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Greetings, friends. My goal is to broaden shamanic knowledge and practices, so I created two distinct newsletters to make life easier. The 1st will have all the events I am organizing or participating in, including the NY Shamanic Circle and the Shaman Portal Wisdom webinars. Other offerings, including writings, videos, news, and teachings, will be in the 2nd newsletter. Let's embark on a shamanic journey together to achieve personal and community growth, so we can bring light and peace to the world.
Shungo (from my heart to Yours) - Itzhak
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Thursday, June 16, 2022 - Soho, NYC - In Person
Mushuk Nina: Shamanic Healing of the Sacred Fire.
In this evening we will celebrate the power of the Sacred Nina-Fire within us. Using indigenous shamanic techniques we will journey to connect with Nina’s spirit and power individually and in pairs.
⊕ Saturday, June 18, 2022 - On Line
Through The Fire- Shamanic Fire Ceremony with Joe Monkman
Wholeheartedly I invite you to shed the old and give birth to the new with Joe Monkman's unique fire ceremony held online. Please join us. Here are the details and please share them with others.
Tue. June 21, 2022 - Live Online 
Summer Solstice Ritual
This evening we pay tribute to the Sun and its life-bringing properties. We will engage in the ancient rituals of our ancestors to honor the Light, celebrate this time of fulfillment, and welcome in the blessings of abundance, wisdom and resilience from this sacred portal.
Thursday, June 23, 2022 - Soho, NYC -in person
Guyausa Dream Tea Ceremony- At The Alchemist's Kitchen
Join us to honor the Amazonian Guayusa dream-tea spirit with a special traditional ceremony where we sip the sacred tea and are led by Itzhak Beery into an immersive and meditative silence. In complete darkness, participants are gathered to encounter and communicate with our spirit guides intended to awaken new visions and awareness. 
Friday, June 24, 2022 -  Online - FREE
Earth Wisdom Dialogue- Restoring Humanity.
A second step of a journey from Head to Heart to Hand
24h Earth WISDOM DIALOGUE DAY: Reorienting Humanity
Global Silence & Dialogue movement gathering Wisdom from all corners of the World. I am one of the teachers.
Join ANYTIME for free
⊕ Sunday, June 26,2022 - Live Online
The 5th Annual Andes Summit A three hours shamanic celebration of Inti Raymi -The Sacred Solstice
With renown High Andes Ecuadorian Shamans.

With: Doña María Juana and her son Don Raul Yamberla, Taita Manuel Calazacón and his Tsáchila family,
​Doña Susana Tapia Leon, Taita Jacho Castelo, Mama Josefina Lema, and Taita Shairy-José Quimbo Pechimba.
⊕ Wed. June 29, 2022 -Free- Live online
Minnesota Psychedelic Society
I am happy to have a discussion with Russel Brown on the future of psychedelic and plant medicine. The event is only available to the members but it is free to join and anyone from anywhere is welcomed.
Tuesday July 5, 2022 - Free- Podcast
Out of the Fog with Karen Hagar.
Weekly spiritual conversation with enlightening guests! Karen connect with intuitives, lightworkers, spiritual visionaries, and more.
We will be discussing the Condor and the Eagle prophecies as a mirror for our times.
Tue.- Wed. July 5-6, 2022 Tel Aviv, Israel - In Person
Inspiration 2022 –Healers conference in Israel .
במסגרת הכנס ייהנו המשתתפים מהרצאות מקצועיות וסדנאות חווייתיות שיועברו על ידי מיטב המרצים והמנחים מישראל ומחו"ל.
מטרת הכנס היא ליצור מסגרת שתעורר בכם השראה ומוטיבציה, לכם כמטפלים ולמטופליכם. תקבלו ידע נרחב, חוויה, העשרה וכלים פרקטיים כדי להפוך למטפלים טובים יותר.

Thursdays. July 14/21/28, 2022 -  Online Event
The Shamanic Warrior: Awakening your inner power
With the aid of ancient shamanic techniques such as drumming, body movement, and vocal and instrumental sound, we will call upon your power animal and other allied spirits to help you shapeshift into the powerful warrior you were born to be. Challenge yourself. Take action and transform your life.
Monday, July 18, 2022 - Online
The Art of Space Clearing
Our human interactions often leaves an energetic imprint on places. Have you ever entered a room in which there was a fierce argument shortly before. Even if the room is empty know, you can still feel the aggression lingering. War, crimes, negative emotions emit a denser, slower energy.
⊕ Friday to Sunday Sept. 2-5, 2022 - in Person - Colorado
Shamanic Bodywork healing methods. The Sacred Earth Foundation.
-The Wisdom of the Amazon & Andea Healing Methods
-Rapé & Guayusa Dream Tea Ceremony
-Shamanic Diagnostic and Body Work
-Private Healing Sessions
⊕ On-going monthly & annual events
The New York Shamanic Circle  (Founded 1997).
We offer monthly Women's Circles (1st Sat. each month) and Open Circles (2nd Sat. Each month), plus workshops, and community events.
Please email us here to be included in our mailing and Zoom lists.
On-going events
Shaman Portal Wisdom Webinars.
Offering regular webinars featuring respected teachers who deliver thought-provoking and experiential lessons.
We are dedicated to expanding shamanic knowledge and practices as we strive for global harmony and sustainable wisdom.
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