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Why Master Mindfulness?
The object isn’t to make yourself be creative, it’s to be in that wonderful state that makes creativity inevitable.
Inspired by Robert Henri
Mindfulness is that wonderful state that make creativity flourish but making time for it or realizing when we've strayed from it is often difficult on our own. 
In a structured, non-competitive community of support, fresh ideas, respectful suggestions, prompts and real time experiences both mindfulness and creativity are easier.
Mindfulness creativity tools improve focus and deep concentration, direct you toward a compassionate approach that studies have shown work better than the oppressive ones most people use.
In Every Master Mindfulness Group:
A mindfulness experience for focus, creativity, and "sanity".
A short topic about experiences, knowledge, and philosophies that make creativity and moving forward easier.
A sharing of resources to assist each step you want to take.
Having a place to simply share creates an organic and gentle accountability.
I invite you to invest yourself and your creativity
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  1. Celebrate
    It’s beneficial for us to have people to celebrate with us when we’ve made progress.
  2. Gratitude
    Giving back. Helping and supporting others feeds our soul.
With Jill Badonsky
Jill is a mindfulness and creativity workshop leader who has written/illustrated three and a half books on the creative process.  
She's an internationally known workshop leader teaching workshops since 1997 and has a creative podcast with short, inspirational stories.
She taught yoga/mindfulness for 30 years in spa, corporate, and prison settings.
Jill lives in San Diego with two cats and a bougainvillea. Jill's hangouts
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