Online 2021-2022 Shamanism in the MedicineWay Apprenticeship Program
Online Event
Shamanism in the MedicineWay
Apprenticeship Program 2021-2022
with Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman
Introducing  a special  Online One year intensive Shamanism in the MedicineWay apprenticeship program. Created as a outreach program for those in other states, countries as well as those dealing with the temporary world crisis which effects people from traveling in and out of states.
Inspired by many peoples special request to provide this service and for those who are dedicated to immerse into an intensive shamanic training. Allow yourself to continue your walk on the path as a healer. Everyone welcome, Reiki, Energy and Crystal healers as I honor you with an open  heart to explore the old medicineway. The teachings are from many lineages such as the Maya, Andean, Toltec and Native American healing.  
This program intended for beginners as well as advanced students, to begin to explore different types of shamanic healing modalities and diagnostics. There will be special training exercises to help with self-empowerment and self protection.
Learning to use shamanic tools to help guide as you work with clients, discover the use of feathers, plants, crystals, stones, sound, instruments such as your drum and rattles can help clear and restore energy throughout the body, mind and spirit within.
Is it time to awaken your natural gifts and work with skills that can be learned and practiced. You will learn how to do Limipa "cleansings" and practice intuitive reading used for diagnostics, being in dreamtime, practice soul retrieval & much more.
This 1 year apprenticeship program will meet usually on every second Friday of the month beginning on Sept. 10th from 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm. There will be one Friday that we will meet 1st week of the month. (See below are the dates listed for the one-year program.)
Our monthly online meetup will be a (2.5 hour class), there must be commitment to take the year course and complete all healing assignments given throughout the year. 
I have enclosed the cost, rates, payment-plans, dates and testimonials from my live MedicineWay apprenticeship which is going on it's 10th year. Feel free to review them so you can get a sense of the work being taught & practice from another perspective.
Shamanism in the Medicineway Apprenticeship Program Cost $1888
(Half payment due upon registering $944.00)
Registration fee deposit due by Aug. 31st, 2021
You can also contact me an we can make arrangements for a personal plan.
After the registration fee is paid the balance may be paid as a 3 month plan  ($944.00) split within 3 payments $314.67 due the months of Jan., April and ending with June or the other half of the payment of $944.00 by Jan 2022.
Important: If you miss a class a make-up classes is an additional cost of $185 for a one & half hour session. (*Note only 3 makeup classes allowed).
(All Class assignments are due by July 31st, 2022 and must be completed to finish the program and in order to get initiated, all assignments must be done correctly and written up and submitted via email)
*If this program is calling you, feel free to reach out and write to me, you can email me at
Your welcome to speak to me about payments or private payments and we can come to some sort of agreement.
2021 Sept. 10th, Oct. 15th, Nov. 12th, Dec. 3rd
2022 Jan. 14th, Feb. 11th Mar 11th, Apr 8th, May 13th, June 10th, July 8th, Aug. 12th & Sept. 18th (Initiation Date)
I  thank all the students for being able to express how they feel and the love that is shared between us including those who still are working on completing the program for this year.
"Irma is an amazing teacher and friend, most loving person with a big heart! She will make you feel so special, comfortable and supported at the class. Absolutely must take this course if you are interested in exploring inner worlds and honor Toltec, Maya & Indigenous traditions, being in service of the healing for all." ~D.D.~
“My ancestors guided me to work with Irma StarSpirit. My“gifts” have increased immensely since I began my very first class with her. The lessons have been incredible; fun and filled with so much knowledge. I have gained so much and am, eternally, grateful to Irma for sharing her wisdom with us.” ~ M.H.~
“If you already took a class with my teacher Irma StarSpirit you know that it's packed with surprises and new discoveries. If you are thinking of taking apprenticeship program, multiply that by 100. Be ready to get liquefied, crystallize, be taking apart piece by piece and get back as a new improved version of yourself. If asked to name one thing I learned in this program it will be to trust myself. Besides learning to heal other people you will learn to heal yourself. She will teach you to forgive, to let go, to respect other ways of healing. You will find out that nobody can heal like you, everyone of us have our own special medicine and the world needs it. A great bonus is to have a group of fellow students, that are going through the same experience. Apprenticeship environment is about cooperation, not competition. When we compare our results we are looking at the same thing from different angle and learning to appreciate all spectrum of experiences. Every class is like an adventure, intense but captivating. Never doubt your ability. There is only one way to fail these classes by not taking them and not finding your gifts!” ~ A. K. ~
  "Irma is like a giant tree, deeply rooted with many nurturing branches- she illuminates and edifies with her knowledge and being, and reminds me to courageously re-awaken to the way, and to walk the path with gentle strength and an open heart. In each class a veil of mystery is lifted for me, and if I were to master just one lesson, I could happily facilitate in healing and transforming many lives. The scope of material that she teaches electrifies me and her hands on methods allows for exploration of one’s gifts, as we are all unique. There’s a wonderful sense of comradery amongst myself and fellow classmates as we’re all journeying together into the unknown. Irma teaches traditional and varied methods that I truly believe are beneficial to all healers, regardless of beliefs. Her abundant radiant spirit, breadth of knowledge and open heart is rare to encounter, and I know that I am showered upon by the Light of Creation to have her as my teacher, guide and friend. “ ~ UDM ~
About  Irma "StarSpirit Turtle Woman"
Following the tradition of her lineage of Mayan Curanderas and Medicine Elders, Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman is a MedicineWay (Shamanic)  & Crystal Teacher and Karuna Reiki Master, Toltec Dreamworker & Ordained Minister.
Irma StarSpirit Woman, is an energy healer in the Mayan/Toltec tradition, using music, sound, crystals and working with plant medicine,  and assisting as a dream guide.
Having accepted gifts from early on, StarSpirit Turtle Woman had lucid dreams, animal totems and intuitive gifts blossoming by the age of 3.
Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman worked closely with plants and nature healing small animals and birds as her gifts developed during adolescence. Although her connection to nature, plant medicine, dreams and visions deepened there was a sense of compassion for families and children in abusive situations that began to lead her towards re-connecting people and mending their spirit with their heart path and aiding them by bringing them into balance and wholeness.
Her exploration of shamanic medicine and healing took her to collect wisdom from her teachers and mentors from Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, and deeper into North American with Dine, Cherokee. Hopi, Lakota Elders & around the world.
Irma is the Co-Founder of Shamanic Fire Reiki, LLC 
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Shamanic Fire Reiki  •  P.O. Box 720384 •  •  East Elmhurst, New York 11370

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