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Orion as Expressed through Elisabeth Y Fitzhugh
as Expressed Through
Elisabeth Y Fitzhugh
Dance of Balancing
Orion on Meanings of Fall
Fall is often thought of as a waning time, the beginning of pulling within. But other energies are held within the changing landscapes as well.  Fall is a time of honoring.  We celebrate the idea that there can be other realms of being and connection with them, as in Halloween or All Hallows Eve; 'hallow' meaning  'holy' and' 'sacred'. We remember those who are departed from us with the Day of the Dead or All Souls day.  We celebrate our loved ones lives as they were with us and hold their essence in our hearts.  We embrace the idea of gathering together for meals, celebrating friendship; appreciating the large and small bounties in our life.  We can be moved by the swathes of color that appear, emerging only in certain times and places, and inviting us to feel the specialness of Nature's dance.
And in the midst of the challenges and discord, we can take our own moments to seek and hold the quality of harmony.  We can find our own ways of moving toward balance in our lives; of balancing - the active movement of being in the world. Harmony can only emerge from movement, a 'to and fro', a twirl and leap, a dance,  in response to the music or cacophony of life. Listen and and join the dance.

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I want to let you know that I will be taking an extended Winter Hiatus, beginning the last week of December.   I'll resume scheduling sessions in mid-March 2022.
Take good care, my friends.  Most fondly,    Elisabeth
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