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Reems Creek Nursery
76 Monticello Rd.       Weaverville, NC        828-645-3937
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We Are Plant People - Going Strong Since 1979
Around the Garden Center
Veggie Transplants & Seeds - Get Growing!
Big new shipment just arrived from our Farm!
Spring is here…it’s time to plant! Get your garden going with our beautiful veggie transplants - homegrown on our Propagation Farm and ready for planting.
You don’t need a huge garden – start with a porch pot. Or go big and plow up the front yard! We have you covered with tasty sustainably-raised veggie transplants and a delicious seed selection, plus all the raised-bed mix, compost, and fertilizer you’ll need. Sign up for our Organic Veggie Gardening Workshop for lots of tips on growing a great garden.
These beauties arrived this week strutting their stuff. Camellia flowers are stunning with foliage that is not only elegant but evergreen too. Camellias enjoy a morning sun location with protection from winter winds and hot afternoon sun. They are acid-loving plants so fertilize with Holly-Tone. Check our Instagram account for more camellia pics!
Additionally, we’ve received an enticing variety of trees & shrubs since last week - including forsythia, spirea, red-twig dogwood, deutzia, ninebark, serviceberry, fothergilla, and much more!
 Spirea Double Play 'Candy Corn'
Carolina Jessamine Vine
Staff favorite! This vine 1) is a native plant, 2) has evergreen foliage, and 3) is covered with yellow trumpet-shaped flowers in spring. Perfect for a trellis or arbor. We LOVE it! You can't miss it flowering now in our Perennial Area.
Creeping Phlox
Did you know that creeping phlox is a native plant and offers early food for pollinators? Creeping phlox grows a flower carpet of spring joy every year and with mostly evergreen foliage, creeping phlox is a great groundcover plant! Lots of colors available right now.
Perennial Shipment – Arriving Friday Afternoon
We are expecting a beautiful assortment of perennials including columbine, ferns, lavender & rosemary, iris, garden phlox, Stokes' aster, pulmonaria, penstemon, and more. Our perennial department is already full of color and this shipment is going to kick it up another notch!
Big Tropical Houseplant Order Arriving Saturday!
We are expecting 1000+ pretty plants and can’t wait to put our eyes on them. Celebrate Spring’s arrival - adopt a new plant baby!
Kids + Dirt + Spring Equinox!
Kids love playing in the dirt and being outdoors. Celebrate the Spring Equinox with a gift that encourages your children's innate love of nature. Remember to take time to hang out with your kids outdoors…cause the outdoors puts all of us in a good mood.
Do a little dirt-digging! It’s a great mood enhancer for the whole family!
“Did you know that there's a natural antidepressant in soil? It's true. Mycobacterium vaccae is the substance under study and has indeed been found to mirror the effect on neurons that drugs like Prozac provide. The bacterium is found in soil and may stimulate serotonin production, which makes you relaxed and happier.”   - from
Celebrating Agriculture
From Wilma:  Almost everything we eat and wear is provided by agriculture. Agriculture is defined as the practice and cultivation of plants and livestock. March 22nd is National Agriculture Day - a day to recognize and celebrate the importance of agriculture in our lives.
National FFA Organization has over 735,000 members and is the largest youth organization in the nation. FFA membership (middle and high school) encourages leadership and careers in science, business, and technology of agriculture. Locally, there is an FFA chapter with members at North Buncombe Middle and High Schools. Behind this chapter is an active and supportive FFA Alumni Association. Justin Gillespie and Dave Penland are agriculture/horticulture teachers at North Buncombe and we give them special recognition as we celebrate National Agriculture Day.
Remember… the official first day of Spring is Sunday, March 20 at 11:33 am EDT. Whatever we call ourselves – gardeners, farmers, agriculturists, or horticulturists – let us celebrate our green world and the arrival of spring! 
Wilma Penland is the founder of Reems Creek Nursery and our horticultural mentor.
Chance to win when you certify your WNC Pollinator Habitat . . . 
Thinking of getting your Pollinator Garden certified through Bee City USA – Asheville? The 100th garden to get certified will receive a $100 Reems Creek Nursery Gift Card for native pollinator plants. Get your application in quickly as they are getting close to 100 gardens now! Here is the application link.
Upcoming Workshops
Grow Your Own Mushrooms – Mushroom Log Cultivation and Care
Reems Creek Nursery
Sat, April 2, 2022
10-11 am
With Jesse Cerrato & Travis Hansen
Grow your own edible mushrooms! From sterile mushroom cultivation, to open-air, low-cost techniques, we will discuss readily-available resources to create reliable and repeatable cultivation approaches. See more and register.
Organic Vegetable Gardening 101
Reems Creek Nursery
Sat. April 9, 2022
10-11:30 AM
With Ruth Gonzalez
Grow delicious homegrown veggies! No matter what size garden you have – balcony, front yard, back yard, or bigger – we’ll talk about tips and techniques for successful growing. See more and register.
The Weaverville Business Association is sponsoring a St. Patrick's Day Block Party on Saturday, March 19 from 2-7 at Florida Avenue & Merchant's Alley. 
"A new program in North Carolina is placing a “bounty” on invasive Bradford pear trees as they spread through forests in the state.
The initiative is set to start with an April 23 event in Greensboro and could expand to more locations in the fall, according to North Carolina State University’s website. It will allow people to get up to five new native trees for their yards in exchange for cutting down the same number of Bradford pears." Read more HERE.
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