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Sound Immersion instruments
           Mark Torgeson on Sound and Consciousness                                                                      February 2023

Sound, Math, and the Mysteries
In ancient days knowledge was a dangerous thing to have and espouse (things haven't changed much, have they?) It was not unusual to be imprisoned for life or put to death for heretical ideas such as the planets revolve around the sun - instead of the universe revolves around earth. For this reason many teachers who embraced ideas counter to mainstream culture went underground, forming Mystery Schools where they could share their ideas safely. Unfortunately, much of that knowledge has been lost and humanity has ambled along without the benefit of expansive ideas which could have shifted and quickly evolved our world culture and consciousness on every level. One such school was that of the Greek mathemetician Pythagorus, who delved into the mysteries of sound, geometry, music and art, and how they all orchestrate together perfectly under an amazingly complex blueprint which structures every aspect of our awareness. Interested? Read on, the following workshops follow and make public these sacred traditions...
Sacred Geometry & Sound training

Sat Feb 25 10am-4pm
A Place to Gather, Fredericksburg VA
There's been a lot of hype about Sacred Geometry lately, it's a buzz and people are curious and wondering... But beyond the normal attention-getters like Flower of Life or the Fibonnacci Spiral, what's it all about?
There are two main ways of looking at it:
1. There is nothing sacred about any of it; it is as normal as green grass and blue skies;
2. It is profoundly sacred, and we are all, as a Oneness, part of this Divine Blueprint.
This course embraces both of these perspectives.
First of all, we will define Sacred Geometry and it's relationship to simple mathematics and to the greater Cosmos. Then we will explore how every part of the Universe as we know it conforms to these patterns found EVERYWHERE....
Learn More and Register: Sat Feb 25
Lotus of Life Star Matrix Activation Training
March 9 - 12
A Place to Gather, Fredericksburg VA
Sacred Geometry at its finest: Learning Tools for Healing
Join Mark Torgeson, Carol Fitzpatrick and Joseph Asterita for four days of training and using a sacred tool to energetically shift the human system into the zero point of awakening.
Josheph Aterita has created a metal Lotus of Life and has used it to do global grid activation and clearing (a workshop to TBA for summer 2023);
Carol Fitzpatrick has developed a system of using Joseph's Lotus of Life on the human body for releasing trauma and aligning with one's higher purpose;
Mark Torgeson brings in 30 years of working with the body and human energy system to give students the fundamentals of individual tablework.
Join these three for an enthralling four days of learning and bathing in the energy of the Lotus of Life Sacred Geometry.
Healing Sound Training & Teacher Certification - last chance!

Foundations: Feb 16 - 19 (Level I)
Practitioner: April 13 - 16 (Level II)
Certification: June 15 - 18 (Level III)
$699 per level
As the frequency rises on the planet  traditional forms of healing become less effective, while newer vibration-based modalities arise to take their place. Sound Healing is one of those potent forces making a dramatic sweep today. The significance of attaining deep levels of consciousness and the MAGIC of sound becomes crystalinenly apparent as one allows awareness to sink into innermost levels of surrender.

Healing Sound Training is as much a journey of self discovery as it is a new modality transforming the world. Before the Universe and before consciousness there was Sound. It is the matrix of Everything, the natural Prime Cause of Awakening.
Winter Solstice Part II - Angel Harp & Handpan

Last month we brought you Part 1; now here is Part 2 of 2 of Julian and Mark opening to impromptu inspiration on the day of the Winter Solstice.

New Earth Matrix Podcast  new!
"We are One and You are so deeply Loved" are messages that continue to flow through all the communications Carol Fitzpatrick receives from higher realm beings and through the wisdom that emanates from direct knowing. Join Carol and Mark for cutting edge insights on changes in consciousness, vibrational support through music, and patterns of emerging new earth communities.
Newest episode by Carol covers 2023: Vision of the Year Ahead
                                                         LISTEN NOW:

Sunday Feb 12:  2 - 3:30 PM
Healing Sound Immersion
Heal Me Yoga, Fredericksburg, VA
More Info
Feb 14
World Sound Healing Day: 144 Strings & a Didge
Online Webcast
More Info
Feb 16 - 19
Healing Sound Training & Teacher Certification: Foundations
Fredericksburg VA
More Info...
Feb 21: 7 PM
Sonorous Journeys - webcast
Online - Everywhere!
March 9 - 16
Lotus of Life Training w/Carol Fitzpatrick and
A Place to Gather, Fredericksburg, VA
More Info
Winter Solstice Part I

If you missed it last month, here is Part I of 2 Winter Solstice, with Handpan, Didgeridoo, Angel Harps and Shakuhachi.

AMPLIFY!  Our Member Site
We have been ramping up our activities and are posting our webcasts, events, retreats and all manner of goings-on with the swiftly evolving New Earth. Carol lists her monthly New Earth Matrix webcast here; and I just completed Sonorous Journeys, about sacred geometry, sound and music. I will soon begin a series on Sound and the Mysteries, and Carol will be doing a Sacred Circle training.

If you like to meet people with interests similar to your own - like creating new community, pioneering new ways of doing things, and keeping abreast of the changing energetic climate of the New Earth Matrix? Look no further...Our member site has the scoop on our activations, Light Centers, retreats and events, vibrational resources, and webcasts.
Healing Sound & Transformational Resources - music and events
Healing Sound Immersion  Healing Sound events and information
Carol Fitzpatrick website - Mark's life partner, muse, and all good things...
Center for Planetary Awakening - portal to all websites of Mark and Carol
YouTube - Mark's Youtube channel - our site highlighting global grid work
Sustainable Oneness Spiritual Alliance - get involved!
Meetup: Sound Immersion - Mark's local event site for all things Sound
Webcast: Sound Performance

Creation began with Sound, and the 10,000 Manifestations have flowed forth from that sonic blueprint. Join Mark as he explores the intricasies of sound, its relationship to Nature, sacred geometry and consciousness.
This program will repeat every two weeks with new perspectives each time.
Angel Harps Online Store
Loving the sound of these ethereal harps?
Check them out as only a few of these sublime vintage instruments
touched by Angels are being restored, converted
and tuned to Sacred Geometry frequencies...!   

A Production of Sustainable Oneness Spiritual Alliance & Global Centers for Planetary Awakening

All Paths Lead Upward...
Angel Harp - Fairy Tuning
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