Reducing Foot and Ankle Injury Potential    
Don't let a foot or ankle injury disrupt your performance
      If you have experienced a foot or ankle injury in the past, chances are you had to alter your lifestyle to accommodate for the injury. Injuries such as ankle sprains and plantar fasciitis can bring an abrupt end to many physical activities.  
     I have treated many foot and ankle injuries over the years and highly recommend doing what you can to reduce the likelihood of this very debilitating injury from occurring in the first place. 
The following corrective exercise program may help. For best results please perform all exercises in the same sequence provided.   

   Reducing Foot and Ankle Injury Potential Protocol   
Corrective Exercise Program for Reduced Foot and Ankle Injury Potential (Videos Below)
                    Step One: Foam Rolling                    
Step 1: Inhibitory techniques (self-myofascial release) should be used to decrease tension and effects of latent trigger points of the overactive muscles surrounding the foot and ankle.                                    
Video: Foam Rolling Exercises.

                     Step Two: Static Stretches                   
Step 2: Static stretching should be performed for a minimum of 30 seconds on identified overactive muscles to help facilitate optimal joint range of motion and muscle extensibility. 
Video: Static Stretches.
                      Step Three: Activate                           
Step 3: Isolated strengthening exercises should be used to facilitate the underactive muscles of the foot and ankle. Auditory and tactile feedback while performing these exercises can also help develop neuromuscular activation with proper kinetic chain positioning and control.
Video: Activation Exercises.
                          Step Four: Integrate                         
Step 4: Integrate. Lastly, exercises are progressed by incorporating activities that integrate the entire kinetic chain (multijoint, compound movements) and restore proper movement patterns.  
Video: Integration Exercises. 
     Although this program was designed to reduce foot and ankle injury potential it is important to note I cannot guarantee such an injury will never occur by following this protocol. Also, should any of the exercises above cause pain please discontinue the one(s) that do and contact me. It may be a technique flaw we could easily correct or modify or it may be something requiring a visit to your doctor. The old saying, "No pain, no gain" does not apply here.
If you are currently suffering from a foot or ankle injury and are seeking out physical therapy please check out the following link: 
ProActive Physical Therapy and Wellness
I hope you have found this newsletter helpful and informative. If there are any other health, fitness, and performance related topics you would like to see me address please let me know!!
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