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Reems Creek Nursery
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We Are Plant People - Going Strong Since 1979
Peony Love
They’re romantic. They’re long-lived. They’re deer resistant.
Had I but four square feet of ground at my disposal, I would plant a peony in the corner and proceed to worship.     –Alice Harding
We love peonies. Whether in the garden or cut for bouquets, peonies are one of the most romantic flowers you can plant! The huge fluffy and often fragrant blooms will make you swoon. Peonies provide a great backdrop for spring bulbs, the foliage is deer resistant, and the flowers are WOWZERS!.
Peonies can live over 100 years, outliving many people. They don’t always bloom the first year, but they are definitely worth the wait. Plant them in full sun in rich well-drained neutral soil.
When you see nectar-seeking ants on the blooms, don’t panic. The ants actually help the flowers to open and protect them from other insects. In China, peony flowers were used medicinally, and the flower petals are edible. Scatter them in a salad or use them to garnish a festive drink.
To prolong their life in floral arrangements, cut the blooms before they are opened when the bud feels like a marshmallow.
Shop our enticing Peony selection in the Garden Center right now! Garden peonies come in a variety of colors from white to a range of pinks, red, magenta, coral, and more. We also have wire plant supports to help those gorgeous flowers shine in the garden.
Around the Garden Center
Veggie Transplants 
Plant and start harvesting...
Pansies & Violas
Blooming! Cold & frost tolerant.
New Tropical Houseplants
Wrap your rooms in GREEN. #plantsmakepeoplehappy
-Plant grass seed's time to plant new lawns and overseed existing lawns, so don't delay!
-Treat lawns for broadleaf weeds now.
2 Perennial Shipments
One kicking shipment is already here. One arrives on Friday. So many pretty plants to choose from including shade plants like a variety of ferns, coral bells, and woodland phlox.
Early Season Herbs
Parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme + more!
Trees & Shrubs
Ongoing spring shipments and lots more on the way!
Budding & blooming and gorgeous!
Evergreen foliage.
Veggie Garden Hints
Hints for Veggie Garden Success:
  • Start small. You can grow a lot of food in a 4 x 8 bed.
  • Choose a full sun site – minimum 6-8 hours direct sun.
  • Site near a water spigot for convenience.
  • Avoid siting your garden in a frost pocket.
  • Locate your garden where you will pass by it every day (between your car and your house) for easy harvest and upkeep.
  • Good air movement helps prevent disease.
  • Plant what your family likes to eat.
  • Starting plants from seeds is fun and educational. Magic happens!
  • Planting transplants (4-packs) gives you a serious jump-start.
  • Mulch after planting to prevent weeds.
  • Freshly harvested herbs are extra tasty.
  • Add compost every year.
  • Harvest on a regular basis.
  • Plan your dinner menu around your garden harvest.
  • Grow organically – it’s safer for kids, people, pets, and the planet.
How can I be more sustainable?
  • Set up a compost bin in your yard.
  • Compost your vegetable scraps.
  • Compost healthy garden residues.
  • Plant cover crops to build better garden soil.
  • Think whole yard sustainability.
  • Avoid pesticides – greener living is better for your family, pollinators, and the planet.
  • Add pollinator habitat for a more productive garden that nurtures nature.
Ruth’s Favorite Organic Fertilizers:
Neptune's Harvest Organic Fish/Seaweed Blend Fertilizer 2-3-1 OMRI
Symphony 5-4-3 OMRI
Joy’s Favorite Organic Fertilizers:
Espoma Bio-tone 4-3-3
Down To Earth Vegan Mix 3-2-2 OMRI
Joy Loved Organic Growers School
FROM JOY:  This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Organic Growers School with my husband, Vance Mullis. Reems Creek Nursery is a sponsor and a vendor at OGS, and every year Ruth and Tanya transform a few tables into a delightful mini-garden center and nursery. 
The class topics were varied and inspirational. It was fantastic hearing new perspectives and new ideas for gardening, farming, self-sufficiency, and sustainability. Held on the Mars Hill University campus, it really did feel like going to college, complete with passing plant friends in the hallways and taking pages and pages of notes. 
Some of my favorite classes: Water Resilience by John Henry Nelson of Living Web Farms, Native Woodland Plant Cultivation by Jeanine Davis of NCSU, and Plant-Based Cheesemaking  by Gwendolyn Hageman of Darë Vegan Cheese
With so many classes offered, it was not possible to attend everything of interest, but there's always next year! I do highly recommend attending with another person, so you can compare class notes and discuss what you learned afterwards. 
We left feeling rejuvenated and refreshed and are considering all the ways to apply what we've learned. We are all fortunate to live in such a great community, WNC is a wonderful place to garden and farm. If you're looking to live a more plant-filled sustainable life, you're in the right place! 
Upcoming Workshops
Grow Your Own Mushrooms – Mushroom Log Cultivation and Care
Reems Creek Nursery
Sat, April 2, 2022
10-11 am
With Jesse Cerrato & Travis Hansen
Sorry, 10 AM workshop is full!
If you have signed up and can't attend please let us know or remove your name from Eventbrite so someone else can have your spot.
NEW! Just Added A Second Mushroom Workshop - Same day, different time! 
Grow Your Own Mushrooms – Mushroom Log Cultivation and Care
Reems Creek Nursery
Sat, April 2, 2022
2-3 pm
With Jesse Cerrato & Travis Hansen
Grow your own edible mushrooms! From sterile mushroom cultivation, to open-air, low-cost techniques, we will discuss readily-available resources to create reliable and repeatable cultivation approaches. See more and register.
Organic Vegetable Gardening 101
Reems Creek Nursery
Sat. April 9, 2022
10-11:30 AM
With Ruth Gonzalez
Grow delicious homegrown veggies! No matter what size garden you have – balcony, front yard, back yard, or bigger – we’ll talk about tips and techniques for successful growing. See more and register.
Chance to win - when you certify your WNC Pollinator Habitat . . . 
Thinking of getting your Pollinator Garden certified through Bee City USA – Asheville? The 100th garden to get certified will receive a $100 Reems Creek Nursery Gift Card for native pollinator plants. Get your application in quickly as they are getting close to 100 gardens now! Here is the application link.
Thank you for voting us #1 Nursery in WNC!
Our customers are the best.
We appreciate each and every one of you!
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