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 March 2022
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Clay Minerals Society Membership Survey
Warren Huff interview
Clays and Clay Minerals: 2021 content
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Clay Minerals Society Membership Survey
The Society is grateful to those members could have already completed this survey. We're keen to discover your views about Society services, so, if you haven't already taken the survey, please do so now.
There will be a prize draw from the names of all respondents and the winner will receive a free copy of a book of their choice from the CMS Workshop Lecture Series.
Warren Huff interview


Colleagues at the Clay Minerals Group of the Mineralogical Society of the UK and Ireland are celebrating their 75th (!) anniversary this year. There is a nice programme of events and publications to celebrate.
This includes an interview with CMS stalwart, Warren Huff.
Clays and Clay Minerals:
2021 content

The volume of Clays and Clay Minerals for 2021 has now been completed with publication of issues #5 and #6 now live online.
CMS members can login to access the full text by going to this page and following the instructions there. (You will need your membership ID and your email address stored on the CMS membership database.)
For the 'Clay minerals in Healthcare applications' issue (#5), click here.

  • Halloysite-Based Nanosystems for Biomedical Applications
    Persano · G. Gigli · S. Leporatti 501
  • Composite Biodegradable Polymeric Matrix Doped with Halloysite Nanotubes for the Repair of Bone Defects in Dogs
    Naumenko · E. Zakirova · I. Guryanov · F. Akhatova · M. Sergeev · A. Valeeva · R. Fakhrullin 522
  • Niclosamide-Exfoliated Anionic Clay Nanohybrid Repurposed as an Antiviral Drug for Tackling Covid-19; Oral Formulation with Tween 60/Eudragit S100
    S. Rejinold · H. Piao · G. Choi · G.-W. Jin · J.-H. Choy 533
  • Bionanocomposite Beads Based on Montmorillonite and Biopolymers as Potential Systems for Oral Release of Ciprofloxacin
    S. Leite · W.C. Sodré · L.R. de Lima · V.R.L. Constantino · A.C.S. Alcântara 547
  • Clays in Cosmetics and Personal-Care Products
    Viseras · R. Sánchez-Espejo · R. Palumbo · N. Liccardi · F. García-Villén · A. Borrego-Sánchez · M. Massaro · S. Riela · A. López-Galindo 561
  • Gentamicin-Montmorillonite Intercalation Compounds as an Active Component of Hydroxypropylmethylcellulose Bionanocomposite Films with Antimicrobial Properties
    Darder · J. He · L. Charlet · E. Ruiz-Hitzky ·P. Aranda 576
  • Preliminary Evaluation of Natural Antibacterial Clays for Treating Wound Infections
    B. Williams · S.M. Schmidt-Malan · R. Patel 589
  • Halloysite Nanotube Vehicles for Drug Delivery Through a Model Blood–Brain Barrier
    Saleh · N. Prajapati · A. Karan · N. Rahman · A. Stavitskaya · M. DeCoster · Y. Lvov 603
  • Benefits and Risks of Clays and Clay Minerals to Human Health from Ancestral to Current Times: a Synoptic Overview
    Gomes · M. Rautureau · J. Poustis ·J. Gomes 612
  • Binding of DNA to Natural Sepiolite: Applications in Biotechnology and Perspectives
    Ragu · O. Piétrement · B.S. Lopez 633
  • Health Protection Using Clay Minerals: a Case Study Based on the Removal of BPA and BPS from Water
    Rytwo · S. Levy · Y. Shahar · I. Lotan ·A.L. Zelkind · T. Klein · C. Barak 641
For issue #6, click here

  • Formation of Humboldtine During the Dissolution of Hematite in Oxalic Acid – Density Functional Theory (DFT) Calculations and Experimental Verification
    P. Vehmaanperä · B. Gong · P.H.-L. Sit · R. Salmimies · B. Barbiellini · A. Häkkinen 655
  • A Comparison of the Adsorption of Cesium on Zeolite Minerals vs Vermiculite
    D.R. Ferreira · G.D. Phillips · B. Baruah 663
  • Meifuite, a New Ferrous Phyllosilicate Mineral with Modulated Tetrahedral Sheets Similar to Minnesotaite
    S. Jin · X. Li · F. Hobbs · S. Guggenheim · A.H. Xu 672
  • Interfacial X-Ray Scattering from Small Surfaces: Adapting Mineral-Fluid Structure Methods for Microcrystalline Materials
    J.E. Stubbs · A.K. Wanhala · P.J. Eng 688
  • Polytypism of Cronstedtite from Ouedi Beht, El Hammam, Morocco
    J. Hybler · Z. Dolníček · J. Sejkora · M. Števko 702
  • Phase-Transition Process in the Hydrothermal Zeolitization of Volcanic Ash into LTA and FAU Structures
    J.D. Monzón · M.R. Gonzalez · M. Muñoz · A.M. Pereyra · E.I. Basaldella 735
  • Synthesis of a Composite Aerogel of Reduced Graphene Oxide Supported by Two-Dimensional
    Montmorillonite Nanolayers for Methylene Blue Removal
    Q. Ma · W. Wang · W. Ge · L. Xia · S. Song 746
  • Dispersion and Swellability of Ternary Surfactant Co-Modified Montmorillonites
    W.H. Yu · J.H. Liu · M. Wang · N. Li · J.R. Zhang ·T.H. Huang · C.H. Zhou 759
  • Tracing Organic-Inorganic Interactions by Light Stable Isotopes (H, Li, B, O) of an Oil-Bearing Shale and its Clay Fraction During Hydrous Pyrolysis
    N. Clauer · L.B. Williams · A.E. Fallick 772
  • Microstructure and Time-Dependent Behavior of STx-1b Calcium Montmorillonite Suspensions
    Y.-K. Leong · P. Liu · P.-I. Au · P. Clode ·J. Liu 787
  • Correction to: Enhancement of Amorphous Silica Dissolution by Interaction with Six-Membered Ring Heterocyclic Compounds
    M. Kawano · J. Hwang 797
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