SFR Welcomes Dhyāna Kluth in
Weaving with Womb Wisdom: 
A gestational field of feminine birthing waters to ignite your sensual r/evolution
Online Event:
Sunday, August 14th 
11:00am - 1:30pm EDT
"Love unconditionally, awaken the dragon, live in sacred union, alchemize your magic medicine—know your power and weave it well with your divine nature on earth." -Dhyāna Kluth from the book, Isis Mother of Magic
Ebbs and flows of energy are the mysterious pulse of life that continuously give birth to all that is. Come dance the liminal lunar and solar song lines of life, death and rebirth within this cauldron of feminine consciousness to expand your vision of life and embrace your uniquely important place within the collectively blooming magic.
  • Clarify intentions & dissolve obstacles
  • Develop intuitive gnosis (direct inner knowing)
  • Connect with spirit family and guides
  • Support a process of awakening consciousness or other evolutionary life transformation to fulfill your life purpose
  • Expand the manifest vision of your life
All of this work will be held within the womb of the mother, the divine one who births all, and will be nurtured by Auset-Isis as her protective wings hold you in her mother's embrace of acceptance. 
We will commune with these powerful archetypal energies that knit parts into wholeness with their magic. 
We will connect and communicate with your guides and ancestors throughout this journey for support, insight, assistance and guidance.
We will practice connecting to your womb gnosis, activating your pillar of light. 
You will leave feeling inspired, supported, and unconditionally loved!
Bring to class:
  • Notebook or journal
  • Pen or pencil (including colors if you choose to illustrate creatively)
  • Water or grounding herbal tea
  1. Ensure you have let the people in your life know this is a boundaried time for your sacred work and that your sacred space will not be interrupted for the two and a half hours we are together.
  2. Set an intention for yourself around what you want to focus on, to transform your life at the deepest level.
  3. Create a simple or elaborate altar for your intention. Suggested items to include are fire and water, a photo of yourself, a favorite color, symbols, your written intention.
Cost: $90.00
To Register or more info email us at
or pay via EventBrite
About Dhyāna Kluth:
Dhyāna is an international best-selling author, life coach, and intuitive medium who facilitates deep psyche rebirth and radical self-love alchemy to decolonize the mind-body-spirit and heal the rift of separation-consciousness for the good of all life. 
She lives in Bloomfield, NJ with her husband and two daughters. When not focused on her psycho-spiritual client work, Dhyāna can be found ushering kids to homeschool co-op activities and hikes, or tasting dandelions in her wild medicinal back yard.
 Learn more about Dhyāna's work, and check out her book "Isis, Mother of Magic" Here 
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