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Reems Creek Nursery
76 Monticello Rd.       Weaverville, NC        828-645-3937
HOURS: Mon-Sat: 9-6   Closed Sunday 
We Are Plant People - Going Strong Since 1979   
Around the Garden Center
Another big shipment of fruit arrived – these are mostly in one gallon pots and include pawpaw cultivars, apples, European and Asian pears, plums, goji berries, native persimmons, mulberries, pomegranates, elderberries, aronias, lemons, limes, passionflower vines and more!
FYI - Our previous fruit tree shipments are going fast. We're already sold out of some items, so if you have something particular in mind we recommend that you come shop soon!
Two shipments of trees & shrubs!
Abelias, serviceberries, beautyberries, yews, Gold Mops, hollies, oaks, southern magnolias, sweet box, and more.
Can you plant right now? YES! Plants in containers can be planted any time of year, except if the ground is frozen.
We are very excited that are spring shipments are arriving. It's inspiration for plant lovers!
Two perennial shipments!
  • Groundcovers arrive Friday afternoon.
  • Creeping Phlox arrives Friday afternoon – over 2,300 plants and 8 different colors!
  • Lenten rose, ferns, lavender, candytuft, bee balm, poppies and more!
Arriving Friday afternoon - Over 2,300 Creeping Phlox in 4" pots in 8 different colors
Veggie transplants – These cool season veggies are BEAUTIFUL and sustainably grown on our Propagation Farm in the Reems Creek Valley - kale, lettuces, mesclun mix, broccoli, cabbage, peas, and more.
Great Seed Selection for starting your spring and summer vegetables and flowers.
Wondering about best practices for seed starting? We have a helpful handout available. Just ask the cashier at checkout to email it to you.
Seed starting supplies!
Planting trays, peat pots, heat mats, geminating soil mixes, plant labels, garden markers (they don't fade like Sharpies!), liquid organic fertilizers and more.
Asparagus Crowns have arrived - Choose from Mary Washington (heirloom) or the super-productive all male hybrids: Purple Passion and Jersey Giant - All are 2-year crowns, 10 per bunch.
Bare Root Strawberries - June-Bearing and Everbearing Strawberries, Bundle of 15. Talk about some juicy, red morsels of deliciousness. Plant your own strawberry patch!
Lawn Fertilizers – organic and conventional: Fertilize your lawn now thru mid-March - your last chance before fall!
Lawn Seed - It's time to seed/overseed cool season lawns. Fill in those bare spots with grass seed to prevent weed seeds from sprouting in the bare spots!
SALE: 20% Off All Cyclamen
With beautiful blooms and dramatic leaves, these houseplants enjoy a slightly cooler spot in your home in bright, indirect light.
Gift Card Winner: Reems Creek Nursery gave away a $100 Gift Card at the Organic Growers School Spring Conference last weekend. Congratulations to our winner – Billie Graves!! She was very excited when we announced she was the winner. Have fun getting some awesome plants Billie!
Bulbs Explained
FROM WILMA: In botany a bulb is a short underground stem that functions as a storage organ during dormancy. In gardening other types of storage organs like corms, rhizomes, and tubers are often referred to as bulbs. It seems almost magical that a bulb which is sometimes unattractive can produce beautiful plants/flowers.
With the recent warm temperatures daffodils, crocus, and other early spring-flowering bulbs seem extra prolific this year. Tulips and other spring-flowering bulbs bloom later in the season. The time to plant spring-flowering bulbs is in the fall.
Summer-flowering bulbs like dahlias, lilies, and gladiolus make excellent cut flowers. Others like tuberous begonias are great for containers and hanging baskets. Elephant ears are striking in the garden as well as in large containers. We recently received a shipment of top-quality summer bulbs that are on display in the Garden Shop. For best selection purchase them now and store in a cool, dry place until the danger of frost is over before planting them.
Summer-blooming Bulbs: Dahlias, Lilies, and Gladiolus
Upcoming OGS Gardening Series Here

Organic Growers School Spring Gardening Series 2023
Reems Creek Nursery is sponsoring the OGS Spring Gardening Series. Details below!
When: Four Saturdays – March 11, March 18, March 25, and April 1 at 2 p.m.
Where: Classes 1,2 and 4 will be held at Reems Creek Nursery. Class 3 will be held at the instructor’s garden.
Class 1: Garden Planning and Preparation
Sat, March 11 at 2 pm at Reems Creek Nursery
We will discuss what goes into garden planning through setting priorities, observation, mapping, budgeting, and succession planting. This will include tips for choosing what to grow and how much to plant. We will then discuss what is needed to start and care for plants, whether you are growing from seed indoors, purchasing transplants, and/or direct seeding. This will include discussions of useful tools...More info and register for Class 1 HERE. Register for the entire series/Bundle of 4 classes HERE.
Class 2: Soil Management and Care
Sat. March 18 at 2 PM at Reems Creek Nursery
In this class, we will dive into soil management. We will talk about the principles of healthy soil and how to amend your soil naturally and affordably, including discussions on composting, compost tea, and vermicompost. We will discuss different strategies to build...More info and register for Class 2 HERE. Register for the entire series/Bundle of 4 classes HERE.
Class 3: From Lawn to Garden
Sat. March 25 at 2 PM at the instructor’s garden (you’ll receive the address upon registration)
We will meet in the garden for our third class together. This workshop will be very hands-on, including direct seeding and converting a lawn into a garden. You will get to see established gardens and learn how...More info and register for Class 3 HERE. Register for the entire series/Bundle of 4 classes HERE.
Class 4: Summer Garden Management and Preservation
Saturday, April 1 at 2 pm at Reems Creek Nursery
We will reconvene at Reems Creek Nursery for our final workshop. We will close with a session to discuss succession plantings for summer, summer weed, pest management, and preserving the harvest (what to do with all those tomatoes, and...More info and register for Class 4 HERE.  Register for the entire series/Bundle of 4 classes HERE.
*All proceeds from these classes support Organic Growers School, a 501c3 nonprofit and the premiere provider of practical and affordable organic education in the Southern Appalachians for 28 years. Reems Creek Nursery is sponsoring this OGS Gardening Series. 
Community News
Weaverville Tailgate Market: The Indoor Winter Market. Every Wednesday located at the Weaverville Community Center at 60 Lakeshore Drive.
Soil Testing available thru NC Cooperative Extension. Soil Test boxes available at Reems Creek Nursery. Tips and more info here. 
This Saturday! Doug Tallamy is keynote speaker at the Gardening for Life Celebration on Sat. March 4 at Polk County High School. 1-5 pm. Free but preregistration required. Scan QR code for more info.
Pruning Roses Class, Thurs. March 9 from 10-11:30. Buncombe County Extension Service. More info and pre-register here.
Pruning Shrubs & Trees Class, Sat. March 11 from 10-11:30. Buncombe County Extension Service. More info and pre-register here.
Bonsai as Fine Art Exhibition and Special Events:  June 2-11, sponsored by Blue Spiral 1 Gallery, The North Carolina Arboretum, and The Blue Ridge Bonsai Society. More info here.
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Our customers are the very best.
Our small family business appreciates the support from each and every one of you!

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