SFR an Online Event:
Energy From the Sun & Moon
with Jacques Burgering
Saturday. February 4th * 2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
Raise your energy and healing power with ancient Toltec practices that connect you to the energy and healing powers of the Sun and Moon!
To create the fulfillment of your highest human potential, you need both the energy of the Sun (mostly masculine) and the Moon (mostly feminine). After a brief introduction of the Toltec mathematic numerology, and animal symbolism, you’ll learn to connect with the energy of the Sun, when to do each of the 4 Sun practice and for what purpose. You will be using a specific breathing technique called Cemi, “eating the sacred energy” of the Sun, or “sun-breathing”, and connect it to different parts of our body.
(One of these Sun breathing practices will be done at the beginning of the day, when everything is still possible. It is called the hummingbird practice. The hummingbird helps us to be disciplined and use our willpower, and to approach our life as a silent warrior, making the impossible possible)
Calling in the energy of each different phase of the Moon, you will learn to energize different parts of your body, to help manifest different dreams. Additionally you will learn to charge your fingers with Moon energy, so you can use them to infuse life or death force into yourself and others.
By doing these practices in an altered state and storing the energy on a deep level “they have 4x the power of doing it in a regular state”, according to my teacher Sergio Magana.
This workshop is for everyone; no prior experience in the Toltec tradition is necessary.
Cost: $65
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About Jacques:

Jacques Burgering is a native of The Netherlands. His professional dance career and yoga teacher training created a first level of physical and spiritual healing, It was a Vedic astrological reading that directed him on the healing path. For over a decade he has been learning from shamans of the Andes (Kichwa/Qu’ero) and Mexico (Toltec/Maya), and continues to do so. With their permission he created an intuitive healing practice, empowering people to reach for their highest human potential, through ancestral healing, cord cutting, psychic surgery, soul retrieval, limpias and more. He humbly follows in the footsteps of his teachers in the Xipetotec tradition.
They also encouraged him to teach the ancient Toltec/Mexhika ways of healing and dreaming, in the USA and Europe. He feels deep gratitude towards these many indigenous healers, teachers and Mother Earth who generously shared their ancient wisdom, as well as towards his teachers in the USA that nurtured him on his path: Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman, Susana Tapia de Leon, Sergio Magana and Akaxe Gomez, amongst others.
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