Women of the Blues: A Coast To Coast Collection presents Chicago Blues Women 
From the south side to the west side, from urban to suburban, Chicago Blues Women have been performing in clubs, in festivals and in studios for decades. From traditional to contemporary, classic to Chicago Blues they celebrate the social, moral, sexual consciousness raising landscape for America. The roots of the blues here in Chicago are portrayed through the lens of local and international photographers to capture their stunning, bold and immeasurable talent, pain and glory.
That is the essence of Women of the Blues: A Coast To Coast Collection.
Lynn Orman Weiss, founder and curator of Women of the Blues Foundation in partnership with Delmark Records President and CEO, Julia Miller, celebrate Women's History Month with an exhibit featuring 100 blues women. The collection pays tribute to the 100 years of historical recordings, the first million dollar selling blues song, “Crazy Blues” by Mamie Smith, a breakthrough into mainstream recording, and to pay homage to the women of the Suffrage Movement. It is to honor Chicago's Queen of the Blues, Koko Taylor, who was the inspiration for the exhibit.
In a world and field where recordings and performances have been dominated by men, we want to articulate the importance of the blues woman in mainstream American culture. The exhibit premiered at the Blues Foundation's Blues Hall of Fame during the IBC when the pandemic hit. Some of the collection is still in Memphis, but we have curated a show at the Delmark Records gallery to feature images of women from around the world performing the blues by extraordinary photographers from around the world. We have also included 25 historic album covers of Delmark releases including, Zora Young, Shirley Johnson, Big Time Sarah Bonnie Lee, Sharon Lewis, Grana Louise and Demetria Taylor.
We hope you will visit our virtual gallery (until further notice). We want to let the audience embark on a journey into their world, their powerful voices and resilience to perform the blues and tell their stories. These performers elevate women's lives and equality in the world dominated by male musicians.
Social experiences and humor are often rooted in many of their songs. One of the audience’s favorite Mary Lane stanza has women in the audience singing, "You can keep my husband, but leave my man alone;" or the powerful moving lyrics and music of Melody Angel in her song, "A Woman's Blues," and songs from her new CD release, She Black, a call to action for justice and equality.
We want you to discover and celebrate the Women of Chicago Blues, the iconic recording artists and performers like, Koko Taylor, Bonnie Lee, Big Time Sarah who are no longer with us, but are giants who have left an indelible mark on the present day Women of the Blues.
Delmark Records 
*We will be featuring a weekly Spotify playlist of the women and would love your suggestions for songs and artists to be added to the traveling exhibit.

(L-R) Clockwise photos/credits:
Koko Taylor: John 'Nunu' Zomot
Deitra Farr: Peter M Hurley
Lynne Jordan: Allen Winkler
Demetria Taylor: Peter M Hurley
Mary Lane: Steven I. Wolf
Anne Harris: Roman Sobus
Big Time Sarah: Jennifer Noble
Holle Thee Maxwell: Peter M Hurley
Kate Moss: Karen Murphy
Melody Angel: Janet Mami Takayama
Joanna Connor: Steven I. Wolf
Lynn Orman Weiss & Julia Miller: Selfie
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