An Online 6 Month Crystal Course
The Art of Crystal & Universal Patterns of Sacred Geometry
with Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman
Friday, Oct. 14th, 2022 - 7pm - 9pm
(See Below for all Dates)
Gain entrée to attain balance and insight as we explore the connection between the combination of the artistic and spiritual and the multi-layers that unfold your personal bridge between crystals, patterns and sacred geometry form. Energy within the inner and outer gaps between wheels of your chakra and their designs transports you to manifest healing and change.
It is essential to recognize that time, space and form connect to the Great Mysteries great mystery and design.
As we study sacred geometry patterns and forms as we traverse through the light body as we voyage within the Pyramid, Star of David, Merkabah and discover some of the platonic solid shapes. Engage also within the ancient knowledge of the crystal skulls and gather insight of some of the platonic solid.
Class will combine meditations, shamanic journey, chakra balancing, creative art, relationships to the elementals utilizing alchemy of transformation by separation and reconnection. Attain the key to the hidden laws of nature, allow your body, mind and spirit to grow stronger within the mysteries and your place within the cosmic universe as you attain your divine power.  Spin into the spiral of the wheel of time return to the light and consciousness.
This class is recommended for crystal healers, shamanic practitioners, Reiki and Energy workers.
You will need some of the crystals such as a pyramid for the class but class can be done  with simple drawings and as a training to understand how to use the crystals in the future when you are ready to tap into them.  
Attendees will be asked to purchase an art pad, eraser and a drawing pencil.
Dates: Oct. 14th, Nov. 4th, Dec. 9th, Jan. 13th, Feb. 3rd and March 3rd, 2023
Cost:  $1111.00 for 6 month program, half deposit $555.55 then followed by 3 payments of $185.17 for Nov. 2022 and  Jan.& March 2023.
If you need a special payment plan just reach Irma at
There will be NO Refunds for Deposit or Training
To Register or to pay Or pay one time payment via EventBrite
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Shamanic Fire Reiki  •  P.O. Box 720384 •  •  East Elmhurst, New York 11370

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