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Citizens Against Harmful Technology
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Ultra Wide Band Body Area Networks
This is reality now for Targeted Individuals
The Ultra Wide Band (UWB) communication model is widely used in wireless body area networks. UWB Radio Frequency (RF) technology provides robust and energy efficient transmission of data and signals through wireless networks. V2K is brought to you through radio frequencies!
 Citizens Against Harmful Technology Newsletter
March 7, 2021
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(605) 475-4779, Access Code: 607080#
Moderator: Neal, Call ID:  Electricrose222
Lessons Have Not Been Learned
Nor Forgotten - Folks aren't aware of new technology and what it can do.

This Lesson of History CANNOT Be Forgotten

People who read about what's happening to Targeted Individuals and turn their heads and remain silent JUST DON'T CARE. They have NOT LEARNED THIS HISTORY LESSON. Being silent is being complicit.
"Sun is Going Down at the Beach" Picture Story - Anonymous TI
Targeted Individual is sitting by the beach at a picnic table having dinner looking out to sea. Some people pass by and don't pay any attention to TI. This lady approaches operating her phone, turns her head to the side so she can see TI, descends the stairs to the beach 8 feet below, walks across the sand to the right, turns her head to look at TI, then takes a curve to the left and then turns around and directly facing TI, takes their picture. This is a complete stranger. TI is connected to Cloud via implants.

Its been coming a long long time

JORDAN MAXWELL/Laughlin UFO Megaconference 2020 Jordan Exposes The Illuminati

July 20, 2020
Nanoparticles - 5 Ways These "Little Fighters" Are Making a Big Impact in the War on Terrorism

Using Nano Technologies and Neuroscience Technologies in Combating Terrorism

Aşkın Sökmen
Published 2017
In clashes, securities forces shall be able to shoot with clusters of bullets from great distances to "pin" people to a Wall or freeze their physical movement through Nano diameter needles. These Nano needles are invisible to human eye and non-lethal weapons. Without no permanent damage, it will provide arrest terrorists easily. (Tiwari, 2012: 829) Most people think of poison as a tool for killing tool, but NT, with its ability to trigger specific brain functions, will provide a whole new menu of poison options.)
In nanotechnology, especially together with neuroscience, with the aim of collecting from the terrorists in prisons the information on the terrorist organization and concerning future terror attacks it will be possible to make someone tell the truth without torture but by using a liar poison created by using nanotechnology.
At the same time, a frontal lobotomy poison that will make a person incapable of being angry or mean is possible. Especially, in operations undertaken at cell houses where terrorists are found or in their bases, using the frontal lobotomy position shall provide facility to the security forces in neutralizing them. It became possible to neutralize enemies at targeted locations by transporting such poisons via Nano robot mosquitoes or Nano drones.
The Russian newspaper Pravda has claimed that the USA had allegedly succeeded to eliminate the leader of Venezuela Hugo Chavez and the brother of the North Korean Leader Kim Yong Un by such Nano weapons. (Bafou, 2013) It has made such claims by The Pentagon's Defense Threat Reduction Agency report dated 2010 stating the opinion that transgenic insects could deliver protein based biological warfare agents to be used offensively against targets [MORGELLONS] in a foreign country "(Daniels, 2017). Such assassinations which can be made in this style to terror organizations' leaders have facilitated the covert operations made abroad. Developed Nano Mind Erasers, provide the possibility to neutralize a person's memory. Tiny bursts of Nano dust would wipe sections of a person's brain clean without the victim ever noticing, creating an instant Alzheimer's condition.
These are among the methods that may be used in prisons on terrorist leaders who have been captured, on ideologists of terrorist organizations with religious motivation to erase what they have done and planned (Frey, 2008).
Telomerase Engineering in Hands of Scientists Could Be Nightmare

Detailed images of the anti-ageing enzyme telomerase are a drug designer’s dream.

The Conversation by Richard Faragher
Every organism packages its DNA into chromosomes. In simple bacteria like E. coli this is a single small circle. More complex organisms have far more DNA and multiple linear chromosomes (22 pairs plus sex chromosomes). These probably appeared because they provided an evolutionary advantage, but they also come with a downside.
At the end of each chromosome is a protective cap called a telomere . However, most human cells can’t copy them – meaning that every time they divide, their telomeres become shorter. When telomeres become too short, the cell enters a toxic state called “senescence”. If these senescent cells are not cleared by the immune system, they begin to compromise the function of the tissues in which they reside. For millennia, humans have perceived this gradual compromise in tissue function over time without understanding what caused it. We simply called it ageing.
Enter telomerase, a specialised telomere repair enzyme in two parts – able to add DNA to the chromosome tips. The first part is a protein called TERT that does the copying. The second component is called TR, a small piece of RNA which acts as a template. Together, these form telomerase, which trundles up and down on the ends of chromosomes, copying the template. At the bottom, a human telomere is roughly 3,000 copies of the DNA sequence “TTAGGG” – laid down and maintained by telomerase. But sadly, production of TERT is repressed in human tissues with the exception of sperm, eggs and some immune cells.
The researchers behind the new study were not just able to obtain the structure of a proportion of the enzyme, but of the entire molecule as it was working. This was a tour de force involving the use of cryo-electron microscopy – a technique using a beam of electrons (rather than light) to take thousands of detailed images of individual molecules from different angles and combine them computationally.

Who Do You Want to Track Today?

GPS ImpantThe worlds First Implantable GPS Tracker

  • Deployed Globally by Government Agencies and Contractors
  • True Real Time Tracking
  • Easily Track and Manage 1 to 100’s of deployments
The Bio-Trac GPS Tracker is so small it can be easily implanted under the skin quickly and easily with our included pain free light implant gun. For short term use the rice sized tracker can be swallowed like a pill and will stay in your system for up to 72 hours. Implant or swallow this tiny tracker and you or the trackee can be located anyplace on the planet. (Accurate to 5 feet even in buildings)
Login to our secure service
(256 bit encryption & biometric hardware required)
  • 24/7/365 Hour monitoring
  • View Maps, Photos and Video on your Computer or Mobile Device
  • View Live satellite video showing exact location and situation over our secure network
  • 2 way Panic Button with vibration mode for under skin alert
  • 1 Bio-Track micro tracker
  • 1 Injector Gun (light) - Heavy Duty Gun requires license
  • Annual service and support contract
Emergency Recovery Service (optional):
  • Military Trained Hostage rescue Team ready to dispatch from 24 global locations
  • Cost per recovery will vary biased on the time and staff required.
Over 40 years of research and development by Germany’s Voss-Mauser has yielded a device no larger than a grain of rice that will allow accurate people tracking, animals tracking, vehicles were tracked during the beta phase on every corner of the planet.

Lightning GPS has acquired the exclusive distribution contract for North America for the the Bio-Trac, the only tracking unit that is implantable on a living subject. For the past 2 years access to the Bio-Trac has been restricted to government agencies and contractors with the highest level security clearance such as Halliburton and Blackwater, but current negotiations are underway to distribute the product to corporate and local law enforcement through our channel partner BrickHouse Security. Please contact them directly if you are not part of the military.

Live Tracking Training and Deployment

Tracking the subject is simply done over a secure website that is logged onto by the users of the Bio-Track Tracking System which has been developed by the Voss-Mauser research and development group. Clients will be trained on how to implant and deploy the Bio-Track, and will be extensively trained on the web-based software and how to design the system to work for them to best suit their individual applications.

Unlimited Power

Now with nano-technology, and the development of bio-electrics, the Voss-Mauser research and development group has created a device that will power itself utilizing the bio-electric energy created by the host of the tracker, whether it is a human or animal. Since all living organisms utilize electricity to communicate information from their nerve cells the Bio-Track safely taps into this unlimited energy source to power its powerful micro-processors and on-board communication cells.
One question that arises time again:
"What are the affects on say for example a person who has been implanted with this device? Will the device then drain all my bio-electric energy?"
The human battery may run down, but nourishment recharges human body. As a result, wearers of the Bio-Track should not worry about their batteries running low, or even running out, the human body is a never-ending power supply for the Bio-Track, as long as the person or animal implanted with the Bio-Track is eating and drinking normally, the Bio-Track will give out its signal for the lifespan of the bearer.
When implanted in a living being the Bio-Track can provide the following data to the servers such as; exact GPS Satellite Location accurate to within 5 feet, even indoors; and basic medical readings such as heart rate, blood pressure and respiratory functions will be automatically sent to the data servers.

Future Research & Development

Bio-Track takes the GPS Tracking technology one step further with advanced visual and audio monitoring features due to be released in the upcoming trial phase Q2 2008. Through integrated Bio-Sensors which intelligently adhere to the nerve endings in key areas of the body, the Bio-Track can see and hear what the subject is sensing. Although this is still in alpha testing, Voss-Mauser assures 94% success rate in all their test subjects. Lightning GPS has been actively pursuing the new Bio-Sensor technology to further enhance the products abilities as demand grows within the government community.
How it works
The patented technology developed my Voss-Mauser research and development group enables the device to pick up electrical impulses from the optic nerve and the inner ear and transfer them into data that is then translated by the servers into audible sound, and video images to be viewed by the individuals conducting the tracking from anywhere in the world.
Battle Tested & Approved To Work In Active War Zones Across the Globe

Implantation Procedures

Once a purchase of the Bio-Track and the Bio-Trac Online Tracking System has been made, clients who do not purchase the implant gun may choose to have the implant performed at a Lightning GPS authorized channel partner closest to their location.
  • The first is a simple implantation of the device in the neck of the subject. This is done with minor discomfort with the injector gun that is provided with the Bio-Track starter kit. This can be done at home or the office, and is similar to the sensation of an air-powered inoculation gun. A small bandage must be worn for approximately one week in order for the entry point to heal over properly with minimal scaring. Once the device enters the body, the system is on-line and ready to track.
  • A second form of deployment in a human or animal subject is more temporary, and is designed for short term covert tracking of a subject. This is simply done by allowing the Bio-Track to be ingested by the subject to be tracked. This can be simply done by placing the device in the food of the subject. This form of tracking will allow for accurate GPS tracking of the subject, but does not guarantee the gather of medical data, or the ability to hear and see what the subject is sensing. As the Bio-Track in human and animal subjects deploys a series of microscopic tendrils for gather energy and data, this allow for the Bio-Track to lock onto the subjects digestive system temporarily. Whereas the neck implantation is essentially permanent, the ingested form of tracking will generally yield accurate data from the subject for anywhere up to three to four weeks before it is ejected painlessly from the subject’s body.
Panic Button
The Bio-Track panic button feature may be triggered in one of two ways.
  • First a special phone number and PIN number is assigned for the device, and once it is entered into their cell phone by the bearer, and emergency satellite signal is beamed out of the Bio-Track alerting search and rescue teams and police authorities around the planet, directing them to an area within five feet of where the person in distress is.
  • The second way the emergency beacon can be triggered is through the use of a keychain worn device. Once the power seal is broken on the keychain, press the button within proximity of the implant. An emergency beacon will be sent from Lightning GPS alerting local authorities as to the whereabouts of the implanted user in a matter of seconds.
  • The two way alert can also be sent from the system to the client activating a vibrate mode in the device that will feel like a slight tickle under the skin. This can be user to alert a subject of danger without arousing suspicion.
What is a Prion Disease? Pathogenic Synthetic Protein
Volume 5 | Issue 1 | 1 of 3Microbiol Infect Dis, 2021
Citation: Classen JB. COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease. Microbiol Infect Dis. 2021; 5(1): 1-3.
COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease
Development of new vaccine technology has been plagued with problems in the past. The current RNA based SARS-CoV-2 vaccines were approved in the US using an emergency order without extensive long term safety testing. In this paper the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine was evaluated for the potential to induce prion-based disease in vaccine recipients. The RNA sequence of the vaccine as well as the spike protein target interaction were analyzed for the potential to convert intracellular RNA binding proteins TAR DNA binding protein (TDP-43) and Fused in Sarcoma (FUS) into their pathologic prion conformations.
The results indicate that the vaccine RNA has specific sequences that may induce TDP-43 and FUS to fold into their pathologic prion confirmations. In the current analysis a total of sixteen UG tandem repeats (ΨGΨG) were identified and additional UG (ΨG) rich sequences were identified. Two GGΨA sequences were found. Potential G Quadruplex sequences are possibly present but a more sophisticated computer program is needed to verify these.
Furthermore, the spike protein, created by the translation of the vaccine RNA, binds angiotensin converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), a zinc containing enzyme. This interaction has the potential to increase intracellular zinc. Zinc ions have been shown to cause the transformation of TDP-43 to its pathologic prion configuration. The folding of TDP-43 and FUS into their pathologic prion confirmations is known to cause ALS, front temporal lobar degeneration, Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological degenerative diseases.
The enclosed finding as well as additional potential risks leads the author to believe that regulatory approval of the RNA based vaccines for SARS-CoV-2 was premature and that the vaccine may cause much more harm than benefit.
Remote Neurological Influence Evidence
1by John J. McMurtrey, M. S.23 Dec. 2003
from DeepBlackLiesWebsite
People discerning remote manipulation by technology capable of such influence have formed protest organizations across the world.[1] [2] [3] [4]Educated society is uninformed regarding authentic documentation of the development and existence of these technologies, and unaware of the dangers. Complaint of 'hearing voices' and perception of other remote manipulation must receive appropriate scientific and legal investigation with protection. Professional awareness is virtually absent with eminent texts and opinion being presumptuous, without appraisal of the evidence. Herein is substantiated:
1.Human wireless internal voice transmission and tracking technologies
2.Reports of electroencephalographic (EEG) thought reading capacity, evidence of covert development, and remote EEG capture technology
3.References to the use of these, or similar technologies against humans
Drug Delivery Implant

This L.A. start-up is building tiny injectable robots to attack tumors

By Sam DeanStaff Writer 
Most drug delivery today is based on diffusion through the bloodstream, which requires high doses to make sure that enough of the active ingredients makes it to the target — and often means that the rest of the body gets hit at the same time. “It’s very statistical in nature and not precise,” Shpigelmacher said. “We wanted to just figure out a way to get there,” to the problem area, “instead of flooding a body with therapeutics.”
Shpigelmacher and Maizels worked together in the mid-2000s at PrimeSense, a 3-D sensing start-up that built the Xbox Kinect before being acquired by Apple in 2013, and stayed in touch as their mutual interest in the emerging field of medical microrobots grew. They zeroed in on research coming out of the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Stuttgart, Germany, and approached the lab’s leader, a scientist named Peer Fischer, about collaborating on something they could bring to market.
Here’s how it works: A doctor inserts a handful of Bionaut devices into the spinal column through a catheter. Each device is large enough to be clearly visible on a live X-ray; the manufacturing technology exists to make the devices even smaller, but Bionaut chose to keep them close to the millimeter scale in order to make them less difficult to track and maneuver through the body.
A set of magnets positioned around the head and neck generates an external magnetic field that the doctor can control to prod the devices up the spinal column and into the affected area of the brainstem. Once they’re in the right position, another magnetic signal activates a tiny plunger in each device’s cargo bay, ejecting the drug. Then, the doctor can drive the devices back to where they entered the spine and remove them.
Goals:  No Poverty [i.e., Get rid of the poor people = Covid Vaccines]
Future We Want - Outcome document
  • A/RES/66/288 - The Future We Want
    The General Assembly, Recalling its resolution 64/236 of 24 December 2009, in which it decided to organize the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development at the highest possible level in 2012, as well as its resolution 66/197 of 22 December 2011, 
1. Expresses its profound gratitude to the Government and the people of Brazil for hosting the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro from 20 to 22 June 2012, and for providing all the necessary support;
2. Endorses the outcome document of the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, entitled "The future we want", annexed to the present resolution.
The future we want I. Our common vision
1. We, the Heads of State and Government and high-level representatives, having met at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from 20 to 22 June 2012, with the full participation of civil society, renew our commitment to sustainable development and to ensuring the promotion of an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable future for our planet and for present and future generations.
2. Eradicating poverty is the greatest global challenge facing the world today and an indispensable requirement for sustainable development. In this regard we are committed to freeing humanity from poverty and hunger as a matter of urgency.
Human Brain/Cloud Interface

Nano Implant Grows Onto Neurons Connects Brain To Internet

Feb 26, 2021
“We’ll have nanobots that… connect our neocortex to a synthetic neocortex in the cloud… Our thinking will be a…. biological and non-biological hybrid.” — Ray Kurzweil, TED 2014
( The Internet comprises a decentralized global system that serves humanity’s collective effort to generate, process, and store data, most of which is handled by the rapidly expanding cloud. A stable, secure, real-time system may allow for interfacing the cloud with the human brain.
One promising strategy for enabling such a system, denoted here as a “human brain/cloud interface” (“B/CI”), would be based on technologies referred to here as “neuralnanorobotics.” Future neuralnanorobotics technologies are anticipated to facilitate accurate diagnoses and eventual cures for the ∼400 conditions that affect the human brain. Neuralnanorobotics may also enable a B/CI with controlled connectivity between neural activity and external data storage and processing, via the direct monitoring of the brain’s ∼86 × 109 neurons and ∼2 × 1014 synapses.
Subsequent to navigating the human vasculature, three species of neuralnanorobots (endoneurobots, gliabots, and synaptobots) could traverse the blood–brain barrier (BBB), enter the brain parenchyma, ingress into individual human brain cells, and autoposition themselves at the axon initial segments of neurons (endoneurobots), within glial cells (gliabots), and in intimate proximity to synapses (synaptobots). They would then wirelessly transmit up to ∼6 × 1016 bits per second of synaptically processed and encoded human–brain electrical information via auxiliary nanorobotic fiber optics (30 cm3) with the capacity to handle up to 1018 bits/sec and provide rapid data transfer to a cloud based supercomputer for real-time brain-state monitoring and data extraction.
A neuralnanorobotically enabled human B/CI might serve as a personalized conduit, allowing persons to obtain direct, instantaneous access to virtually any facet of cumulative human knowledge. Other anticipated applications include myriad opportunities to improve education, intelligence, entertainment, traveling, and other interactive experiences.
A specialized application might be the capacity to engage in fully immersive experiential/sensory experiences, including what is referred to here as “transparent shadowing” (TS). Through TS, individuals might experience episodic segments of the lives of other willing participants (locally or remote) to, hopefully, encourage and inspire improved understanding and tolerance among all members of the human family.
It's Always Been A Corrupt Organization


Our Right to Our Brain Has Been Taken

THE BATTLE FOR YOUR BRAIN: Psychological Warfare Kindle Edition

by Viorel Serb (Author)
This book describes the most commonly used mind control silent weapons, and psychological tactics.
This book will offer advice and solutions to help Targeted Individuals overcome everyday torture, and gather evidence.
There are hundreds of thousands of victims worldwide.
Let's unite and fight to stop the killing of innocent and creative people.
VIDEO: What is Wifi doing to us?

Want To Know What Artificially Induced EMF, WIFI, Microwaves ETC., Are Doing To Ya? The Studies

What is Mental Malware?

AI: Hacking without Humans How Can Human Brains Be Hacked?

Surveillance Surveillance Surveillance...

Counter Surveillance Equipment

With twenty five years experience in the supply of Government level electronic countermeasures equipment, IPS understands the needs of technical surveillance security operatives and TSCM professionals.
WEBSITE:  Shad Budge Productions
Shad Budge Productions
Cincinnati Operative Tells His Story


YT VIDEO:  Very Obnoxious Sounds


Mind Hacker Intruder Spybot Exterminator

"Just Feeling Bad"?

Wireless Warfare Exposed - Declassified Military Doc Proves Smart Phones Are Killing Mankind

Aug 7, 2017
MKultra Exposed in 800 pages of docs

MKUltra Secrets; CIA Mind Control Experiments Exposed

Dec 28, 2018
From: December 27, 2018 - Newly declassified documents released under FOIA and published online relating to CIA mind control experiments shed new light on the disturbing and still mysterious history of the infamous “MKUltra” project. RT America’s Rachel Blevins reports.
What is Bioacoustic Transfer?

Smart Phones Will Send Data THROUGH YOUR BONES Next

What is Scalar Plasma Technology?
Corpus ID: 49241658

Scalar Plasma Technology and Water as an Effective Stress Management Protocol for Healing the Cellular Regenerative System

In the 1960’s and 1970’s scalar plasma technology was built and tested in France by Antoine Priore, who created extraordinary electromagnetic healing devices of astonishing efficacy. In the 1970’s, Dr. Vlail Kaznacheyev, director of the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine in Novosibirsk performed some extraordinary experiments. These experiments are vital to understanding disease and healing on a more quantum mechanics basis than is presently utilized by western medical science. In recent years, energy medicine has gained important traction in cancer management and autism spectrum disorder (ASD) by affecting the cellular regenerative system. Scalar plasma technology and frequency-imprinted water was found to have a positive effect on the autonomic nervous system that is responsible for stress management in the human body. Clinical studies have confirmed that stress and disease are intimately related with each other. The data in this case study suggests that scalar plasma therapy combined with frequency-imprinted water can be a promising alternative therapy in stress and cancer management.
What is a BioAPI?
1) What is a BioAPI?
In order to program your typical laptop computer you need an API. Application Programming Interface. This is simply how to talk to the computer so a programmer can tell it to do things, like read a DVD, recognize mouse movement, etc. A BioAPI is exactly the same thing, except instead of computer hardware a BioAPI interfaces with your body parts, specifically your neurons and synapses which control your body and mind. Also known as wetware, essentially the BioAPI in you consists of nano-implants. These implants are required because it's simply not possible to influence, communicate or control any part of your body or mind with classical methods as a electromagnetic quantum signal has nothing to talk to, hence the requirement of a middleware (the nano-implants or wetware).

To summarize - chemtrails spray the entire planet with nano-fibers which you breathe in. These fibers contain (nano & micro) components which construct and install nano-implants which the aggregate of constitutes what is commonly known as a Biological Application Programming Interface allowing for the complete monitoring, control and extension of all body and mind functions in a given host (you, and everyone on the entire planet).

You are the base model surrogate.
Conducting Lesgislative Outreach Class
Free Legislative Outreach Training
February 24, 6 pm (Mnt time)
This training is provided by the Colorado ACLU group. This is a great opportunity for TIs to learn the basics of conducting legislative outreach or pick up some new tips if you are already familiar with the process. Although the ACLU is not addressing the TI issue directly, it is indirectly concerned with some related issues (police accountability, prison reform, and social justice reform).
Note: although the information from the Colorado ACLU does not specify that you must be in Colorado to attend this training, it may be a good idea to check to see if your ACLU group in your state has any upcoming legislative training meetings in addition to this event. Although the legislative process is pretty similar across states (with regards to how bills are passed), there may be some state-specific strategies discussed in the training (e.g. ballot initiatives potentially – the specifications vary by state and even often by city).
New Group:  "Friends of William Binney and Karen Melton Stewart"
All TI's welcome to join and post content to inform, educate and expose the Silent American Holocaust and its global reach. 
Petition to Investigate Microwave Assaults
Joint Congressional Hearings & DOJ Investigation of Microwave Assaults on U.S. Citizens
1. We are asking our Senators and Congressmen to hold Joint Hearings on the use of intrusive and destructive pulsed, microwave radiofrequencies, as there are thousands and thousands of us being surreptitiously accosted. We need to shed abundant sunshine on this heinous crime, that is being obfuscated and ignored; discrediting people who are reporting it, much like the initial reaction to the United States diplomats’ and the eight undercover CIA officers’ reports were, when stationed at their posts in Havana, Cuba.
2. We are asking that the 50 State Attorney Generals create and establish a dedicated phone line for reporting of this crime. There are that many of us!
3. We are asking that the 94 Federal Judicial District Prosecutors order investigations and schedule Grand Jury Hearings, to bring the criminals who are perpetrating this crime, to justice and bring relief to the normal, law abiding citizens, who have been enduring these heinous, extrajudicial, surreptitiously meeted out assaults.
Podcast:  Elana Freeland
The Awakening Mind Podcast-Interview With Elana Freeland, Author of 'Under an Ionised Sky'
This is how it really is. More coming in the book in March 2021, Geoengineered Transhumanism: How the Environment Has Been Weaponized by Chemicals, Electromagnetism, & Nanotechnology for Synthetic Biology
Given how I foresaw it all in my Sub Rosa America: A Deep State History series, I must remind you: the purging of the Deep State isn't over yet. Two important factors you may be lacking, due to dishonest corporate media:
Truly extraordinary. For those who are just awakening from a long sleep, this will be unbelievable, but not for those who've been doing their "conspiracy" research for years. I am still pinching myself to make sure I am really here for this!
Clif High analyzes what is going on at 30:00. Clif lives in my town and is world famous for his data analysis algorithm. No, I have never met him. 
Keeping the faith in the heat of battle in the new warfare and new form of civil war, I remain, Elana Freeland, MA
The World Doctors Alliance
An Introduction - October 2020
An independent non-profit alliance of doctors, nurses, healthcare professionals and staff around the world who have united in the wake of the Covid-19 response chapter to share experiences with a view to ending all lockdowns and related damaging measures and to re-establish universal health determinance of psychological and physical wellbeing for all humanity.
100,000 doctors medical professionals oppose COVID-19 vaccine -,000-doctors-medical-professionals-oppose-COVID-19-vaccine-leaflet:a


Targeted Individual Film & Doco-FFTI
About the Film:  Medical scientists and the media now recognize that the recent high-tech assaults on U.S. and Canadian government personnel, which happened in Cuba, China, and elsewhere, were most likely caused by directed, pulsed radiofrequency / microwave energy.
What is not being talked about is the fact that many thousands of people around the world are alleging that they are being similarly assaulted with directed-energy devices or targeted with organized stalking, which often accompanies harassment by directed energy.
This 21st Century crime is guaranteed to continue growing until we finally start taking it seriously. "World Targeted Individual Day 3" gives a voice to a small portion of the global community of reporting victims — the ordinary citizens, the “targeted individuals” — who submitted content in commemoration of the Third Annual International TI Day on August 29, 2020.
We are a non profit EU-COALITION AGAINST CYBERTORTURE and Task Force established to create awareness and more of Cybernetic Technology and electronic abuse, such as the illegal data collection and manipulation of humans via brain – machine – interfaces. Coined “Cybertorture” by the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture.
News from The Legal Coop

BREAKTHROUGH: The Christmas Griefer, Now Criminally Charged by the State of California

VIDEO:  TheLegalCoop Pre Launch
ACTION:  Support July 31st World Day Against Electronic Torture aka CyberTorture aka Psycho Porn
BREAKTHROUGH - Misused Technology, Psychology, and Harassment meld into No Touch Torture aka Cyber Torture. Featuring a Groundbreaking Report by Nils Melzer, United Nations Expert on Torture
Action: Support Ongoing Investigation on Torture, Harassment, and Ill Treatment Networks
Action: UN Requesting Input on Causes and Potential Solutions to Harassment & Ill Treatment
Brain Heterodyning
Dr. Robert Duncan Brain Hacking, Synthetic Telepathy, and Mind Control of Targeted Individuals
International Coalition Against Electronic Torture and Robotization of Living Beings (ICATOR)
It is a coalition of international TI groups who have come together to address the issues of the TI community by joining the United Nations as a non-governmental organization.  
Petition to end Multi-Person Stalking
Acknowledgement of victims of UN cybertorture and multi person stalking
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
Leak to us
The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists ​encourages​ ​whistleblowers​ ​to securely​ ​submit​ ​all​ ​forms​ ​of​ ​content​ ​that​ ​might​ ​be​ ​of​ ​public​ ​concern​ ​-​ ​documents,​ ​photos, video​ ​clips​ ​as​ ​well​ ​as​ ​story​ ​tips. We​ ​accept​ ​all​ ​information​ ​that​ ​relates​ ​to​ ​potential​ ​wrongdoing​ ​by​ ​corporate,​ ​government​ ​or public​ ​service​ ​entities​ ​in​ ​any​ ​country,​ ​anywhere​ ​in​ ​the​ ​world.​ ​We​ ​do​ ​our​ ​utmost​ ​to​ ​guarantee the​ ​confidentiality​ ​of​ ​our​ ​sources.

OSINFORMERS Organized Gang Stalking - Technological Harassment
VIDEO:  Karen Stewart Interview

KAREN STEWART : NSA WHISTLEBLOWER SPEAKS  Karen Stewart Exposes Biggest False Flag Operation In History

Veritas Radio - Karen Stewart
Treasonous policies have been put in place by the DOJ, FBI, law enforcement, Fusion Centers to legally permit covert use of radiation weapons and neuroweapons in Vendetta, Surveillance, non-consensual experimentation, electronic warfare field weapons testing on citizens. Are we in the middle of a cold civil war? Do we still have a Fourth Amendment and is the United States being run by an unconstitutional secret government?
Directed Energy Hits Escanaba Power

Beam of light from escanaba power explosion

Feb 3, 2015
Katherine Horton

VIDEO: The Plan for 2019 (Stop 007) 

Court Hearing Report! (Stop007)

Going Viral - Global Crime Fighters 9

Bill Binney and Kirk Wiebe on the Targeted Individual Survey - Special Investigators

Binney on Election Fraud, DEWs, Implants
Bill Binney on Katherine Horton's channel. At time stamp 44:34
Binney says regulations for classification of the U.S. government including NSA is under executive order 13526 section 1.7...he goes on to say that section 1.7 of that order makes it perfectly clear you cannot classify any evidence of crime, corruption, fraud, and says a few other things. I believe this executive order even says embarrassment of an agency cannot be classified. Oh my, how many laws have been broken making evidence classified. 
Click on this executive order 13526 then scroll down to section 1.7 to read further. Also, below this link is the link to Bill Binney on Horton's channel. It is a recent video. If the link does not work, go to Horton's channel and click on the recent video December 3 with Binney.  The President Executive Order 13526
TI News and Information
Get your shielding Cap $99.00
4 layers of EMF Shielding Fabric
and a 3-way sound/light barrier,

2 magnets, 2 grounding straps
Now comes with a heart/chest protective mat!
One side fabric covered rubber, One side is non-toxic butyl rubber covered with aluminum (FatMat)
Questions:  Call 386-402-7158 
BOOKLET:  "How Are You Being Targeted?" (on hand 200)
Comes with free copy of WBAN press release

Booklet is $8.00 + $2.00 shipping.
Overseas shipping is separate calculation by USPS. You will also receive a copy of the Press Release on the Body Area Network. You can support CitizenAHT's programs by ordering by email using Paypal or debit/credit card at If you cannot afford a donation, you may ask to receive one at no cost (US only).
ACTIVIST:  Dr. Millicent Black
Rev. & Dr. Millicent Black, Doctor of Ministry, MMFT
Wednesday, Thursday, Friday mornings, 4am PST, 7am EST, 6am CST
TalkShoe, Conference Call:
(605) 562-0444, ACCESS Code: 140567# PIN 1#
(717) 734-6904, Back up # in case (605) is not working.
(867) 292-3066, ACCESS Code: 140567# CANADA
Dr./Rev.Millicent Black’s email:
Rev. & Dr. Millicent Black, Doctor of Ministry, MMFT
Saturdays 3pm PST, 6pm EST, 5pm CST
ZOOM: We have moved our service to Zoom permanently.
Online Meeting ID: 586 009 5779    Passcode: A14rUU
Phone Meeting ID:  586 009 5779    Passcode: 470988
Dr./Rev. Millicent Black’s email:
Rev. & Dr. Millicent Black, Doctor of Ministry, MMFT
Wednesday evenings, 4pm PST, 7pm EST, 6pm CST
Meeting ID: 586 009 5779    Passcode: A14rUU
Phone Meeting ID:  586 009 5779    Passcode: 470988
Dr./Rev. Millicent Black’s email:
Thursday evenings, 8pm EST, 5pm PST, 6pm CST
Meeting ID: 586 009 5779    Passcode: A14rUU
Phone Meeting ID:  586 009 5779    Passcode: 470988
Dr./Rev. Millicent Black’s email:
EPH: 6:12  For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers,  against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.   
New Call:  Targeted and Trafficked
Saturdays 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Phone:  425-436-6200
Access Code:  128788
How to Fight Back

Established in December 2018 in the State of Arizona.  Targeted Justice is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.Our Goal.

To stop the global use of Directed Energy Weapons against civilians, illegal surveillance, and organized stalking.
Greetings to the Illegally Targeted Community!
We focus on education/raising public awareness about the RICO crimes of organized stalking, directed energy torture and other violations of physical/mental sovereignty and actions you can take to help win this war.
Hope Franklin, Research and Communications Director
Jack Christiana, Legal Director
Karen Stewart, Adviser
Targeting Awareness of Central Oregon
TICO (Targeted Individuals of Central Oregon)
Tobin Blake
Ella Free Channel
"Please join us every Tuesday & Thursday on Free Conference Call
 515-606-5187, ID 400014#
Online Meeting ID: Tiangel2016
Freedom Fighters for America
Freedom Fighters For America Newsletter
optional link
VIDEO on 2019 Rally: 
Second Annual Targeted Individual Day, a Global Event (Full-Length Documentary)
Stop Gangstalking Crimes Newsletter
Sign up for Stop Gangstalking Newsletter
If you would like to be added to list, please email
For more information, please contact Armin Aryan
​Phone:  602-563-4750

​For more information, please contact Constance Rose.
Sunday, February 23, 2020 at 3:00 PM
Denny's Restaurant
23515 El Toro Road
Lake Forest, CA
The Organizer is Tricia!
(Note:  Denny's restaurant discount coupons are available online)
When: First Saturday of the month.
Saturdays, 11:00 am till 1:00 pm in the group study room
Lakewood Public Library
15425 Detroit AVE
Lakewood, Ohio 44107
Phone:  (216)527-8346
Details, Contact The Organizer:  Jim
When: Every Thursday at 6:00pm EST
Call-in number: 1-515-739-6265 (FreeConferenceCall)
Access code: 272676#
For questions or topic suggestions, contact Vickie at (346) 410-7047.
When: Wednesdays at 6:30pm Central Time
Call-in number:
1-724-444-7444 (Talkshoe)

Access code: 136067#
Location:  TICO's Launch Meeting:  Wednesday, April 17, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pmHollywood
Downtown Bend Library, Hutchinson Room
601 NW Wall Street, Bend, Oregon 97703
The West Coast Society For All Victims Of Organized Stalking And Electronic Harassment, PO Box 534, Heriot Bay, British Columbia V0P 1H0, Canada
Support Society
Mary Lamont, Registered Mental Health Crisis Counsellor
Book: No Ordinary Stalking: a look at organized stalking and electronic harassment by June Ti
Targeted NJ Activism Network
There is a NY/NJ group on Check for the following site at
We will meet in front of the library and go somewhere from there.
Saturday March 13, 2021, 3:30 - 5:30 PM
Hollywood Branch Public Library
4040 NE Tillamook, Portland, Oregon
Amy Dale, 971-207-3401
Location: Montlake Library Meeting Room, 2401 24th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112
When: Sundays from 1:00pm - 3:00 pm
For more information, please contact Curtis at 1-817-901-8720.

Connect with this group by joining the Targeted Individuals Sacramento Meetup.
For information, please contact Justin at

Connect with this group by contacting Julie at
Conference Calls for TI's
If you would like to be added to list, please email
NOTE:  These are for your reference only. We do not advocate for any theories, stories, persons, entities or organizations. If involved in seances, spiritism or criminal activities, they will be removed from this list.
Sunday at 8:30 P.M. E. Coast, 7:30 Central, 6:30 Mountain, 5:30 W. Coast

The new call in # is (605) 475-4779, Access Code: 607080#
Moderator: Neal, Call ID:  Electricrose222
Moderator:  James
Call:  425-436-6376, 540614#
Time:  7:00 Mountain
New Call for New TI's
Moderator:  Patricia
Monday Nights 8:pm EST
Friday Nights 7pm EST
(605) 562-0400
ID# 7660364 (site not ready for publishing yet)
Moderator:  Julia
Engage in Prayer
Time:  9 pm Eastern/ 8 pm Central/
7 pm Mountain/ 6 pm Pacific
Call-in number: (515) 739-1405

Call ID: 141476
Access Code: 381878
Moderator:  ______________

Time: 10:00 p.m. Colorado time
Call in number:  05 313 514 7 pin 198 158
Moderator Denise
Time 7:30 PM Every Monday night
Call In 1-867-292-3030 Access # 522 5726
Moderator Frank
Targeted Massachusetts North East Conference
9:00 PM Eastern
Call-in Number; (515) 604-9715
Access Code: 708922
Join By Computer;

Awakening Prayer is a great prayer call not just for TIs
Mondays & Fridays 8pm Est / 5pm pst
Additional Bible Studies at the same number!
(605) 562-0400 #7660364#
(Intnl numbers available)
Moderator:  Kate Ryan
New England Support Group
Time: 7:00 p.m. EST
Call-In Number:(605) 562-0444
Access Code:  133472#, Pin:  #1
Moderator: Ella
Freedom For Targeted Individuals
Time: 9 pm Eastern/ 8 pm Central/
7 pm Mountain/ 6 pm Pacific
 Call-in number: 515-606-5187
Access Code:  400014#
Moderator:  Janey
Time:  Tuesday night at 8:30 PM EST
Dial-in number (US): (605) 313-5569
Access code: 516586#
International dial-in numbers:
Online meeting ID: janeyw
Breath of Life Bible Study
Tuesdays and Thursdays
9 p.m. EDT
Access Code 5724269
Hosted by: Ordained Minister Barbara Hyseni
Pastor Chief Daymond Jones
Time:  9:00 PM Eastern
Call-in number: 605-313-5111
Access code: 712679#
Moderator:   Chief Daymond Jones
Moderator:  Frank
Targeted Massachusetts - STARS, International
Time: 9:00 pm Eastern
Call-in Number: 515-604-9715
Access Code: 708922
FFTI & Targeted Justice Open Support Call
Time:  Begins at 9pm EST / 6pm PST every Thursday
Call In #:  1- 515-606-5187
Call ID:   400014#
Breath of Life Bible Study
Hosted by: Ordained Minister Barbara Hyseni

Tuesdays and Thursdays
9 p.m. EDT
Access Code 5724269

Moderator:  Mike
Friday Nights 7pm EST
(605) 562-0400
ID# 7660364 (site not ready for publishing yet)
Moderator:  Frank or Midge
9:00 pm Eastern
Call-in Number: (602) 580-9502
Access Code: 5314877#
Online Meeting ID:  saturdaynightcall4
Join By Computer:
Church Conference Call
Moderator: Dr. Millicent Black
Time: 6 pm Eastern/ 5 pm Central/
4 pm Mountain/ 3 pm Pacific
Call-in number: 605-562-0444
Call ID: 140567
Pin number: 1#
Moderator: Amy

Time 12:30 PM Pacific
Call-in number: 515-739-6045
Access code number 874647
On Free Conference Call.
Amy 971-207-3401
Moderator:  Lorraine
October 10, 2020
9 PM eastern
Dial-in using your phone:
United States: +1 717-275-8940
United States: +1 712-832-8330
Access code: 240 0170
Moderator:  FFTI
Tonight: 10/10: Mr. Frank Allen Time:  9:00 pm EST/ 6 pm PST
The first call will be 10/10/2020
Dial-in 602-580-9502
ID 5314877#
Saturdays 7:00-9:00 p.m.
Phone:  425-436-6200
Access Code:  128788
Moderator:  Mark V.
Saturday 8:00 EST
Dial In:  605-313-5111
Access Code:  717764#
Moderators: Rev. Dr. Ralph and Catherine Sept
Sunday Service with Rev. Dr. Ralph and Catherine Sept
Time: 4 PM Eastern/ 3 PM Central/ 2 PM Mountain/ 1 PM Pacific
Call-in number: (605) 313-5111
Access code: 403529#
Rev. Edward Pinkney
5:00 PM Eastern
4:00 PM Central
3:00 PM Mountain
2:00 pm Pacific
Call-in Number: 323-642-1559 (listen live)
Citizens Against Harmful Technology

DONATIONS:  Please make donations on our Website.

We have no P.O. Box right now.

Make checks payable to CAHT, ask for a physical address by writing an email to

Membership is $30.00, comes with 60 page free booklet “How Are you BeingTargeted?”, directed energy brochure, psychiatric living will, Press Release on BAN, membership card.
Booklet: $10 includes $2 shipping. We have a supply of the newly edited 60 page booklet. Order one and receive a free copy of the Press Release on the Body Area Network.

It will be provided free to any who ask, however, if you wish to contribute for its printing, paper, ink, etc. please go to the store on our website to donate. thank you 
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