniels selects Winter Solstice for Pandemic Dance Film
Richard Daniels' award-winning short film has Life Seasons' "Winter Solstice" as a score. Click on the photo to watch and listen to this poignant dance film.
Youtube video
"Thoughts about a series of short dance films set in interiors had been in my mind for a while. Then a pandemic changed the world. A Dance for A - Pandemic Dance No. 1 - became the first. As my mother faced the last days of her life, the pandemic kept us a half a country apart: I was here; she was there. I made her a dance.” Richard Daniels
Life Seasons album #1 on Zone Music Reporter Aug. Top 100 Chart
In July we were #3, Aug. #1 & Sept. (just out) #11.
Life Seasons CDs and MP3s are available for sale HERE!
Spotify Link: CLICK HERE Amazon: CLICK HERE

Here is the cover art for the Life Seasons CD released July 1st.
Life Seasons is vocal and instrumental music expressing the seasons and the depth of love possible from sharing life over many years. Singers Wendy Jones, Paula Hanke, Sherman Hoover, & Bob Bencze join me on piano with Zack Page - bass, Rick Dilling - drums & Ron Clearfield - cello.
CDs & MP3s available at 
Spotify Link: CLICK HERE    Amazon Music: CLICK HERE
 Buy the CD on Amazon: CLICK HERE
Upcoming Events - Richard Shulman LIVE STREAM performances:
December 2020 
Sun. 12/20/20, 2:30 - 4:00 pm Winter Solstice Celebration Concert with Richard Shulman
Welcoming the Inner Light at the time of outer darkness.
UR Light Center, 2196 Hwy 9 South, Black Mountain, NC.
Tickets at the door $20. The concert will also be live-streamed on Facebook.
I've been playing for and participating in Zoom meditations and classes led by Ron Young, David Pomerantz, and Rita Heap, all who are dedicated spiritual teachers and students (as am I) of Hilda Charlton. If you have interest in attending any of these meditations and/or classes, reply to this email and I will send you more information. 
Sundays in December, 11:00 am playing music at Unity of the Blue Ridge LIVE STREAM (828) 891-8700 Go to, click the blue "Watch Live" button at the top of the page at 11am. There will also be some outside caroling by the band on Sun. Dec. 20th. See for details.
Musical Soul Portraits: A wonderful gift for your Loved Ones
A Musical Soul Portrait - a recording of music which follows your own Divine Connection is a wonderful gift for yourself and your loved ones. 
Richard Shulman spontaneously composes and records this music for you on his Steinway M parlor grand (the piano used on the albums "Bliss of Being" "11:11 Piano Meditations for Awakening" and "Sky Jazz,") or on his synthesizer setup which includes a Yamaha DX7 & M08, a Korg X50 & M1 and a Roland XP50 & JP8.
(pictured here -------->) 
Musical Soul Portraits can be created in person or at-a-distance on the phone or with a photo.For more information about Musical Soul Portraits please go to or click on the photos!
Thank you for your support of this music!
I wish you
Much Love and Many Blessings,
  For more info & music see:  
or call 828-658-9604  

Richard Shulman  |  419 Creekside Dr.  |  Asheville, NC 28804  |
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