An Online Event:
SFR is happy to introduce
Jacques Burgering in  "Is This My Energy?"
Saturday, October 22, 2022- 2pm-5pm EST
An ONLINE workshop about the energies we inherit (from our ancestors), acquire over the span of our life, and how to keep the energy in our body and energy field flowing.
Did you ever meet someone whose vibe you didn’t like? Or that you entered a room, and you thought “This energy doesn’t feel good in here…”. What kinda energy is that? How can you recognize it? How can you protect yourself from it? What’s the story behind that energy? And how can you deal with it?
Why is this important? This will put you more in charge of letting your energy flow, and better protect your against energetic parasites. By keeping your energy flowing, you also will be able to approach others from a place of compassion; your own story will be more in the background, instead of center stage.
In this workshop you will learn:

- how to “see” or feel the energy of your own body, as well as that of others
- how we inherited these different energies, and how we acquired them during our life-time
- how to maintain the light, flowing energy, to shake off the dense, heavy energy, and how to protect yourself from picking it up
- to recognize and further develop your intuition in the process.
This workshop especially benefits people new to energy work and the world of healing, as well as people who would like to fine-tune their insight and experience in healing energy.
This is what former participants had to say:

“Thank you for an amazing evening! I enjoyed it a lot! I like the fact that it wasn’t just “talking” but both – explanations (…) and let us try everything!”. C.K., New York.
“Thanks you so much for your workshop. I loved the mix of educational information, spiritual information as well as the activities. I thought the very first exercise you did (…) was super effective, for me I immediately became engaged  ... it opened my mind (…) Your way of teaching is so engaging, I love the way you were able to connect to everyone in the group, very effective (…) Thank you for sharing your gift”. G.M., New York
Cost: $65
For more info or to register email 
or pay via Eventbrite:
About: Jacques Burgering
Jacques Burgering has been learning for over a decade from shamans of the Andes (Kichwa/Qu’ero) and Mexico (Toltec/Maya), and continues to do so. With their permission he created a healing practice, empowering people to reach for their highest human potential, through ancestral healing, cord cutting, psychic surgery, soul retrieval and more.
They also encouraged him to teach the ancient Toltec/Mexhika ways of healing and dreaming, in the USA and abroad. He feels deep gratitude towards these many indigenous healers, teachers and Mother Earth who generously shared their wisdom.
Jacques loves to dance, improve people’s homes, and spend time with Mother Earth in his vegetable garden, sharing her fruits with neighbors and friends. Next to providing individual healing sessions, he started working as a certified End-of-Life Doula.
For more info: or at
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