i am here at these waters
by Huiying Dandelion Chan
i am here
              at these waters
where no one
       knows my name
              transcended borders
                     to arrive       surpassing fame.
       i have mired in love's
              old, ancient swamps
       consoled crocodiles
                     sought guidance from above.
              i have read poems to ponds
                     watched scum overtake
              the next day
                                   i have sung to rivers
                                          only to see baby tadpoles
                                                 drift away.
       i have been asked to leave
              private property       after arriving
       suitcase tightly packed
                            took midnight chariot rides
                                   where there was no turning back.
       particle ashes fall, make skin inflamed
                     it was easier to blame fires
              than to stop a runaway train.
                                          morning sun beckons
                                          anew     for the days unclaimed
                                                     i catch light rays      
                                                         in my hands
                                   if this is the life     given
                                               i will breathe      
                                                           like earth is     heaven.
About: Huiying
Huiying Dandelion Chan (he, him, keoi 佢) is a visionary healing practitioner, herbalist, award-winning poet, and educator. huiying's work reclaims ancient ancestral healing practices that have been severed through migration and colonization. his body of work lives at the intersections of personal and societal transformation and is rooted in love and belief in liberation. he writes to connect with the unseen and unspoken, so we can feel and heal. huiying's poetry and scholarship is published in Best New Poets (2021), The Offing, The Margins, Asian American Journal of Psychology, and elsewhere. he has received fellowships from Kundiman, the Asian American Writers’ Workshop, DreamYard, Kairos, and the Mellon Foundation. huiying has facilitated, performed, and taught his work internationally. for more info, visit huiyingbchan.com.
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