I Want To Live Like The Banyan
by huiying b. chan aka Dandelion
 i want to live like the Banyan
grow my roots so deep
i ground myself for millennia.
       let me live like the Banyan
              hold a firm spine
              where others can rest
              weightless to me.
let me live like the Banyan
be seen as sacred to all,
medicinal roots christened.
       let me live like the Banyan
              in storm & lightning
              search for kin
              sink my roots deeper
              across space & time
              find each other, entangled
              embrace older than eternity
let me live like the Banyan
in engulfed darkness
withstand the test of time
       when body becomes memory
       memories become ordained
       unwritten, unscribed, except in DNA
              bodies transmit signals
              across generations
              to the place
              i no longer exist
              yet am still felt
              in the air you breathe.
let me live like the Banyan
my very own life, the channel
for all that is.
About: huiying
huiying b. chan aka Dandelion (he, him, keoi ) is a poet, ceremonialist, reiki practitioner, and educator from Brooklyn, NY on Lenape Land. he writes to connect with the unseen and unspoken, so we can feel and heal. huiying's work is published in Best New Poets 2021, The Offing, The Margins, and elsewhere. you can read more of his poetry at: dandelionspeaks.com and connect with him at: huiyingbchan.com.
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