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January 21, 2023
 Happy 2023 to you my beautiful friends from around the world!
From Tumbaco village near Quito in Ecuador, I send you this newsletter. Just finished leading the annual healing trip and am staying with the Taschila tribe for a week.
Soon I'll be back in NYC and continue my regular healing and teaching schedule.

 Please read below and see my upcoming offerings.
Hard to put words to all the profound experiences we had at Amaroo Sanctuary in Mindo, Ecuador, and with the Taschila tribe in the Cloud Forest. Spending two days with them in healing ceremonies, songs, and laughter was good. I was also excited to share the sacred knowledge of la Limpia purification, protection and healing ceremony with a new group of excellent healers who will use it to help more people in needs around the world. A bit sad to leave this amazing Cloud forest paradise.

Then, we headed to the Amazon river to reunite with the Siekopai-Secoya and continue our studies. We were graciously hosted by Don Basilio and his amazing Siekopie-Secoya family on the banks of the magical Aguarico River (find it on the map). Our group of healers had the most intense training week in healing plants, fruits, and trees, preparing tinctures and remedies, healing foods, plant medicine Yaje ceremonies, flowers and mud baths, a permaculture project visit, Jungle hikes, river swimming, integrations talks. Dancing and singing together, sharing stories, having blow gun competitions, wash in the river.

But mostly, let the jungle talk to us. We listened to the sounds of the many frogs, birds, Jaguars, wild pigs, noisy cicadas, the winds, and thunderstorms. Hard to describe how grateful we are to those few brave traditional families who still fight to keep their way of life and human knowledge from the brutal onslaught of the big oil and palm oil companies and the cruel evangelical church. We ended our trip at  the most beautiful hot springs resort Termas de Papallacta on the top of the Andes, with talks on how we could support them.

* * *
For those interested in finding their Power Animal, Spirit Guide, or Spirit Ally, here is a video I made for Alternative Events Org. before my recent great London teaching trip (Thanks all my Brits friends!). 
Sit down or lie on the floor in a quiet place, close your eyes, breathe in and out, relax, and journey.
Please write down your journey in the smallest details. You are welcome to let me know the results. 
and its Medicine for you- with Itzhak Beery for Alternative Events, London, UK
* * *
I look forward to sharing additional shamanic teachings, wisdom, and practices with you! Please feel free to  share this news with your friends and communities. As always, I look forward to hearing back from you.
Shungo- From my heart to yours
Calendar of Events:
⊕ January 20 -27, 2023                               ECUADOR TRIP
 Ecuadorian Cloud Forest Mystery (7 days / 6 nights)
For the first time, I am delighted to lead the Alternatives Events Org. London, UK sacred trip to my beloved Ecuador. Please read the following and join us if you wish. Up to 12 people only.
2023 Calendar of Events:
Please join me whenever it possible.

Jan 20 -27, 2023 Ecuadorian Cloud Forest Mystery (7 days / 6 nights)

Feb. 4 +11 - Saturdays  - The Shamanic Warrior  - 2-5pm UK time (Online) The College of Psychic Studies, London

March 17- April 3- (Private) South Africa Equinox.

March 25 March + April 1 - The Gatekeeper - 2-5pm UK time (Online) The College of Psychic Studies, London

April 27 -Thur-   Fire Ceremony    - 6-9pm- The College of Psychic Studies, London

28 April -Fri - Cacao Ceremony  - 6-9pm- The College of Psychic Studies, London

April 29-30 -Sat-Sun. - How Vision Heals, 2 day intensive - 11-5pm - The College of Psychic Studies, London

May 13 +20 -Saturdays - Shamanic Cord Cutting  - 2-5pm UK time (Online) The College of Psychic Studies, London

July 6-11 - The Sacred Earth Foundation - Colorado

​Sep. 1-9- Ancient Bedouin Medicine - Sinai Desert expedition- Israel

Sept 21-24th, 2023- Equinox. TEACHINGS FROM THE LAND: VISIBLE AND INVISIBLE Society for Shamanic Practice (SSP) - Annual gathering presentation.-Wisconsin

Oct. 29- Nov 5 - Hawaii- Men's group (Private)
FREE- Podcast - 
Julia Koki Kyambi, the host of the
"Finding Inner Freedom" Summit, on  shamanic ways and practices of achieving and maintaining Inner Freedom
Nov. 7, 2022 (1:08:14) 
FREE- Podcast - Listen in to our conversation:
Itzhak is Back - New Shamanic Techniques and Global Prophecy
with host Hugh T Alkemi  2022 (111:03) 
Please listen to my interview with my dear friend Hugh T Alkemi. I joined him once again in a personal conversation. I shared the importance of practicing shamanism in these turbulent times as well as the teachings and prophecies of the Eagle and the Condor from the Andean and Amazonian Shaman traditions.
Book a Personal Healing Session or consultation
As opposed to Western scientific medicine, which focuses solely on curing symptoms, the Shamanic healing method is an all-encompassing system of physical and non-physical components that are interested in diagnosing and healing the root cause of the ailments’ symptoms. 
1. Personal Shamanic Healing - 90 min. session -In-person or Zoom
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⊕ On-going monthly & annual events
The New York Shamanic Circle  (Founded 1997).
We offer monthly Women's Circles (1st Sat. each month) and Open Circles (2nd Sat. Each month), plus workshops, and community events.
This Saturday, join Herman Olivera in exploring the Sacred Water.
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On-going events
Shaman Portal Wisdom Webinars.
Offering regular webinars featuring respected teachers who deliver thought-provoking and experiential lessons.
We are dedicated to expanding shamanic knowledge and practices as we strive for global harmony and sustainable wisdom.
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