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Reems Creek Nursery
76 Monticello Rd.       Weaverville, NC        828-645-3937
HOURS: Mon-Sat: 9-6   Closed Sunday 
We Are Plant People - Going Strong Since 1979
Around the Garden Center
Roses Have Arrived!
David Austin English roses, hybrid tea roses, grandiflora roses, floribunda roses, shrub roses, Knockout roses, and Drift roses. They are so gorgeous, we all want one of each! Most of the 2022 roses are here, but a few more specialty roses will arrive next week too. Check our website for rose care and our 2022 Rose List.
New Trees - in time for Earth Day & Arbor Day!
Just arrived:  Hawthorns, serviceberries, redbuds, Chinese fringe trees, native fringe trees, evergreen magnolias, oaks, styraxes, bald cypresses, gingkoes, and more.
Annual Flowers
Color, color, everywhere!
Deciduous Azaleas Starting to Bloom!
These are stunning must-haves! Currently budding & blooming – Gibraltar, Candy Lights, Mount Saint Helen’s, Cannon’s Double, and Florida Flame.
Spring Bulbs
Spring bulbs, potted and ready to plant...or just enjoy on your table. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, grape hyacinths, and narcissus. Easy, happy spring color!
First Shipment Fish!
Koi, Butterfly Koi, Comets & Shubunkins, plus water plants too.
New Product – Dirtcraft Organics
Produced in Madison County! Dirtcraft Organics Gravity Growers Mix: An all-purpose, coco/compost-based potting soil for organic gardeners with a blend of natural soil conditioners and premium organic amendments that provide a complete living soil for your plants to thrive. Ideal for many uses including raised beds, container gardening, amending vegetable & flower plantings, and more.
**We've added a second “Spring Into Beauty” Workshop at 2 pm…see details below.
Our Beautiful Earth
IT'S EARTH DAY and we are celebrating the beauty and wonder that plants bring to our planet and to our everyday lives!
Imagine a world without plants…that’s hard to do because we are surrounded by plants. Just look out the window and feast your eyes on something we usually take for granted.
Near and far plants are covering our planet. Plants are food. Plants are shelter. Plants provide habitat for pollinators, birds, and wildlife. Plants and nature replenish the human spirit in ways that are still being discovered.
This Earth Day, let yourself be captivated by the pure diversity of plants in your own back yard – from tiny mosses to gigantic trees – revel in the tapestry of colors and textures with all these plants contributing to life on our planet.
Next - add more beauty to your yard…to nurture your soul and nurture all of life too! “Plant it and they will come” creates a vibrant garden bursting with life. Whether at home, your kid’s school, or your office - celebrate Earth Day by planting something!
Earth Day, Arbor Day, and “Charlie Brown”
From Wilma:  Earth Day was founded in 1970. It was begun as a day to educate about environmental issues and as a way to provide for a greener, cleaner world. April 22nd is the official Earth Day and some places around the world have celebrations all week long.
Arbor Day was begun in 1872 with the purpose of encouraging individuals and groups to plant, nurture, and celebrate trees. It is officially the last Friday in April but can be held at other times depending on best tree planting weather. The Town of Weaverville is holding an Arbor Day celebration at Lake Louise Park on Friday, April 29th, at 11:00 AM.
“Peanuts” is one of my favorite cartoons and Peanuts Worldwide has a new special film “It’s the Small Things, Charlie Brown”. Listen to Peanuts new song that shows how small things can become big things. Peanuts Worldwide encourages being kind to others, ourselves, and the environment.
Cartoon by Charles Schulz
 Wilma Penland is the founder of Reems Creek Nursery and our horticultural mentor.
The Web of Life
FROM CHRIS:  What's with these webs and worms in our tree canopy?
Is this a danger to the tree? Turns out, not at all! Our native eastern tent caterpillar, a moth, is feeding on the foliage it was intended to feed on. In fact, this results in little to no damage to the tree. And most importantly, these caterpillars are a critical food source for songbirds. Caterpillars are plump, juicy, and high in fat and protein. Indeed, most songbirds will rear their young on caterpillars, not seeds or berries but on caterpillars.
So let's leave them be and find immense satisfaction in knowing that our garden, our little piece of the planet is alive and healthy, supporting our native fauna and teeming with winged beauty!
Upcoming Workshops + New Class Added 
Permaculture in the Backyard Landscape - Workshop is Full!
Earth Friendly Practices for Earth Day!
Reems Creek Nursery
Sat, April 23, 2022 
10 – 11:30 AM
With Laura Ruby
This workshop is full but check for cancellations. A spot may open. If you have registered and are now unable to attend please visit Eventbrite to cancel your registration so that someone else can have your space. Thank you!
Spring Into Beauty - 10 am Workshop is full but you can check for cancelations.
Reems Creek Nursery
Sat, April 30, 2022
10 – 11:30 am
With Tanya LaCorte & Chris Davenport
This workshop is full. If you have registered and are now unable to attend please visit Eventbrite to cancel your registration so that someone else can have your space. Thank you!
We've added an afternoon class since the morning workshop is full!
Spring Into Beauty - 2 pm
New Afternoon Class...spaces ARE available!
Reems Creek Nursery
Sat, April 30, 2022
2 – 3:30 pm
With Tanya LaCorte & Chris Davenport
New to gardening or ready to reimagine your garden spaces? 
This class will include essentials like soil prep, plant-happiness techniques, and bringing delight to each season. Tanya & Chris will discuss design basics and creating lush layers of garden color and texture using trees, shrubs, and perennials. Read more and register.
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Dear wonderful customers and plant lovers...we hope you'll take the time to vote for us in the "Best of WNC".
Did you know that many of the plants you see at our Garden Center are grown right here on our Propagation Farm in the Reems Creek Valley? All of our Farm-raised plants are Bee-Friendly and our Farm-raised vegetables are grown using sustainable methods. 
Our mission: At Reems Creek Nursery, we are plant people, devoted to helping our customers improve the world around them with beautiful plants. We create natural beauty while cultivating customer and employee relationships that foster growth, knowledge, and goodwill within our community and environment.
We are so appreciative of your support of our small, family owned business!
Community News

Weaverville Arbor Day Celebration
Friday, April 29 at 11 am
Lake Louise Park
Weaverville Tailgate Market is officially open for the season. They are open every Wednesday from 3 – 6 in their beautiful new location at the Weaverville Community Center overlooking Lake Louise.
Weaverville Community Center: 60 Lakeshore Drive in Weaverville.
Speaking of Gardening: Early bird tickets to the Speaking of Gardening Symposium are now available. The symposium will be held on Friday & Saturday, August 12-13 at the Double Tree by Hilton in Biltmore Village. More info and register HERE.
Bee City USA - Asheville: 10th Anniversary Yearlong Pollination Celebration with a yearlong calendar of events to celebrate Asheville's 10th anniversary as a Bee City USA affiliate. 
Thank you for voting us #1 Nursery in WNC!
Our customers are the best.
We appreciate each and every one of you!
Staff Picture - Best of WNC Winners

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