SFR Welcomes Lynsey in an Online Event:
Spiritual Bath Making & The Orisha
with Lynsey Ayala
May 20th, 2023 - 3pm - 5:00pm EDT
This interactive workshop focuses on the spiritual properties of plants and the ways our ancestors used them as technologies for deep healing. This class is being shared through the lens of an ATR practitioner (African Traditional Religion) working in Ifa & Candomble.
We will tap into the art of oral tradition and will speak about the energies & spirits that live within a curated variety of accessible plants and flowers.
This workshop is a tribute to the history of oral tradition through the lens of The Orisha. Together we will create sacred space and explore the ways that our ancestors sat in sacred circle; medicine making and story telling.
During our time together, we will walk through a plant meditation, plant identifications and will connect with the elements of water and earth.
We’ll learn how to alchemize our Asé into these sacred tools for energy clearing and grounding. This practice is a blend of energy work, spiritual herbalism and community ritual.
Cost: $44
To register or for more information contact
Or pay via Eventbrite
About Lynsey: 
Lynsey Ayala is a NuYorican, Sacred Earth Medicine Curandera working with the energetics of entheogenic medicines and indigenous healing practices. She is a Soundscape Artist, land steward, educator and currently pursuing her masters in psychedelic assisted therapy. Lynsey is also the creator of BreadxButta, where all of these offerings manifest as living experiences. BreadxButta is a platform that creates community surrounding plant medicine education, connecting to and healing with the land through various workshops, ceremonies and BreadxButta’s product line, Botanica.
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