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Create Hope
At this time of the year, we think of family and friends near and far. We look at the past and look forward to the next.  And when times have been or are especially challenging and we find we cannot always be the change-agent we want to be, let's remember that not only can we hold hope, we can create hope.
Hope - to cherish a desire with anticipation; to place our energy toward something and in its root, to trust - to trust in the movements of Life, as the Winter Solstice reminds us the Light returns and leads us to Spring.
We create hope when we offer a helping hand.  When we listen to another and hold their trouble with them.  We create hope when we speak out.  We create hope when we donate to others in need or groups who can work toward goals and change in ways we cannot.  We create hope when we remember Nature; when we appreciate a sunny day or are grateful for rain. We create hope when we share; when we laugh, when we hold a moment of joy.  All such moments hold the energy of hope, of potential.
Bring your attention to creating hope and letting it flow into the All.  The energy of hope will amplify, reverberate and dance among us in ways you cannot imagine and in that, you will be part of the grand vibration.
Thinking of you all and wishing you
as always, all the best in all ways.
Orion as Expressed through Elisabeth Fitzhugh  |  357 Windigrove Drive  |  Waynesboro, VA 22980  |
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