SFR is proud to welcome back Lainie Love Dalby in an Online Event,
The Great Cosmic Masterpiece:
An Embodied Shamanic Healing Art™ Journey 
This Saturday:
Sat. Nov. 5th, 2022 - 2pm - 6pm EST
One of my favorite ancient terms for Spirit is Great Creator. The reason why is because I deeply believe we’re all creators and artists, in charge of the greatest masterpiece on earth: our LIVES. We’re co-creating each day, all in service to the Great Cosmic Masterpiece and this dance of life of which we’re all a part.  Our life is our blank canvas, and it’s our responsibility for the good of the whole to make it a masterpiece. 
We’re here at the most powerful time in human history. We must ask WHY. That’s why we’re gathering for this visionary Shamanic Healing Art Journey virtually from around the globe.  We have a deep seated desire & fire in the depths of our being for creative expression, to tap directly into the cosmic creative force. Call it Shakti, Kundalini, life force, energy, Source or whatever resonates. In our bodies we even contain a literal seat of source creativity that can bring forth all new life. 
We’ll be opening a visionary doorway into the sacred realms for an afternoon of exploration and unabashed creativity while surrendering to the Great Mystery during the New Moon in Virgo. New moons are a potent time to plant intention seeds and call in new beginnings. Think of it as next-level quantum vision boarding guided by our spirit helpers, guides, ancestors, and our souls’ deepest longings in ritual space. It's a true medicine journey but without any plant medicine. It’s an invitation to welcome all parts of ourselves home, so we can remember ourselves into being and co-create our lives as a great masterpiece for the good of all.
  • Engage in Lainie Love’s signature Shamanic Healing Art™ process to create a sacred talisman of potency. This is the ecstatic embodiment process she used to create her entire Sacred (R)evolution Oracle Deck!
  • Spend the afternoon in sacred play with Beloved Community in a potent vortex of power that will amplify all that comes through our sacred container
  • Receive the guidance you need for the next steps on your soul’s journey at this potent time in history
  • Learn how to co-create anything you desire from a deeply intentional and prayerful space
  • Receive a channeled group reading from the Sacred (R)evolution Oracle
No previous art experience is necessary. There’s no way you can do this wrong. It’s all about the transmission that comes through! Wear clothes that are comfortable to move in.
Please Bring: 
  • An 11 x 14” canvas board or any size you prefer
  • Acrylic Paints & paint brushes or markers
  • Your favorite holy oils or essential oils
  • Magazines, photos, old calendars, photo books, etc
  • Crystals and natural objects
  • Anything else you feel called to (fabric, found objects, etc) 
  • Glue & tape
  • Scissors 
What people are saying:
Lainie Love Dalby is a sorceress for your soul, bringing deep nourishment through movement, artistic expression, and mostly her powerful spiritual presence. The Shamanic Healing Art Immersion was a true gift, to be able to spend time in sacred play with such a skilled and compassionate guide as Lainie. I came away with deep insights and feeling truly seen and held. I highly recommend it.” — Elana B.
Cost: $88.00
For Info or to register email
or pay via Eventbrite
About Lainie Love Dalby:
Lainie Love Dalby is a transformational catalyst on a mission to free Humxn Spirits that have been told they’re either “too much” or “not enough” to Sparkle SHAMELESSLY® and step into their authentic power & sovereignty. She’s a Trailblazer of Womxn’s Spirituality and Empowerment, Master Teacher & Facilitator, Transformational Speaker, Global Vortex Retreat Leader, #1 Bestselling Author, Oracular Astrologer, Shamanic Healing Artist, Holy Ceremonialist, the Cosmic Creatrix of the Sacred (R)evolution® Oracle and the Founder of the Ecstatic Embodied Leadership Academy. As a spiritual thought leader with her own flavor of multimedia ministry, she’s awakening our full creative, spiritual & sexual power so we can step into our (r)evolutionary potential and come wildly & unapologetically ALIVE. She is also deeply passionate about ending the rampant disregard for LIFE, especially the overt & covert violence that’s perpetrated against the Sacred Feminine and our own bodies, by restoring sacred reconnection around the globe. Her superpower is leading live & virtual sacred circles as well as new paradigm trainings to facilitate deep healing, sacred play, soul growth, and alchemical transformation.   Ultimately, she’s igniting a constellation of millions of star beings Sparkling SHAMELESSLY across the globe to help flood the house of humanity with light, love & healing. Embark on the journey with her at and
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