A Wildly Creative Journey
to the Present Moment
 Wednesdays, August 10 - Sept 21, 2022
THREE SPOTS LEFT as of Aug 7 at 1:06p pacific
Hi Creative Friend,
Finding Uber Bliss: A Wildly Creative Journey is seven consecutive workshops using unconventional practices to effortlessly awaken the freedom, delight, and reward available in the hybrid of creativity and mindfulness. 

Guiding ourselves is tricky without feeling resistance, pressure, or lost - a structured, non competitive, nurturing group makes it easier. Plus it's fun. 

  What's in it for you: 
  • Finding more mindfulness (peace of mind, freedom, contentment, self-compassion, love of life) while going deeper with your creativity
  • Souvenirs of and the contagion that comes from finished art, writing, and smart camera photography emerging from an intuitive approach that bypasses immobilizing perfectionism, overwhelm, and difficulty focusing.
  • Laughing AND being inspired for seven weeks with kindred, supportive people.
  • Losing yourself in the timeless, ageless, process of creativity - a process that can flourish and keep us a-mused for the rest of our lives.
  • Focus, concentration, and showing-up for your creativity.
This is for all levels of artists and writers from intimidated beginners to seasoned creatives wanting a fresh approach.
We will play with the freeing structure of wild abandon drawing, free-writing, loose watercolor painting, collage, and off-beat smartphone assignments to deepen both your creative voice and your connection to a fulfilling existence. 
This journey is shared in live Zoom meetings where participants are guided through seven stages filled with stories of wisdom and creative adventures and profound playfulness. Each class is an hour and a half to two hours long with time to create and sometimes a break.
Hold your place for Finding Uber Bliss:   
Seven Weeks includes a recording of all sessions,  Uber Bliss Travel guide- Filled with prompts, quotes, and other surprises.
Limited space. 

Wednesdays 11am pacific/12 mtn/ 1 central/ 2pm eastern

Paid in full $450
Three payments of $150
 The Scoop
  1. Begin Again
    This is an introduction to Finding Uber Bliss and a time to re-acquaint you with the creative self that is already present.  

  2. Pay Attention Easier
    You will participate in simple guided art, writing, and smartphone photography that awaken your attention to the present moment and surprise you with the results. Being present is one of the keys to a long tradition of mindfulness practices but getting there is easier with the creative process. 

  3. Create a Mindfulness RItual
    You will be guided in cultivating an inner world that is rich with imagination, intuition, and liberation from your struggles (and the weirdness of the world).  Feel more effortlessly creative, centered, and calm. 

  4. Practice Creative Speak
    Our inner talk is responsible for both our happiness and our willingness to create. You will learn simple techniques that make adopting creative self-talk more realistic. A Reminder Journal will be a constant companion to realign and retrain your thinking in the interest of more creativity and contentment.

  5.  See Differently
    See through a lens of new perspectives to embrace creative thought and reframing the world.

  6. Let Loose in Wild Abandon
    We will immerse ourselves in our newly found creative and mindful skills by choosing from lots of sketching, painting, photography, writing exercises according to our interests and intuition. A whole class will involve creative prompts.

  7. Find Meaning
    Celebrate the moment. We will talk about how creativity can impact our relationship with the world around us, having a meaningful existence, and making a difference by sharing our creativity.
For fun, "Uber Troopers" are awarded PDF art "presents" after completing creative missions for each level, making the prospect of small rewards a fun motivator and a nostalgic return to childhood adventures where rewards were concerned. 
I'm looking forward to taking you on this journey to your liberated self because I get more liberated every time I take it too.

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