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Reems Creek Nursery
76 Monticello Rd.       Weaverville, NC        828-645-3937
HOURS: Mon-Sat: 9-6
**Special Weather Alert** 
As we are composing this, the clouds are thickening and forecasts are becoming more certain of snowy weather.  Please check Facebook or call 828-645-3937 for updated information on closures or abbreviated hours****
 New Year, New SEEDS!
Holly filling the seed racks
Fresh new 2021 seeds are arriving! Hollie has been busy filling seed racks. We have beloved favorites and some exciting new varieties.
It's not too early to be planning your 2021 farm, homestead, or garden.
50% OFF Ornaments and Holiday Decor
Lovely Christmas Ornaments
Get deals now for next Christmas! Shop for lots of festive items that will bring delight next Holiday season. 
Shiny New Farm Equipment
Spiffy new Pot filling machine
Spiffy new pot filling machine from another angle
Our production farm now has a spiffy new Pot filling machine - a customized Maxi Filler Pro! Most of these machines are designed for massive facilities, not for small family businesses, so we had to have them tweak this one for our needs. This machine helps the farm crew in filling pots, and we are very happy to have it.
FROM WILMA: The month of January is named for Janus, the mythical Roman god of beginnings and transitions. As we transition into a new month and year, new beginnings are happening both at the Garden Center and at the Farm!
Counting inventory (ugh) is almost finished, and after “undecking” from holiday décor*, the Garden Center is taking on a new look.  Lots of new seeds and gardening supplies are arriving, houseplants are looking great, and spring orders are being finalized and will arrive before we know it! Debbie, Jayne, and Bunny have been busy in the Garden Shop getting everything ready.
One of the most exciting happenings is a brand-new made-to-order pot filler machine that arrived at the production Farm earlier this week. After an uneasy unloading process, we are excited to begin learning all the bells and whistles and putting it to use as early veggie/annual bedding plant production gets under way.
Please feel free to stop in the Garden Center if only to browse.  The greenhouse can be place of inspiration even on a cold, wintry day.
*Holiday décor is on sale for 50% off!
January Garden Activities
  • Plan and design your 2021 farm, homestead, or garden! Read seed packets for specific information on spacing.
  • Read inspiring and informative garden books. We have many new ones in our Garden Shop.
  • When the ground isn't frozen, trees, shrubs, and perennials can be planted.
  • Turn compost pile.
  • Repair and tend to tools and equipment, sharpen blades.
  • Prune trees. Removed dead, diseased, or damaged branches. Remove any branches that cross one another. Inner branches may need to be pruned to increase airflow. 
  • Cool season crops can be grown in cold frames. 
  • Check houseplants for pests. Inspect undersides of leaves, look for tiny pinprick holes in leaves, look for small white fuzzy creatures. We carry products in our Garden Shop to deal with these pests.
  • General garden cleanup.
  • Keep bird feeders filled. We have plenty of bird seed in stock.
  • Consider using sand, sawdust, or kitty litter instead of de-icing salts, as the salts can damage soil and plants.
Hours & Protocols
Regular Hours: Mon thru Sat: 9-6, Closed Sunday 
**Please check Facebook or call 828-645-3937 for inclement weather hours***
  • NC Executive Orders require face coverings in public when indoors, and also outdoors when it is not possible to maintain social distancing from non-household members. In Phase 3, this requirement applies to any public place or business, indoor or outdoor." Link to full list of NC Executive Orders.
  • Please help us comply with this Order by wearing a mask while shopping with us.
  • Please keep 6’ away from other customers and staff as much as possible.
  • Please stay home if you have a fever, a cough, or are sick.
  • Please load your own bagged goods at this time
We have expanded our cleaning routines and we offer Sanitation Stations near our checkout stands. Our staff arrives prior to opening to allow us time to clean and sanitize before customers arrive.
Thank you for your consideration of other customers and our staff members. We want everyone to feel safe during their visit to Reems Creek Nursery. Our heartfelt thanks for your enthusiasm and support during this challenging time.
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Reems Creek Nursery  •  76 Monticello Rd.  •  Weaverville  •  NC  •  28787

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