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November 2022  *  Issue #203
Restorative Holiday Treat Sun 12/11
Sunday Dec 11, from 1:30-3:30 at Pure West. What better time to be nurtured than pre-season of lights?
Come in out of the cold! Let Mary balance your 7 chakras, via meditation, imagery, sound, scent, touch, and yummy restorative poses with blankets & bolsters!
It has been tooo long. Come feast your senses, and know that you also gave to Mary's charity this season, Mercy Ships, bringing love-giving, life-changing and life-saving medical corps to needy shores.
Restorative Arts Module 2: Nidra & Reiki
Module 2 of Restorative Arts Advanced Training with Mother Mary ERYT, and Pure Yoga, RYS takes place online over two weekends: Friday 6pm to Sunday 6:30pm. In-person options available.
January 20-22, 2023  *  February 3-5, 2023
Fri 6:00-9:00 pm EST Reiki  *  Sat 3:00-6:30 pm EST Reiki  
Sun 10:00-6:30 pm EST Nidra 

This training is perfect for anyone, regardless of background, who wishes to magnify their healing and calming presence through the spoken word (Yoga Nidra) or kinetic energy and touch (Reiki).
For two weekends, train in these two beautiful healing pathways:
Have you ever wished you could guide your own Yoga Nidra Meditation? Either for more mind ease and body rest, or for deeper growth and transformation?
You can learn to lead others and yourself in classic Yoga Nidra. You can let it flow with your own voice, creativity, understanding.  
Step-by-step, outlined and scripted, this Nidra teacher training, with your self-reading and practicing homework, takes the guesswork out of this beautifully powerful practice. Yes, of course you can do it.
What about Reiki energy work? Ever wanted to help yourself or another feel more ease when they had pain? Would you like to harness the life force you have flowing through you, for your benefit, and others'?
Reiki Level 1 is for yourself and near ones; Reiki Level 2 reaches stronger, deeper, and farther. It touches living beings, even circumstances, here and distant, in space and time.
Reiki is simple and gentle, safe and soothing for the giver as well as for the receiver. Yes, you and you.
Register to receive pre-training resources early; begin your journey!
Winter Cleanse Mm-mm Good ....
Light, clean, energized. Smooth, clear, peaceful. Strong. Hmm... What is the Jeopardy question to that answer?
That's how I feel on the 14-Day Fresh Foods Cleanse! Today, my online group and I are midway through Phase 2's 7 days: eating only from the huge YES list (fresh, clean, organic, pure), eliminating the NO list (anything that can cause inflammation or allergy, sensitivity or toxic buildup).
Even though it's 14 Days, it feels super fast, because only 7 are the fully "restricted" days. There are 2 prep days, and 5 re-introduction days. Plus, there is so much taste, creativity, beauty, satisfaction, and energy during the 7 days, they speed by!
And this from a longtime, die-hard Master Cleanser of 15 years! Yeah, me!... Well, OK you missed this one, the Thanksgiving Cleanse. If you want to jump on the next one, my Winter Cleanse 2023, is: 
Jan 16-29  (New Year's Cleanse) OR
Feb 22-Mar 7 (Lent/Magha Puja/Maha Shivaratri/Purim Season)
Those dates work for me; do they for you? Which one more?  Let me know!
I like more family/community/tribe when cleansing, so do you!
Photo Thanks
Thanks this issue for photos to:
Jeni Rogers Photography for Thai photo
Pure Yoga Teacher Trainees & Alumni 
Photo Models: Megan Kelley, Raul Aranas, Bassam Kubba
Basing Partner: Alondra Siguas
Health Coach Institute
LHVC Resorts
With Thanksgivings and Gratitude... love...M
In this issue:
Restorative Holiday Treat Sun 12/11
Restorative Arts Module 2: Nidra & Reiki
Winter Cleanse Mm-mm Good ....
Photo Thanks
AcroYoga Fri 12/16
YINspo Fun
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AcroYoga Fri 12/16
Final Cosmic AcroYoga YinYang of 2022 and perhaps of the Winter!

Come join me and my playful elves Sandy and Alondra and all our playmates on Dec 16th: Friday Solar AcroYoga 6-7PM is all-levels AcroYoga fun and flight!
7PM-8:30 Lunar is the Nectar of Thai Massage: both giving and receiving. You will learn to give beautiful bodywork; you will learn giving and receiving ease, and the lovingkindness that we call "metta".

8:30PM Jam is really just a family hangout time to Thai or Fly; nosh and connect too! It's when we pull out our food and snacks and catch up!
All levels; no partner needed. Come before the season ends. We are not sure if/when it renews! 
YINspo Fun

Final one spot lingering in our sold-out DR Puerto Plata Jan 4-10  YINspirations Retreat!
My co-teacher Donna Davidge and I are super excited for:
Sunrise and sunset yoga with a nature view... Our yoga menu: Yin/Yang, Yin/Restore, Yin/Nidra, Kundalini, AcroYoga ... Mmm ...
Oh, and All-Inclusive Meals ... multi-beaches ... 7 pools ... 19 restaurants... lush greenness ... cabanas... warm breezes ....

Between us, Donna and I have been teaching Yoga for 55 years! We are Yoda! Come, Padwans! If you miss this one spot ... ah ... waitlist you we will ...
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