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SFR welcomes back
Eleanora Amendolara in
Illuminate Your Reality,
Awaken Your Soul with the Peruvian Chumpi Stones 

Intro to CHILL (Chumpi Illumination)

Chumpi stones | Andean fabric | Sacred Center Mystery School, Warwick NY with Eleanora Amendolara
A light burns brightly within you. It guides your own personal evolution and it illuminates your path as you move into a more expansive consciousness.
During this one-day introduction to Chumpi Illumination you’ll learn practical and mystical approaches to self-healing that will open your spirit and shift your everyday life.
You will learn how to create gateways into the Greater Reality, the space beyond separation and fear. The techniques you learn will help you express your truest self and step into your soul’s potential.
Explore and embrace:
  • CHILL: Eleanora Amendolara’s pioneering approach to healing and personal evolution, Chumpi Illumination
  • The Andean Chumpi Stones that represent the twelve essential facets of human consciousness
  • Sacred geometry: The forms that enable us to “plug in” to the Universal Wisdom
  • Muscle testing: Check in with the body and validate your intuition with this indispensable tool than can help determine physical, psychological, emotional, and spiritual information.
  • Yananti masinti: The Quechua term used by the indigenous people of Peru meaning “complementary opposites.” You’ll learn how healing conflict is true medicine.
CHILL helps you reach into the wisdom of the cosmos even as it transforms your daily routine.  
Tuition: $350
Online Class is Saturday, October 29th, 2022 from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM 
This will include a midday break. Included in your tuition is a 45 minute 1:1 online healing session with Eleanora, on Sunday, October 30th. You can book your 1:1 session when you complete registration.
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About Eleanora: 
 Master healer and teacher Eleanora Amendolara has been visiting Peru for nearly two decades. She has spent much time with the Q’ero and the indigenous teachers and medicine people of the Andes. 

Each year she leads at least one adventure to the Sacred Valley and the mountains that surround the city of Cusco. Using the Peruvian Chumpi stones Eleanora has developed a pioneering healing system called Chumpi Illumination (CHILL) which she teaches at the Sacred Center Mystery School. CHILL includes aspects of Andean teachings, sacred geometry, and spiritual alchemy. 
Visit her web-site Sacred Center Mystery School
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