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Reems Creek Nursery
76 Monticello Rd.       Weaverville, NC        828-645-3937
HOURS: Mon - Sat: 9-6   Closed Sunday

Redeem your Bloomin’ Bucks!
We are well stocked with pretty plants:
- Fabulous selection of shrubs.  
- Just arrived - large shipment of our Farm-grown perennials.
- Fresh culinary herb shipment.
- Perennial hibiscus.
- Large perennial shipment arrives Friday with many favorites.
- New annual flowers - color pow!
- Houseplants & succulents.
- Gifts for all ages in the Garden Shop.
Redeem Your Bloomin’ Bucks Thru Saturday!
It's time to redeem your Blooming Bucks and get up to 50% off on in-stock merchandise - and we have LOTS of beautiful plants in stock right now!
About Bloomin' Bucks:
Get a great price – up to 50% off any in stock merchandise – on trees, shrubs, perennials, annuals, roses, gorgeous pottery, houseplants & succulents, terrarium fun, birdbaths, tools, gifts for all ages…and more! You decide!
How it works: You have 9 full days to spend your accumulated Bloomin’ Bucks® and enjoy a discount of up to 50% on ANY in-stock merchandise.
For instance…if you have $20 worth of Bucks in your account, you can get a $40 plant for half price OR get $20 off a larger purchase. To determine your Bloomin’ Bucks balance, check in at the Bloomin’ Bucks tent at the Garden Center when you arrive.
  • Bloomin’ Bucks® have no cash value and may not be used for special orders, previous purchases, consignment items, gift cards, or services.
  • No additional Bloomin’ Bucks® will be issued in transactions where Bloomin’ Bucks® are utilized.
  • Sorry, but in fairness to all of our customers we are unable to hold any unpaid items during Bloomin’ Bucks®. All previously tagged (unpaid) items will be moved back into stock prior to the Bloomin’ Bucks event.
  • Bloomin’ Bucks® may be used in July or in October during our Bloomin’ Bucks® event. Any unused Bloomin’ Bucks® will expire at the end of our October event.
2021 Bloomin’ Buck Dates: 
Fri, July 9 thru Sat, July 17
Fri, Oct. 22 thru Sat, Oct 30
Create a BUZZZZ . . .
July is a great month to invite pollinators into your garden.
Our perennial and annual departments are full of flowers pollinators love. If you are looking for native plants, the folks in our perennial department can help you find a great mix of blooms that support pollinators throughout the seasons. Many colorful annuals will fill out your garden with splashes of color that provide both nectar and pollen for our buzzy and winged friends.
It is so much fun to watch your garden get livelier with each new flower you plant. Remember to add host plants for butterfly caterpillars too! 
Watering Hints
Water is fundamental for plant survival...
Like Goldilocks...not too much, not too little, just right.
  • Use a rain gauge to determine how much rain has fallen.
  • Vegetables and grass require 1” of rain per week.
  • Roses require 2” of water per week.
  • New plants should be watered regularly the whole first year – deeply to the bottom of the root ball 2-3 times weekly.
  • Water in the morning so foliage is dry by evening.
  • Avoid fungal diseases by watering at the base of the plant to keep the foliage dry.
  • Plants that dry out completely are more prone to powdery mildew.
  • Water is more important than fertilizer.
  • Watering wands (NOT the gun style) are a highly-recommended staff favorite. The “water breaker” allows you to add a softer stream of water more quickly, and the wand will let you reach the base of the plant without bending over.
 Thanks Joel!
A big thank you to Joel Cole for welcoming us into his garden last Thursday for the garden tour. Gorgeous plants were tucked into every nook and cranny in this magical garden – an exuberant mix of texture and color. All of us left inspired and feeling as if we could find plenty of room for more plants in our own gardens! Thanks also to all in attendance. Your enthusiasm was inspiring.
More news! Check out the 2021 Speaking of Gardening Symposium
August 13 & 14, Friday & Saturday. You are able to pick and choose which events to attend. We are a sponsor!
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Covid Mask Update
  • North Carolina, via Executive Order 215, has revised its requirements on mask wearing. In most settings, it is now considered safe for vaccinated people to shop without a mask, both outdoors and indoors. 
  • We encourage unvaccinated people to continue wearing a mask in accordance with the new guidelines.
  • Please stay home if you have a fever, a cough, or are sick.
  • Link to full list of NC Executive Orders.
Thank you for your continued consideration of other customers and our staff members. Your support during this time has been amazing and we appreciate each and every one of you.
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Reems Creek Nursery  •  76 Monticello Rd.  •  Weaverville  •  NC  •  28787

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