CEO Update
New Caregiver Navigation Logo
We have been working with a Catchafire volunteer, Joanna Jiang of Houston, TX to help us create a logo for our Caregiver Navigation program. We are excited to have this new logo to represent our program and hope it will lead to more community recognition and individuals receiving the services they need. We are thankful to Joanna and the many foundations that made our Catchafire subscription possible.
SWREMS Meeting
I would like to thank Ryan Greenberg, Director of New York State Department of Health Bureau of EMS and Trauma Systems for joining us for our first meeting of the Southwestern Regional EMS Council of 2021. This meeting was well attending, and Director Greenberg was able to interact with the regional council members and hear the issues the region is experiencing regarding a recent guidance that was released by BEMS.
Using Teams meeting format, we can reach a wider audience and have participation from Albany which is always appreciated. Thank you to Director Greenberg and all the SWREMS members for attending the meeting!
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