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Reems Creek Nursery
76 Monticello Rd.       Weaverville, NC        828-645-3937
HOURS: Mon - Sat: 9-6   Closed Sunday
Time to Plant Color - Annuals & Perennials
Make your flower beds and porch pots POP…get planting!

We have a great selection of annuals and perennials to add zing to your garden and your porch. Come visit and get ready for summer.
Flower power will make you smile!
Veggies are Happening!
A fresh shipment of our homegrown veggies arrived yesterday and the weather is just right for planting.
They are sustainably-grown and our selection of warm season veggies is mighty tasty. Plant now and it won’t be long before you are eating your own homegrown yummy veggies!
Sweet Potato Slips Back in Stock!
New batch of Sweet Potato Slips just arrived. Sweet potatoes like nice warm weather and warm soil. Prior to planting, place a piece of black plastic over the planting area to warm the soil if needed.
Choose from White Yams, Porto Rico, Vardaman, Georgia Jets, Centennial, and Beauregard. $16.99 per bunch of 25 slips. While supply lasts.
 Birds Depend on Insects
FROM WILMA:  There is lots of bird activity at both the Farm and Garden Center. Our large “treasure tree” sycamore near the pond at the Garden Center is a landing strip for a variety of bird species. Occasionally a red-tailed hawk lands there and creates quite a stir. For several years, robins have built a nest on the front porch of the office but this year it seems to have been taken over by purple finch.
Barn swallows have returned to nest in the potting shed at the Farm. The parents spend much of their time taking turns diving through the air catching insects to feed their babies. A bird we hear but never see is the yellow-billed cuckoo.  Locals call this elusive bird a "rain crow" as it seems more vocal when a rain storm approaches. It nests in thickets on the ridges and feeds on eastern tent caterpillars.
The majority of baby birds are dependent upon insects as a food source and will starve without them. Native trees like oaks, beech, black gum, maples, pines, and birches are good hosts for insects that feed baby birds and sustain healthy bird populations. Some of these trees are in stock at the Garden Center and others will be available in fall.
May Garden Tips
  • Mow lawns at 3” high to prevent weeds.
  • Use a mulching mower so nutrients from the grass clippings are retained in the lawn.
  • Prune spring blooming shrubs immediately after bloom and before new growth starts.
  • Plant dahlias, gladiolas, and caladiums now.
  • Plant tomatoes, peppers, and other warm season veggies. Install cages, stakes, or other supports right after planting for best results and to prevent plant injury.
  • Plant sweet potatoes once the weather is consistently warm.
  • Mulch 2” thick right after planting to prevent weeds. Weeds grow quickly.
  • Water newly-planted perennials, trees, shrubs, and roses regularly the whole first year.
June Workshops & Events

Celebrating Pollinators & Perennial Plants in June 
Zoom Online Workshop with Reems Creek Nursery
Plant a Pollinator Garden
Sat, June 19 at 10 am
With Ruth Gonzalez
Bee sweet to our pollinators, butterflies, and hummingbirds by creating a smorgasbord of beautiful blooming plants and butterfly host plants that provide much-needed habitat for pollinators. With an emphasis on native plants, these lively gardens are full of color, support wildlife, and bring you delight throughout the season.
We’ll discuss garden design principles that enhance the effectiveness of your pollinator habitat, the basic needs of any pollinator garden, and touch on certifying your Pollinator Habitat through Asheville-Bee City USA. More info.

Pollinator Garden Tour
Sat, June 26  
Two sessions: 10 am & 2 pm
With Tanya LaCorte & Ruth Gonzalez
In a very small space at Reems Creek Nursery we’ve created a beautiful garden that supports pollinators throughout the growing season. During this Pollinator Garden Tour we’ll have a casual discussion of our favorite plants, what we like about them, and demonstrate design considerations. We’ll showcase the native plants in our Habitat as they offer extra benefits to pollinators. Our tour is limited to 15 people per session.
You’ll be able to sign up for this tour in early June.
BEST OF WNC – Please Vote for Us!
We’d so appreciate your vote for us in the Mountain Xpress Best of WNC. You will find opportunities to vote for us under these categories and more!
Under Farm, Yard, & Garden Category
1. Best Nursery
2. Best Garden Supply Store
Under Regional: Weaverville & Woodfin Category
3. Best Retail Store in Weaverville
Thank you for taking the time to vote for Reems Creek Nursery. Our customers are the best!
Historic Montford Garden Tour - June 5
Reems Creek Nursery is proud to be a sponsor of the 2021 Historic Montford Garden Tour on Sat, June 5 from 10 to 5.
The Garden Tour features 12 distinctive Montford Gardens in a variety of styles and settings – from historic to new – with live musicians performing at many of the gardens during the day.
Reserve your tickets online at, or starting on May 21 you may buy tickets at the Asheville Visitor’s Center until sold out.
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Covid Update - Masks
  • North Carolina, via Executive Order 215, has revised its requirements on mask wearing. In most settings, it is now considered safe for vaccinated people to shop without a mask, both outdoors and indoors. 
  • We encourage unvaccinated people to continue wearing a mask in accordance with the new guidelines.
  • Please stay home if you have a fever, a cough, or are sick.
  • Link to full list of NC Executive Orders.
Thank you for your continued consideration of other customers and our staff members. Your support during this time has been amazing and we appreciate each and every one of you.
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