The Cave Of Balam Jaguars;
Diving Inside The Cenote
with Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman
June 19th from 2:30 am - 6:30 pm
An Intensive Personal Healing Journey With Our Sacred Shadows
You are invited to enter the inner caves of Balam Jaguar Medicine;  as the Jaguar is highly respected and venerated by the Maya people. The Maya believed that the jaguar had the ability to cross between worlds - between the living world (which was associated with the day) and the spirit world (which was associated with the night).  Enter the shifts and realms of personal healing with the Balam Jaguars as guides to awakening and restore your vital life source within.
  • Soul Retrieval: Move yourself into a shift as we work with the inner caves and cenote waters entering a time of self reflection and losing the ego as we move without fear in the darkness to let go of old patterns and be able to enter shift perceptions of the ole self to begin with new energy of liberation.
  • Shape-shifting: Come and explore shape-shifting, cut cords that are holding you back, work with the elemental cardinal colors and the cenote waters (sinkholes) wells deep within the earth to clear and open the path of luminous energy fields within.
  • Awaken the Jaguar Within: as the guardian of many indigenous traditions, open the gates to bring in change and clearing as we work with recapitulation using techniques of self reflection of the heart of the Jaguar to recover your personal energy as we continue the path of your personal lineage traditions. Opening the portal allowing the energy to sustains us with clarity and illumination within our sacred path. Summon the voice of the Jaguar with chants to open the portal of the Heart of the Jaguar within.
A list of things to bring a journal, eye coverings, colored pencils, a bowl of water or obsidian mirror, one of the following, which ever available (obsidian knife or blade or an arrowhead).  
Cost: $125
To Register: email
or register and pay via Eventbrite:
A Jaguar Note from Irma
I have been working with a Jaguar Medicine for many years now.  This inspirational work has lead me to a Series such as Sun Eyed Snake Jaguar, One Balam Jaguar Medicine; Entering the Feminine and Masculine, Maya Journey Into the Soul of the Jaguar, Entering the Creation of the Jaguar Feminine, Song of the Young Jaguar and now presenting the new work The Caves of Balam Jaguars. Jaguar medicine has always had a special place in my heart.
In gratitude to the Balam Jaguar guides and the people also who have inspired me along the way. Thank you Anita Garr. my mentor who is a Mayan Day Keeper who followed her dream, thank you for all your help and guidance, encouragement and love. Thank you to Sergio Magnana for deep work with the obsidian mirrors, dreamtime and diving deeply into the caves.
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