A Virtual Event with MINKA brooklyn & Kripalu partnership,
Transcendent Energy Awareness & Protection
with Irma StarSpirit Turtle Woman
Join us in this special class to assist and allow natural gifts to unfold and awaken your intuition to transform and shift the knowledge within your body’s awareness. Do you find yourself being an empath?
Discover techniques to help protect yourself and your energy body field.
Explore the importance of detecting and closing up gaps within the body’s auric field. Toltec luminous body shields are practiced with personal intention used for protection from “taking on unwanted energy” but also to strengthen ones Aura and Dream body and sealing it energetically.
Learn to identify and work with exercises that help release toxic energy, protection from psychic attack and how to release heavy energy. Time to reflect, re-balance, restore and transcend into a higher vibrant vibration of energy. Openness to receive the guidance of the Great Spirit to assist and transmute and transform for wellbeing of your higher self.
When we go through emotional shifts, we are vulnerable, energy fields become disrupted especially with energy that doesn’t belong to us. The motion to clear, reconstruct and rebuild our vibration level to bring us back into balance within our cosmic vibrational being.
A must for shamanic, Reiki, Energy workers, Shamanic or Crystal Healers.
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Shamanic Fire Reiki  •  P.O. Box 720384 •  •  East Elmhurst, New York 11370


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