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Return to Mother Earth:

A Shamanic Poetry Workshop
with River 慧瑩 Dandelion
May 6th , 2023 - 4:00 pm - 6:30pm EDT
the earth is our first home. across millennia, our people have tended lands and learned how to be create sustenance from crops and medicinal herbs. and yet, in our present-day society, many feel disconnected from the earth below, and within.
in this workshop, we reconnect more deeply to Mother Earth through the trees. trees are interconnected species; above ground they stand alone, yet underground, they share intricate root networks, fortifying their foundation. trees hold potent medicine, both ancient and new beings, who have seen more of eternity than humans have.
this workshop merges poetry with shamanic drum journeying to greater heal an aspect of our connection to the Earth. you will journey to the heart of Mother Earth. together we begin by reading nature poetry by BIPOC writers to reflect on our own relationship to the land around us. you will then be guided on a shamanic sound journey. after, you will be invited to write poetry to commemorate this sacred experience.
this workshop is for: people of all writing backgrounds and experiences; people who want to more deeply connect with their inner voices and creative fires; people overwhelmed by urban metropolises and yearn for a greater connection to nature; people who love seeing trees and want to speak with them more; people who hug and talk to trees; environmental justice/ climate activists who seek deeper spiritual fortification; people who love to hike; people looking to deepen their spirituality through connection to otherworldly realms.
this is a beginner-friendly experience to grow in community. all are welcome.
Cost: $75 
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About: River 慧瑩 Dandelion

River 慧瑩 Dandelion, formerly known as Huiying Dandelion Chan, is a keeper of ancestral medicine through writing poetry, teaching, practicing energy healing, and creating ceremony. As a poet, he writes to connect with the unseen and unspoken so we can feel and heal. As a healer, he is a trained reiki practitioner who helps clients move through transition and transformation. River also facilitates creative writing workshops, where participants connect with their own inner and collective power. For his writing, he has been awarded fellowships and residencies from Tin House, Kundiman, Asian American Writers' Workshop, VONA/Voices, and more. His poetry and scholarship is published in Best New Poets, The Offing, The Margins, Asian American Journal of Psychology, and elsewhere. He has performed and presented his work internationally from the Dodge Poetry Festival to the University of Havana.
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My session with River felt like a pocket of time dedicated purely to breath. It was an opportunity to slow down and connect with the spiritual while being guided by River's deep sensitivity, presence, and practice. I felt a little intimated before stepping into the session, but those feelings quickly fell away as he created a space that was friendly, warm, and intentional. I left the healing session feeling at once light and grounded, with spiritual guideposts and symbols that I still think about today.
— Philipe AbiYouness, Writer & Teaching Artist
River has such a gentle perceptiveness that really encouraged me to lean into truth. My spirit felt deeply sheltered and honored in its needs. It can be so easy living in the world to be distracted and lose sight of the compass of our hearts, working with River restored my sight of myself and was so sharply clarifying. Furthermore, River's channeling and transference of energy feels distinctly linked to his work as a writer. It's a poetic making of something saturated in the dynamism of his presence and dedicated assurance.
 — rhizophora X, Writer & Translator
River kept me focused and grounded in the present moment. I needed that intentionality in my healing. He heard what I needed and created the space for that. It felt like a tremendous weight was lifted when we concluded. Many happy tears were shed. I would recommend River to anyone looking for a safe container for their healing work.
 — Candice M., Artist
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