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SFR welcomes Eleonora Berenyi guiding you on a
Saturday, November 18th  -  5pm – 8pm EST
Together we will dive deep into the unknown and transform our past ancestral wounds into love, wisdom, and compassion. We will use the three-step breathing technique to journey into a deeper state of consciousness. 
Breathwork can change old beliefs and negative behavior patterns by moving stuck energy from the body, mind, and spirit. It can heal traumas, reduce anxiety, heal addictions, and release strong emotions like grief, abandonment, or anger. It can rewire your subconscious beliefs and negative behavior patterns so that you can manifest a life you truly desire and love. 
The Breathwork Journey enhanced by heart-opening music and shamanic drumming and chanting will allow you to access a higher state of consciousness, where true energetic healing can take place. This multi-dimensional healing experience will raise your vibrational frequency and help you rewrite ancestral limiting beliefs to manifest a life you truly want.
No experience is necessary. Please bring an ancestral story with yourself that you would like to share in the circle and prepare your altar before the session with ancestral photos, sacred items, crystals, and light a white candle. We will lay down during the breathwork meditation, please have an eye cover or a bandana, a headphone, a blanket, and some water prepared.
Exchange: $55
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About Eleonora Berenyi:

Eleonora is a certified breathwork facilitator, reiki master, angel practitioner and shamanic healer. She is also a filmmaker and creative.
Her intention is to awaken people’s authentic power within through nature-based practices and creativity so that they can recognize and realize their fullest potential on earth. She is a communicative healer and a visionary creative, assisting those who are ready to dive deep on their healing journey. Her primary focus is on ancestral lineage healing. She is interested in practicing and documenting shamanic healing rituals that connect the individual to their roots, allowing them to heal inherited wounds from time immemorial.
You can find more info about Eleonora at or on her Instagram: @soulstudiousa You can also take her classes and workshops at her app:

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Shamanic Fire Reiki  •  P.O. Box 720384 •  •  East Elmhurst, New York 11370

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