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Reems Creek Nursery
76 Monticello Rd.       Weaverville, NC        828-645-3937
HOURS: Mon-Sat: 9-6   Closed Sunday 
We Are Plant People - Going Strong Since 1979
Thinking About Dearest Dad
Father’s Day is Sunday, June 19
Shop for plants and gifts for “Dearest Dad” throughout the Garden Center - great shrubs, tons of sun & shade perennials, bright annuals, soothing greens, delicious vegetables (including spicy hot peppers!), inspiring books, tools, tuned wind chimes, spinners, benches…the list goes on. Gift cards are a fabulous choice so he can get exactly what he wants!
Mushroom Logs - grow your own!
You know Dad would love growing his own mushrooms!
Hydrangeas - make it pretty!
Tools - good tools, the gift that keeps on giving!
Inspirational Books
Educational Books & Guides
Wind Chimes - tuned for a melodious sound!
Gift Cards - you can't go wrong!
Click on the pic!
Pretty Plants - for a garden paradise 
The weather has been perfect for gardening...nice and cool with bits and pieces of rain. We hope you're enjoying a constant parade of blooms!
 10% OFF Perennials!
10% Off Perennials!
Shop our fabulous selection of Sun and Shade perennials, Toe Ticklers, pollinator plants, native plants, and perennial grasses*. We are celebrating Perennial Gardening Month and Pollinator Month with this special sale.
Create something beautiful that can be enjoyed every year! Consult our Garden Guide Perennial Bloom Time to plant for blooms all season long.
June is the perfect time to add more perennials to an existing perennial bed, start a brand new bed, or plant flowers and host plants for pollinators. Strive to push the window on both ends of the season (early and late blooming) and everywhere in between. Group 3 to 5 of the same perennial plants together for a showier, more satisfying garden. For maximum enjoyment locate your flower beds where you can see them from inside the house too.
Flowers are food for bees, butterflies, and other pollinators. We have some great pollinator gardening resources on our website here. Native plants are especially nourishing to native pollinator populations. Our staff are happy to help you find what you are looking for.
*Sale excludes mini-conifers, vines, butterfly bushes & shrubs. 
Beautiful new shipments!
30% Off Veggie Transplants!
SALE! Veggie transplants are now 30% Off - including tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, summer & winter squash, cucumbers, Malabar spinach, and more! All veggie sizes on sale...4-packs, singles, and gallons. All veggies are sustainably grown at our Propagation Farm, and we carry many heirloom varieties.
Fireflies Are Out . . . Magic Is Real!
It’s always exciting when the fireflies show up. Have you spotted any yet? Their presence adds undeniable magic to summer evenings. Fireflies are a type of beetle, but they don’t sting or bite. Generally, they live about two months in the wild with mating as their main focus.
Unfortunately, like many insect populations, fireflies are declining. Scientists have not been studying this long enough to have definitive answers, but ”signs point to human development [habitat loss], light pollution, and toxic chemicals as likely culprits behind the dwindling of firefly populations.” 
Options for helping fireflies: Besides just enjoying them, leave your grass longer, leave old logs and leaf litter on the ground in portions of your yard for larva habitat, turn outdoor lights off at night or use motion sensors, and avoid pesticides. BTW...fireflies LOVE water features, even a moist depression in the soil!
According to Helen Yoest in Triangle Gardening, It is ok to catch fireflies in a jar for a day or two. Put a moist paper towel in the bottom of the jar and a little clump of grass. After a day or two release them so they can mate and make more lightning bugs!
National Get Outdoors Day - Sat, June 11
The outdoors is constantly beckoning in a place like Western North Carolina – with the Blue Ridge Parkway, numerous hiking trails and waterfalls, fly fishing, and lake life – choices abound!
“Get outside” in your own back yard. Start your day with a trip to Reems Creek Nursery and an eye toward creating your own personal paradise. Digging in the dirt is a great way to spend the day and you reap the benefits every time you look around your yard. Plant veggies, plant for pollinators, or plant simply for your own enjoyment. Every little addition just makes your paradise sweeter!
Get Outdoors! We have hiking guides and field guides in our Garden Shop...and lots of gorgeous plants for your personal paradise.
Upcoming Workshops 
Plant a Pollinator Garden
Reems Creek Nursery
Saturday, June 18
10:00 am – 11:30 pm
With Tanya LaCorte and Ruth Gonzalez
Bee sweet to our pollinators! In porch pots or whole yard scale...create a smorgasbord of beautiful blooming plants and butterfly host plants that provide much-needed habitat for pollinators, butterflies, and hummingbirds. With an emphasis on native more and REGISTER. Workshop is full*. Click link to add yourself to the waiting list.
Grow Your Own Mushrooms - 
Mushroom Log Cultivation & Care
Reems Creek Nursery
Sat, June 25 from 10 - 11 am
With Jesse Cerrato and Travis Hansen
Grow your own edible mushrooms! From sterile mushroom cultivation, to open-air, low-cost techniques, we will discuss readily-available resources to create reliable and repeatable cultivation approaches. Read more and REGISTER.
 **Our classroom space is limited. If your plans change and you are unable to attend, please cancel your ticket in Eventbrite so that others may have your space. Thank you for your consideration!
Community News
National Get Outdoors Day: Sat, June 11 Activities abound...including in your own back yard!
Guided Pollinator Safari: Sat, June 11, 10-12 noon Join Bee City USA founder, Phylllis Stiles, to meet some of the many local pollinators and plants they love. On the Wilma Dykeman Greenway.
Weaverville Music on Main: Sat, June 18. Kicks off at 5 pm with music, food, kids activities and more! Downtown Weaverville on Main Street. More info here,
Weaverville Tailgate Market: Every Wednesday from 3 – 6 located at the Weaverville Community Center at 60 Lakeshore Drive.
Speaking of Gardening: Early bird tickets to the Speaking of Gardening Symposium (on Friday & Saturday, August 12-13) are now available. More info and register HERE.
Bee City USA - Asheville: 10th Anniversary Yearlong Pollination Celebration with a yearlong calendar of events to celebrate Asheville's 10th anniversary as a Bee City USA affiliate. 
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