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76 Monticello Rd.       Weaverville, NC        828-645-3937
HOURS: Mon-Sat: 9-6   Closed Sunday
We are busy as bees at our Propagation Farm – growing plants for spring gardeners. Pictured are some tiny baby kale plants sprouting up. In a month or so they’ll be ready to sell as sustainably raised 4-packs! Check out Susan’s video using our vacuum seeder on (scroll down a little to watch) Facebook.
Baby Kale plants growing on at our Propagation Farm
Houseplant Happiness Coming!
Two houseplant orders arriving! We expect mini terrarium plants on Friday and a large houseplant order by Monday (we'll alert you via social media!). Time to adopt a plant and make your home a little more junglicious!
We’ll be getting both tropicals and succulents – no matter who pulls on your heartstrings, we’ll have something pretty for you.
Terrarium Plants arriving Friday
Large Houseplant order expected by Monday 
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 Hydroponic Houseplants
FROM WILMA:  Many of us remember sweet potato plants or avocado pits growing in a glass of water on our grandmother’s kitchen windowsill. A fairly new trend is that of growing houseplants in water (hydroponics). From small clippings of philodendron in a tiny jar (maybe recycled) to large Monstera leaves in an elegant vase, this type of indoor gardening adds a new dimension to décor.

With a small house that has limited space I place a few of my special plants in those spots with good light - Mother’s Thanksgiving cactus, a lemon tree my young nephew sprouted from a seed, and an orchid I received for my birthday. In other spots I have plants growing in water. I like to use clear glass containers in different shapes and sizes.
Local author Peter Loewer’s book Hydroponics for Houseplants - An Indoor Gardener’s Guide to Growing Without Soil  as well as some online sites have great information about this fun type of gardening. A new shipment of houseplants, including air plants, will be arriving soon!
Asheville Greenworks
Hard 2 Recycle West
Saturday, January 23 from 10-2
AB-Tech Enka Campus
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Hours & Protocols
Hours: Mon thru Sat: 9-6, Closed Sunday
  • NC Executive Order #169 and #180 require face coverings in public when indoors, and also outdoors when it is not possible to maintain social distancing from non-household members. In Phase 3, this requirement applies to any public place or business, indoor or outdoor." Link to full list of NC Executive Orders.
  • Please help us comply with this Order by wearing a mask while shopping with us.
  • Please keep 6’ away from other customers and staff as much as possible.
  • Please stay home if you have a fever, a cough, or are sick.
  • Please leave dogs home during this time to prevent congestion.
  • Please load your own bagged goods at this time
  • Cashiers are located outdoors and indoors.
We have expanded our cleaning routines and we offer Sanitation Stations near our checkout stands - inside and outside. Our staff arrives prior to opening to allow us time to clean and sanitize before customers arrive.
Thank you for your consideration of other customers and our staff members. We want everyone to feel safe during their visit to Reems Creek Nursery. Our heartfelt thanks for your enthusiasm and support during this challenging time.
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Reems Creek Nursery  •  76 Monticello Rd.  •  Weaverville  •  NC  •  28787

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