April 7, 2021 News Update 
Spring cheers!
Hello friends and global community.
Shake the old stagnate energies, stretch out from under the covers let go of your limitations, and bloom again. Time for action and growth.
Join me on this adventure of self-discovery and of making all of our lives better.
* * *
If you need support at this time of the pandemicjoin my free Global Shamanic Support Group - Started in March 2020, we are now at our 114 sessions.
The NY Shamanic Circle (A group I co-founded) is offering three events each month -A women's circle, an Open Circle, and a monthly workshop. For links email us.
Please join me. –Itzhak
Introducing my teacher and mentor- Join me this Sunday.

The masculine power of Imbabura Volcano

Taita Don Jose Pineda with his grandson Washington Pineda Santillan

Sun Apr 112021 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM EDT

Learn how to connect to the sacred wisdom of the High Andes immeasurable Huaca – Imbabura mountain – where the Apus-Gods sit above the clouds. Join Don José Joaquin Pinéda, a 5th generation Yachak, a member of the Sacred 24 Yachaks Circle of Imbabura, teacher of John Perkins and Itzhak Beery in live ceremonies, rituals, and sacred healing chants. Receive and feel the authority of this immense spirit that presides over the Valley of the Dawn. Imbabura helps him and many generations of healers to heal their population for thousands of years. We are honored to have Don Jose and his grandson with us for the first time.
 A recording will be available to all ticket holders for 14 days
 5-week course, to allow to diagnose and heal faster and easier.
Across the world, different systems of palm reading have been developed. Shamanic Palm reading is an ancient art form different than many others. By interpreting the lines, skin condition, texture, and colour of the palm and the shape and length of the fingers and nails, you can guide your client on their life journey and healing.
This is one of the most important diagnostic and counselling techniques, used by shaman of the Andes to help their clients navigate emotional difficulties and life's decision-making.
In this 5-week course, Itzhak Beery, who has read palms for thousands around the world in the last 23 years, will share the basic knowledge required for you to find your life purpose and to understand your key characteristics, gifts and challenges.
Content includes:
  • Introduction to palm reading from the Shamanic point-of-view
  • The 4 types of palm (earth, fire, water, and air)
  • The Luminaries: the sun and moon mounds (feminine and masculine)
  • Fingers archetypes (communication, emotion, logic, authority, and overall life vitality)
  • Main, secondary and marking lines and their interpretation
  • Skin coloration as indication for the health condition
  • Left vs right hand (our soul imprints and daily action)
  • Live events and trauma
  • How soul purpose is revealed in your palm
  • Bringing it all together
 Cut unhealthy invisible cords and restore boundaries & harmony.
All of us are emotionally and rationally connected by invisible strings of energy through different parts of our physical and emotional bodies, with people closest to us. These cords could be attached to those still living, the deceased and ancestors, or even to relationships we had in past lives.
When we have a healthy interpersonal relationship of mutual love, respect, and support, it can empower us. However, we must cut the cords that are manipulative and are not supporting us. Those cords are not healthy and limiting our life force.
In this online workshop, Itzhak will explain some time-tested Shamanic techniques to cut those unhealthy cords and restore harmony.
  • Find and learn to locate and communicate with your spirit guide, and power animal
  • Journey to locate the attachment in your physical and energy bodies
  • Learn how to communicate with those who hold the cords
  • Techniques to sever the cords
  • Learn how to fill in new energies
Reclaim your seat and [register here before it’s too late]
Attend Free Online Event: April 29-May 2, 2021. I am proud to be one of the 35 Personal Development Experts on this important Hero Summit.
You Feel Anxious About The Future, Abandoned, Burnt Out, Depressed, Or Generally Numb... Read Every Word Below!
Turn Your Anxiousness, Depression, And Burn Out Into Success, Happiness, And A Life Of Purpose.
Discover how to stare directly into the face of adversity to find your heroic purpose in life, eliminate your anxiety, find a job that inspires you, leave a living legacy, remove negative relationships that no longer support your genius and so much more!
Register Now And Claim Your Free Pass For This Life-Changing Summit!
Time to travel again.
A trip for 16 adventurous, brave women and men.
2 places left. Are you ready to change your life?
Announcing an unusual Shamanic healing trip with the local shamans of the High Andes- Kichwa and Amazon Basin- Siekopai.
Presently we take RSVP + $500 Deposit only. On May 15th, as the Corona Virus condition around the world will be clearer we will make a final decision.  You will get a full refund should we cancel the trip. Preference will be given to vaccinated people to avoid infecting the native communities.
See itinerary. Reserve your place
(See more free weekly Zoom events at The NY Shamanic Circle - which I co-founded or send me an email)
Join the Free Global Shamanic Support Group every Tuesday and Fridays
from 11 am to 12:30pm EST (New York) email me for a link
See more weekly events at The NY Shamanic Circle - (which I co-founded) or on Facebook

Every Tue & Fri - Free Global Shamanic Healing Support Group email If interested. 

April 6 - La Limpia - The High Andes Sacred energy cleansing and rejuvenation ceremony - A 6-week online program with Itzhak Beery
April 15 - May 13 - The Art of Shamanic Palm Reading - Diagnostic of the gifts, challenges, and soul purpose--College of psychic studies, London, UK
April 29-May 2 Reclaim Your Hero Summit - Free online 35 experts
May 3-7 - Shamanic Dreamkeepers Summit with host Linda Fitch & Renee Baribeau  
June 5 -Shamanic Invisible Cord Cutting: sever unhealthy attachments and manipulative relationships -Zoom -College of psychic studies, London, UK
June 14 -30 Ecuador-Shamanic Healing ExpeditionAndes and Amazon
June 20 - Virtual Zoom The 4th Annual Shamanic Andes Summit 
Special requests (Send me an email):
- Shamanic artist (photo, visual), to be featured at SPQR (Shaman Portal Literary Magazine, 
- Shamanic Journeying stories - for a new book I am working on how to decipher them.
- Children Book Publisher/Editor- Looking for leads for my 3 children books on Amazonian stories.
4 articles for Lucid News, Sacred Hoops & Indie Shaman

Are You Drinking Ayahuasca For the Wrong Reason?
Not all Ayahuasca is made equal and for visioning. Let me explain.
 The missing piece in today’s dialogue around the rampant popularity of plant medicines such as ayahuasca and other hallucinatory rituals in the Western world is one simple word: greed. 

SPQR MAGAZINE'S mission is to help preserve ancient shamanic traditions around the world and to reintroduce this ancient wisdom into the so-called “West”.
Shaman Portal Quarterly Review will be an advertisement free collection of articles written by leading Shamans, Healers, and Shamanic practitioners from around the world.
It cover topics such as ceremonies, cosmology, healing techniques, plant medicine, and sacred art.
Christian Thurow edits the magazine, published by Itzhak Beery /Shaman Portal- www.shamanportal.org
Spiritually Inspired host Claudiu Murgan

with Itzhak Beery, the shamanic healer,
and author.
(March 10, 2021 - 1:13:06)
Here is the link to this interview:
NEW PODCAST -  Watch more Interviews, panels and webinars 
Rythmia Life Advancement Center
Costa Rica -
Cosmic Connection:
Relationship with Spirit.
with host Parashakti & Shaman Itzhak Beery
Here is the link to this interview:
The Shamanic Path | A Sounds True Community 
Host by Mitchell Clute.
Itzhak Beery on Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies  (45:40) June 1, 2020
Here is the link to this interview:
You may have to become a Friend of The Shamanic Path on Facebook to watch.
Gift my Amazon Bestselling Books to yourself and loved ones
*(Religion & Spirituality category)
“A beautifully crafted and inspiring work. Beery is a modern-day shaman who reveals to us the landscape of the soul in a profound and deeply transformative way. Read this book!” 

Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D., author of Shaman, Healer, Sage and One Spirit Medicine
At this time I only provide on-line, Zoom, or phone sessions.

1. Personal Shamanic Healing - 90 minutes Healing session
On Thursdays, Fridays, and Sundays. (See availability)

2. Shamanic Counseling - 40 minutes Counseling session
Mondays, and Wednesdays. 3:00; 4:00 and 5:00 pm (EST) (See availability)

3. Free Global Shamanic Healing Support Group - 90 minutes sessions
Tuesdays & Fridays from 11 am -12:30 (New York-EST) - email If interested 
4. The NY Shamanic Circle is holding 3 monthly events (Now on Zoom) they are free/ Donations and open to anyone, no experience necessary and no matter where you live in the world.
(Check your local time)
- The Women's Circle - every 1st Sat. of the month from 11am-1pm EST
- The Open Circle - every 2nd Sat. of the month from 11am-1pm EST
- A monthly workshop - TBA
Join us. Send NYSC an email and we will add you to the event's list. You will be getting a Zoom link.
Book an Online Personal Shamanic Healing Session
"The healing has been so helpful. I haven’t had a migraine all week, which is rare."
"My session today was a true blessing. I feel alive and awakened in a way that is difficult to explain. I’m so grateful to have found you."
"it was one of the most profound experiences and set of insights I have ever had!!!!!!!!! So rich and so surprising!…I am very grateful for and appreciative of your help for me."
Shaman Portal Wisdom Webinars is founded by Itzhak Beery–Shaman Portal's publisher, and Christian Thurow–director.  For any questions and suggestions, please send us an email to shamanportal.wisdomwebinars@gmail.com
We are offering ongoing teaching of respected teachers in thought-provoking and experiential webinars.
We are committed to expanding shamanic knowledge and practices while promoting sustainable wisdom and harmony around the world.
Pachamama evolutionary shift towards the 5 dimensions.
With Taita Don Shairy-Jose Quimbo Pechimba

Tickets are priced at the same low price ($30.00) or are free for all webinars to enable more worldwide participation. ​If you are experiencing financial difficulty, let us know, and make a donation. Join us and spread the word.

More resources: The NY Shamanic Circle & Shaman Portal
For more shamanic teaching and events check out the group I co-founded in 1997 - We hold different Online (Now) FREE circles: General Open Center, Women's Circle, each month, We also have a monthly workshops by visiting shamans from around the world and other community events. www.nyshamaniccircle.org
Shaman Portal, the site I founded in 2007 is perhaps the most visited and informative shamanic website today. It serve ALL Shamanic practitioners from every tradition and for those who are interested in walking on the shamanic Path. www.shamanportal.org
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Itzhak Beery  •  4 GREAT JONES STREET, 5R  •  NEW YORK, NY 10012


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