What is The MAC?
  • The MAC has been created around the concept of Periodization - The planned manipulation of training variables in order to maximize training adaptations and to prevent the onset of overtraining syndrome.
  • “MAC” is short for “Macrocycle”. A macrocycle is an annual strength and conditioning program that works towards reaching optimum bodcomposition (increased lean muscle tissue, decreased body fat) and peak performance.
  • The Mac is broken into smaller training blocks called mesocycles.  Each mesocycle represents an 8-Week block of training designed to accomplish a specific adaptation: Stabilization, Strength, Power, and Performance (See Picture Below).
  • Each individual training session in the 8-Week mesocycle is referred to as a microcycle. This is the most important functional tool of planning because its structure and content determine the quality of the training.
Group Training Level of Difficulty Ranking System
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 Includes Biannual Combine Challenge
What is The MAC Combine Challenge? 
  • The Mac Combine Challenge is a total of six fitness tests. Three testing strength and three testing performance (See Picture Below).
  • Participants are broken into teams with their fitness scores added together and “challenging” the other teams to see whose team can score the most points.
  • In addition to the fitness tests, participants may request a weigh-in, body fat assessment, and girth measurements taken. No points earned in these areas.
  • The Combine Challenge is a fun way to help improve exercise adherence and therefore results!
  • Team challenges are a great way to build powerful bonds with fellow team members and coaches.
  • By starting/ending each year with the challenge and one half way through the year results can be monitored to assess for improvements and accountability.
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Please feel free to call/text or email me directly with any questions, etc. 
Education + Exercise = Everlasting Success!! 
The MAC follows a systematic, progressive, and evidence-based exercise program. If you would like to further your knowledge base on the science behind this program please check out our first ever... 
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...Or simply contact Travis for further details!!!     
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