Expansion - the OrionWisdom  Newsletter - Holiday 2022
One-OrionWisdom Holiday Card 2022
Dear Ones...
In this time of Renewal, of looking forward to the Next.  In this time of Remembering, of sending Regards to those close and far, let us also hold dear, that we are One.
In this time of discovering and embracing identity, heritage, understandings, let us also embrace that within our aspects, our specifics, there is our Beingness; which transcends our differences and embraces the All of us, the Oneness of us.
And it is from this sense of Oneness,
that we can recognize our interconnection to each other. Recognize the interconnection of all things. 
Here we dance with Unity.

It is indeed time to send regards to friends and connections near and far.
As always, I wish for all of you, all good things in all ways.  Most fondly, Elisabeth

Elisabeth Fitzhugh-OrionWisdom
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OrionWisdom as Expressed through Elisabeth Y Fitzhugh  •  357 Windigrove Drive  •  Waynesboro, VA 22980


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