January 12-22 - Tricksters and Magicians:
the 8 degrees stations of Mercury and Mars.
 Mid-January's astral weather brings a somewhat unusual and curious shift in energies. On January 12, Mars concludes the retrograde journey at 8 degrees Gemini. While at times it might have felt like an intense Mercury retrograde, with communications and transportation issues (see last month's post), we might have come to new terms around self-expression, use of language, and the complexity of the way we communicate with others, and especially with friends, siblings and neighbors (all under Gemini rulership.)
A few days later, on January 18, Mercury in Capricorn, disposing of Gemini's Mars, also will turn direct at 8 degrees Capricorn.
An interesting symbolism cannot be overlooked: Mars in Gemini, the sign of the Twins, all things double, turns direct at 8 degrees 08 minutes. So it's a double 8, and it's a number representing two circles and infinity. On January 18, Mercury too turns direct at 8 degrees and 08 minutes of Capricorn! Furthermore, for about 10 days, the two planets will be inconjunct until January 22. Such a correlation seems a profound manifestation of the trickster quality of Gemini and Mercury. It suggests some days of mercurial magic: serendipitous and odd coincidences, a shift in understanding happening quickly. And it also indicates that the trickster may appear. So keep an eye out for things double and the mysterious ways the trickster invites us to learn and maintain a fresh look at life through dealing with detours and unexpected paths.
The inconjunct between airy Gemini and grounded and pragmatic Capricorn also invites us to "ground words." The aspect could be challenging to integrate because of the differences between signs; Capricorn is an earthy sign, while Gemini belongs to air. One is cardinal, which is action-oriented, and one is mutable, which is more oriented to process and reflection. While Mars in Gemini speaks and thinks quickly, Mercury in Capricorn is no longer the God with winged sandals but rather sturdy shoes, deliberately sensing the terrain where it walks. These days might invite us to slow down the communication process and engage in it with seriousness and caution, amenable to Capricorn. The opportunity arises to learn integration, to notice the challenges, the slight miscommunication, and the impact they might have on ourselves and others. If misunderstandings happen, if quarrels ensue, the gods invite us to learn to slow down as they slowly move forward after the station. Perhaps there will be double meanings, noticing how one word rather than another can affect what we mean. In communication, one can learn to repeat what one has heard and ask, "did I hear you right?". And slowing down in a world of constant exchanges could offer more profound and precious insights.
January 21-22 New Moon in Aquarius and Uranus station: Boom! The Future is Now!
And even more insights, brilliant ideas, and moments of awakening are likely to come at the first New Moon of the year. On January 21, Moon will meet Sun at 1 degree 30 of Aquarius. While all new Moons mark a time for reflection and planting seeds we want to cultivate, this one constellates spellbinding and high-voltage energy. First, because it is in Aquarius, and it triggers the solar eclipse at 2 degrees Scorpio of October 25. Secondly, Sun and Moon will be in an out-of-sign conjunction with Pluto at 28 degrees of Capricorn, symbolizing a profound and transformative process. Thirdly, on January 22, Uranus, disposing of Sun, Moon, Saturn, and Venus in Aquarius, turns direct, pointing at a time with great potential for sudden and unpredictable events, for flash of insights and realizations, and what we collectively call "awakenings." Overall, this new Moon cycle invites us to cultivate our capacity to change – even drastically and embrace new and progressive ideas relative to each of us.
All things related and presided over by Aquarius might show up prominently in our lives or in the collective. This sign represents technology, social media, the tech world, the internet, artificial Intelligence, and electricity which was invented at the time of Uranus' discovery. Aquarius is also future and progress-oriented, it likes to gather perspectives and ideas, and the web of interconnectedness exists for us all on this planet. Hence it presides over systems, large organizations, associations, and communities that work together for the greater good. Aquarius ideas can feel to some as remote and far out as galaxies away, as the sign is filled with idealism and progressive ideas. Moved by the quest to make the world a better place, Aquarius can be cold and detached from the needs of human beings.
This New Moon times offer the energy to dig up and shed old ideas (Pluto) and consider what new perspectives, groups, or information can show us (Aquarius + Uranus.) We all have an Aquarian inside us, a small or big maverick that looks forward to the new. We might have different feelings about it, depending on our history, personal orientation, cultural and religious upbringings, and experiences of oppression. To enter into a relationship with this part, to listen to the call, and to hear its perspective and ideas can be quite powerful at this time. This new Moon energy invites the part of us that look at our beliefs, especially those deeply engrained, and imagine changing position, looking at things from a different angle or through the eye of another human or more than human. Uranus changes direction the following day, suggesting a few days of surprises, unpredictability, and quick and fast changes that can profoundly expand our personal and collective consciousness. Hence, all grounding and self-regulating practices will help channel this high-voltage energy.
Aquarius` symbol is the god Ganymede pouring from his jug water onto the earth. These days invite us to let that water-light flow in and on us, fertilizing the terrain and inspiring us to envision a new way of being in our world.
Thank you for reading this Astro-report, which reflects the current, general astrological weather. For personal guidance and insights, book your astrological consultation at gaia@astrothink.com
Moon pictures by Gaia instagram.com/astrothink
About Gaia:
Gaia Somasca (she/her) holds a master degree in Holistic counseling psychology from John F. Kennedy University and a master degree in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from the University of Wales, Trinity Saint David.
 She practices as a professional astrologer and as a Marriage & Family therapist trainee embracing a holistic and compassionate approach to healing. Her rich background includes extensive astrological studies in NY and London, Jungian psychology, dreamwork, focusing and somatic practices, mindfulness, and eco-psychology.
With her holistic approach to astrology, she provides guidance inspired by the rich symbolism and wisdom of the sky and nature aimed at self-understanding and personal growth.
Gaia is also a photographer exclusively focused on sharing the beauty of Moonrises and Moonsets.
Visit Gaia Somasca:  www.astrothink.com
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